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A Truly Delusional Night
by Brian 420 King
Citation:   Brian 420 King. "A Truly Delusional Night: An Experience with Datura (exp38938)". Aug 25, 2006.

  repeated oral Datura (seeds)


Hereís how it happened it all started when I heard about this plant that grew right in my neighbor hood. My one friend named Jared who had ate about 200 seeds before said that this plant is really bad stuff it will make you hallucinate for days he told me. He said not to do it, but I was kind of interested and curious because I wanted to try something that would give me bizarre hallucinations just once. So I said where is it located he showed me where it grew he gave me one seedpod he said you should really research it first and be careful.

After hearing that my thoughts on the drug were kind of negative and I was not sure if it was worth it. Days later I still was kind of interested in it so I decided to look it up on the internet to find out what all the effects are he told me just to type in Devils Trumpet in the search engine. After reading about it my thoughts were still negative, but still the curiosity part of my brain was making me think Hey I will just try it once I know enough about it I will just take a low dose.

So the next day I told one of my other friends whose name is J about it almost immediately he was interested so we went to the plant. I of coursed warned him about it and said take a low dose so we each took about 10 seeds only I pretended to eat them, but really spit each one out when he was not looking I did not trust it. Later that night we meant up with some other friends every 5 minutes I was curious and asking did he feel it, most of the time he said no. Later that night we smoked about 5 fat joints of high medies in my one friends shed I was so high I did not even think about asking J if he was feeling it I did however notice he was very quiet nervous looking and his eyes were quite wide. I was having a really good weed high so I did not even think about what he was doing I did notice little things though he did not talk at all he walked as if he was slightly uncoordinated and looked confused eventually we reached his house. I said well I think I am going to my house get some sleep later he just nodded and did not say anything to me and stumbled back to his house.

The next day I meant up with him again and asked him by the way so did you ever feel the trip? He said he actually did start to hallucinate he told me how creepy it was how he just wanted it gone he said he would not recommend it, but yet I still was interested and curious later that day we smoked a couple of fat joints of KB (my favorite type of weed). The next day I really wanted to try it as I was walking I had just run into another one of my friends actually my sisterís boyfriend whose name was A was cool with him I told him all about the plant he has tried acid before so he was immediately interested in it and said lets do it and I was like sure.

I donít know what it was for some reason I just said today is the day I will do it the hidden fear I have had of it had left me. So we went to the plant we picked off one nice sized seed pod for the both of us he broke it open which exposed at least over 100 seeds which were in the color of a deep yellowish brown I had read that the black ones were the most potent because they are dried out. I said to myself that hey these can't be nearly as bad as the black ones so I took about 10 seeds put them in my mouth and swallowed and awaited for Datura to take me into it's world A took the same amount he asked when should we start feeling this I said it should hit us in 30-60 minutes. About 10 minutes into it I started to feel something, but it felt like really good Marijuana high I felt laughy, light-headed, and somewhat dizzy, but I was not hallucinating. It was like 8:22p.m. around 47 minutes after we took the seeds and still no hallucinations. I asked A if he was feeling it he said no I said to myself I think we need a larger dose so we went back, and grabbed another large spiny seedpod.

As we were walking we broke it open and decided to eat another 10 seeds it was about 8:31p.m. in about 20 minutes the trip was starting on me, but it was weak all the hallucinations I experience were nothing but flashing colors, large bright flashes in the night sky It was nothing but a light shroom trip. The both of us being disappointed headed back to our houses agreeing to try a larger dose tomorrow. Morning came it was Thursday I had to get ready for school as soon as I got home I meant up with my one friend Mike who was somewhat curious to try it to so it was agreed we would both do a nice sized dose of the seeds today.

We retrieved about 2 pods broke them open I started out by eating about 30 seeds he just ate a handful and did not count. About 5 minutes in I felt that damn weed high again which was not what I wanted Mike was feeling the same even after walking around for like an hour until we ran into A so we started to walk around with him I was kind of frustrated so I said yo you want to eat some more seeds he agreed and I agreed to kick up the dose even more to feel some bizarre feelings. As we were walking up to the spot we ran into another one of our friends Kevin, and we told him about the seeds as well, and he also wanted to do a little experimenting.

So he took us up to the spot as he drove us there in his car my one friend Mike said he did not want anymore and went home to eat dinner so he left and we continued onward, we grabbed about 4 pods and started to break them open and consume them in the car. Unlike the occasional blunt cruises I use to have we were having a Datura cruise I just kept on consuming handfuls of seeds as A was doing the same however Kevin the driver did not want to take too many seeing as how he had to drive. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] At some point I said alright thatís enough I was not even aware of how many I took it had to be like 140 to 170 I would guess in around 20 minutes it was starting to hit me as well as everyone else in the car I started getting headaches, dizziness, a dry throat, kotten mouth, and my vision was slightly blurred as well.

