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World of Pain
by Mike
Citation:   Mike. "World of Pain: An Experience with Datura (exp39418)". Aug 21, 2006.

35 seeds oral Datura
Well where I should start. Iím going to try to make this as easy to fallow as possible I hope I can actually do that because I can barley fallow it myself. I recall my friend David telling me about Angels Trumpet and how cool it was but I guess he left out all the bad shit he saw. I had come across the plant itself many times never knowing what it actually was. I had obtained a large quantity (about 90) Datura Stramonium seeds from a friend. I read a few hundred articles about it in various places on the internet. I read that datura contains both atropine and scopolamine that interface directly with the CNS (central nervous system) so I know this is going to be very hard to control and could have prolonging aftereffects. I came to the conclusion to do a small amount.

Now to the story, it was a Friday night I was bored nothing to do so I figure it was about time to take the seeds a bought nearly a month ago. I wanted to do it when I had a long period of time to recover. So I took a deep breath and poured 35 seeds into my mouth and chewed them for about 2 seconds and about gagged and quickly swallowed them and chased it with water. About 5 mins later I remember this should take about 30 min to 3 hrs to start so I start playing half life and at about the part when you start meeting marines is when I felt a little weird.

I take a look around and feel my legs getting a little numb so I figured I have to stand up for a bit well that didnít work I just fell over. I remember taking it and remember other people saying that they get all drunken feeling so I just disregarded it and got back on my computer. I feel a lot weirder now then I did on the floor, I donít know how long I was there but all I know is that Iím in a different state of mind now. I look back at my monitor and I try to move the mouse and itís gone. After a wile of trying to find it I give up and use my keyboard. All I wanted to do is play some music so after like 60 Ctrl-Alt-Dels I come to the conclusion itís frozen so I restart. Nothing happened, I do it again and again and finally it starts (Iím not sure if this was just the datura or my computer was fucking up). The computer started and I forgot my password and I am so mad, all I want to do is play some music. Then I punch the keyboard it works but my sink started to spray water all over the place.

Iím a bit confused and I go to turn it off and as soon as I hit the tile it turns off. I do a little dance back and forth from the carpet to the tile turning the water on and off it was so funny. But then it doesnít stop the water is going every ware and I canít stop it. I try to turn it off my hitting my keyboard but nothing happens. I deicide its best to just leave before I drown. So I go to my room and shut the door. By this time my mouse is back and I put on Toolís ∆nima and go lay down because I really want to get off the carpet for some reason. I lay down and my pillow is getting me angry it keeps blocking the music so I get rid of it by putting it in my closet and go back to laying down trying to figure out what music is playing.

I get up to check the song on the play list but my mouse is gone again and I decide its Jasonís fault. Well Jason is a friend that lives in Texas and I have to find him to get my mouse to come back so I ask my room mate for 16 dollars to fly to Texas, he told me that I wouldnít stop asking him for money even though explained a plane ticket to Texas would cost like 400 bucks, and I told him that I had a guy who stole a plane is waiting outside for me and heís a bum so all I need is 16 dollars and a pack of cigarettes and he will fly me to Texas.

Well I donít remember when or how I got back into my room but I did and I couldnít get out. My roommate probably locked me in. I look around and I have these crazy twisty posters I get at a giftís well I escape threw one of them and Iím outside and I see the plane just about to take off. And I just sit down on a bench and a plane lands and there is Jason with my mouse in his hand and Iím so happy. But when I go up to him he gets very mad at me because he had to pay the bum 16 dollars, and he smashes my mouse and kicks me in the knee and I fall down I look back up and Iím in my room again, and at this point I am very scared because for a second everythingís the same again and my arms are stuck inside my shirt and I need to get them out to stop the walls from getting any closer and I rip threw my shirt and Iím leaning on the wall trying to stop the wall from crushing me and everything in my room like a garbage compactor.

Well I wasnít strong enough and I was crushed. I appear in my old house in Tampa and my friend that died like 2 years ago is there and Iím a ghost and we talk for a wile and he is real mad at me and said I killed him but I didnít and he casts me to hell. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS BAD.

Iím in a room where the corners of the room are flashing bright red and every time they flash it hurts a lot. And I cover my eyes but nothing I can do stops the light I can see it in the same spot no mater what I do and my friends parents are there yelling at me an crying saying that I killed their son and hitting me with those glow wands from demolition man.

Then I look up and there gone but my friends there and he gives me a cigarette and I take it only to keep him happy with me and I light it up and it burns my lungs but I keep smoking it to keep him happy despite the terrible pain that comes with every drag. After about 60 or so cigarettes I tell him I donít want anymore and he kicks me and I fly back from my poster onto my bed and I look around everything is back and Iím in my room and that scares the fuck out of me. So I get under my bed and try to go to hide by putting everything I can around the edges of my bed but everything is so incredibly heavy I can only lift small objects like cds and pens so I decide to hide in my closet. Well I get in there and my pillow is there and I donít want it to stop the sounds of someone coming in my room so I get rid of it by putting in my dresser but it wont stay closed and this makes me very pissed off so I kick the shit out of it but Iím very weak and anything I do is in like slow motion and I cant seem to get is closed so I just wrap it in my blankets and throw it out of the window.

But I canít close the window. So I go back into my closet and I see like 80 copies of myself and itís so crowded in there I canít breath and I pass out. And I keep hearing like a sweeping noise outside of the room Iím in. Iím in one of those portables they have in over crowded schools and I know whatever it is there going to get in somehow and get me so I try to hide but its just a room no ware to go. And I hear all these banging noises like itís trying to break the door down and I get a desk and throw it at the wall and it breaks a hole in the wall and itís very bright outside I get the courage to go outside and nothings there so I get my welding glasses out and put them on and I can see clearly now and there it is a big fucking tornado. I go back inside and it hits the building and kill everyone in the area and Iím all alone bodies everywhere. Then I see my house Iím like oh fuck my brother was home and I start to like rip the debris apart and like Iím fucking superman Iím like throwing huge pieces of broken house with ease but the house was like made of puzzle pieces and I couldnít get them to stack up they kept falling over back onto the pile. I try for days but every thing I do causes more damage and the pieces keep getting smaller and smaller until its like a big multicolored pile of sand and its like the future and everything is more advanced and developed but this small section of land where my house of sand is and Iím in a glass ball and there are like aliens looking at me threw the glass and shaking it around like a snow globe. And one of the alien kids turns it over and the house of sand falls on me and I suffocate.

I wake up to my roommate yelling at me. Asking me why am I in his closet and why did I throw his pillow out the window, I tried to tell him that it was going to stop the sound but he cant understand. So he explains to me that I must be high and he thinks Iím on acid, I tell him acid is not good for him and that he should try something that I have. And I handed him an empty bottle labeled datura, and it all hits me it was all just a VERY BAD trip. So I call my parents and there a little confused why I asked if they were ok. So I hang up and go take a shower trying to get back to normal. It took about 6 to 8 weeks until I could actually see strait and sleep regularly and not expect to be killed at any moment.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39418
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 21, 2006Views: 49,895
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