For the moment it felt like a really good weed high, but slightly different I was enjoying it though having fun laughing as we reached the neighborhood of where we were picking up one of Kevinís friend named Brandon I was starting to experience new sensations from these seeds such as feeling out of it, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and auditory hallucinations hearing voices, and sounds. I actually had more symptoms start to pop up I started feeling like I was drunk, sluggish, disoriented, dreamy, and everytime I talked I mumbled somewhat, but could still speak somewhat clearly I still was not having a bad trip or getting scared I was going along with it enjoying it I mean I have been high I been drunk, and I have done magic mushrooms before so it was not that bad yet.

Our next destination was to head up to the Mall to get something to eat from the food court as we were getting closer I was starting to zone out a little bit and go into a trance Kevin would tap me and I would get startled as if I was starting to have a nightmare they found it funny seeing as how they were also intoxicated I was not scared I just had this weird sensation but it was cool to me at the moment. As we pulled up in the mall parking lot as soon as I stepped out of the car I almost fell straight to the ground as if I was really trashed my balance was impaired a lot so I felt really weird now, but it was still pretty cool as I stumbled up to the entrance with them I started to have visual hallucinations, skin flushes, confusion, and paranoid feelings that everyone was viewing me, in the back of my mind though I still knew the reason I was feeling this way was because of the Datura so I still thought it was not that bad. I was seeing stuff like multiple blinking lights in the sky, color flashes, cars and people that would disappear into thin air, giant beetles, weird aircrafts, people who have a missing head, arm, leg, ect. And some images would look wavy and liquidy.

I was still keeping my cool though all the way up to the food court I did not say much seeing as how I had incoherent speech (I mumbled a lot) as I went up to order my food I had to lean on the counter to maintain balance and it took like 10 minutes for the worker to understand what the hell I wanted. I came to the table where Kevin and everyone else was sitting to eat as I started to try to eat a couple of fries I felt sick to my stomach and could not finish it (what a waste of money) as we were walking out of the mall I though of every object in the mall as being alive and watching me I would occasionally start searching the ground thinking I have dropped something and would realize again I was hallucinating.

The weirdest thing but in a cool way I would say was when I would be walking all the sudden I would feel as if my body was trying to float up something similar to Astral Projection (out of body experience) I was scared at first, but actually started to enjoy it I felt it like at least 6 times or so in the mall so up to this point now I still did not consider this a bad trip it was kind of fun. As we got out of the mall back into the car and on our way back it was getting dark, and I was getting really delusional it was about 8:33p.m. when I checked what time it was I could barely make it out because my vision was blurred so I decided to smoke a cigarette I would light it take a drag and go to take another one, and the cigarette would disappear like a magic act twice I tried to smoke these imaginary cigarettes and they would disappear I would check the car floor for five minutes incase I dropped it I did not want to start a fire, but found nothing.

Finally it was like 9:10p.m. a school night so he dropped me off at my house I staggered in the door way with the main idea in my head of just getting some sleep as I came in my parents and my brother were sitting on the couch looking at me oddly I was stumbling my balance was shot I was running into everything almost stepping on my dog. They of course knew something was up they knew it was not a Marijuana high they tried to ask me what it was in my head I was saying Datura!!! Datura!!!, but all I could do is mumble they could not even understand me I did not make any sense at all except to myself they got really concerned and called my doctor I tried to go up stairs, but would fall down at the second step I started pacing back and forth freaking out a little running into objects, hallucinating.

They tried to get me to sit down, but I kept trying to get up my dad was holding me down I started yelling and wanted to get up they really were pushing me I got extremely angry and was acting like someone who was insane. They then took me to the hospital although I have no recall of the trip there I remember being held down by these people (doctors, nurses, family) and they would not let me get up I was so furious I went into a rage I felt like I was being imprisoned so I started displaying combative behavior punching, kicking, screaming at the top of my lungs my set goal in my head at the time was freedom I wanted to get out but I could not I was acting like a escaped mental patient.

They then put me in restraints I could not move my arms or legs I was furious I felt like they were enemies trying to kill me and I was defending myself. I woke up the next day in the hospital realizing what a mistake that drug was. I know that I will always remember this Datura adventure everything I wrote here is all I absolutely remember.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38938
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 25, 2006Views: 16,581
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