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Total Immersion Hallucinations
Citation:   Plant Person. "Total Immersion Hallucinations: An Experience with Datura (exp45679)". Aug 23, 2005.

  oral Datura (leaves)
I originally posted this trip report at the Lycaeum in 1998. I have seen it re-posted on I reduced the names to initials from the original report.

Datura Meteloides Trip Reports and Analysis

Trip 1: August 11th 1998

I have 5 Datura meteloides plants in my greenhouse, all about 2 months old. I picked 2 leaves from the biggest plant which is about 1 and a half feet high. The leaves were about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Myself, my brother G and a friend P ate half a leaf each. They were eaten within about 15 minutes of being picked. Myself and P had empty stomachs but G had just eaten a big meal. P had drunk a bottle of wine.

My Experience

9.25pm Ate half of one Datura meteloides leaf.
9.34pm Feel a bit different.
9.39pm Feel slightly dizzy.
9.55pm My eyes feel tired.
10.01pm My mouth and throat are starting to feel dry.
10.15pm My mouth and throat are very dry.
11.33pm My pupils are dilated.

While writing the timed report (above) during the datura trip, my writing deteriorated significantly from 9.55pm onwards. G went to bed about 11pm without experiencing any effects. By midnight, P and I felt extremely tired. P went home about 12.30am. I went to bed about 1am. Despite feeling very tired, I found it difficult to sleep. My legs felt restless and I kept tossing and turning. I know I was hallucinating strongly all night, but most of it is a blur. I can only clearly remember 2 hallucinations that kept recurring:

1. While in bed I was very thirsty. Iíd hallucinate I was reaching for a bottle of spring water I always keep beside my bed. When Iíd try to grab it, my fingers would go through it as if I (or the bottle) was a ghost. The surprise would cause me to snap out of the hallucination and Iíd find I was just lying in bed without having moved at all.

2. Hallucinating I was talking to someone. Mostly I thought I was talking to P. Iíd see him standing on the other side of my bedroom. Iíd be talking away with him quietly in my mind for a few minutes but when Iíd go to actually speak out loud to him Iíd snap out of the hallucination.

Through the whole night, Iíd fall asleep for what seemed like a few minutes, then hallucinate for a few minutes, then realise I was hallucinating and suddenly wake up into reality again. The next day I got up about 1pm. I couldnít focus on things within 12 inches of my face. My pupils were still a bit dilated and I felt slightly dizzy and unsteady when walking. The following day I felt back to normal.

Pís Experience

When he got home, his brother said his eyes were very red. He tried reading a newspaper and an encyclopedia but couldnít focus on the small print. He said he peaked about 4.30am.

Here are the hallucinations he experienced through the night:
1. Saw a greenish aura around his hands.
2. Could feel something like a snail moving in the back of his throat.
3. Kept having imaginary conversations with me, G, his dad, and one of his brothers. He actually kept saying ďWhat?Ē out loud as they spoke to him.
4. When in bed, a big man and a big dog appeared right beside his bed. They were black featureless silhouettes. He was scared but knew he was hallucinating. He tried to touch them but his hand went right through them. He switched on the light and they disappeared.
5. He saw the silhouette of a dwarf running across the room.
6. When in the kitchen he thought the milk carton was speaking to him. He even said ďWhat?Ē out loud to the carton.
7. He saw flies, a giant wasp and a giant spider in his bedroom.
8. A religious picture of Jesus on his bedroom wall started making faces at him.
9. Kept hallucinating he was smoking a cigarette in bed but then noticed there was none in his hand. Then heíd think he dropped it in his bed and worriedly go searching for it.

I was talking to him at 3.45pm the next day and he said he felt too uncoordinated to drive his moped safely.

Gís Experience

He didnít notice any effects until the next morning. On the bus to work he started having imaginary conversations but would snap out of the hallucination just as he was about to talk out loud. That was all.

Trip 2: August 13th 1998

Picked 2 very large leaves from my 2nd biggest Datura meteloides plant, each about 8 inches long and 8 inches wide. My brother G and his friends K and E ate the leaves. K ate 1 whole leaf, G ate half a leaf, and E ate half a leaf also. All had empty stomachs.

10pm Ate their leaves.
Midnight All 3 have dilated pupils, dry mouths and dizziness. They are much less talkative than before.
12.45am K seems nervous and canít focus on things 1 to 2 feet from his face. G and Eís vision is slightly blurred. G has red eyes. K is restless but the other two are relaxed after having gone for a long walk.
1.40am All 3 are so tired theyíve gone to bed.
1.50am K, while in bed, has started hallucinating that he is reading books. Also had an imaginary conversation with Perry Mason but immediately forgot the details.
2.15am I went to bed.

At about 5am, K and E walked home because they couldnít sleep. They live 5 miles away.
The next day I rang Keith at 4.30pm. He said that last night he was having imaginary conversations with his dad but couldnít remember much. He still felt a bit high and his vision wasnít fully back to normal.
G said he didnít remember anything after he went to bed. He felt fine the next morning. He may have built up a tolerance.
I met E a few days later. He said he and K were having imaginary conversations and visual hallucinations while walking home, including seeing a horse in a field.

Trip 3: 14th August 1998

I picked one leaf (7Ē long, 5Ē wide) from my biggest datura meteloides plant (2 months old, 1and a half feet high). I had an empty stomach and ate the leaf within a few minutes of picking it.

9.00pm Ate leaf.
9.13pm Feel a bit different.
9.25pm Feel slightly dizzy.
9.28pm Starting to get difficult to focus on things near my face.
9.37pm My mouth is getting dry.
9.48pm My mouth and throat are very dry.
10.04pm My legs are starting to feel restless. Iím very thirsty, tired and dizzy. My eyes are a bit red and my pupils are a bit dilated.
10.15pm Starting to get mild hallucinations with eyes closed. (The sentence after this is illegible).
10.48pm Iím too tired to stay awake. (The sentence after this is illegible).

My writing got extremely bad from 10.15pm onwards. I went to bed about 11pm.

15th August (The next morning, still in bed)

9.06am I hallucinated I was talking to P (a friend) on the phone.
10.28am Hallucinated I was talking to P and was also trying to pick up imaginary objects. I thought I was dropping imaginary things and then start looking for them.

I know I had lots of other hallucinations through the night but I couldnít remember them. My eyes were still a bit dilated and I still felt slightly dizzy. It wasnít as strong as the half leaf I took on the 11th August. I must have built up some tolerance.

16th August

Feel back to normal.

Trip 4: 16th August 1998

Picked 5 very large leaves from different plants. Went with P to his brotherís house where he, his brother J, and Jís girlfriend T ate the leaves. P, J and T ate 1 leaf each.

6.00pm All 3 ate their leaves.
6.22pm T feels a bit dizzy and has tired eyes. P feels different.
6.33pm P is geting a dry throat. J is acting differently. J and T are drinking beer, P wine.
6.38pm T has a dry throat and is tired. P is a little dizzy and J has a bit of a dry throat.
6.43pm J and T say their drinks taste horrible and can't drink them anymore.
7.01pm All 3 feel very tired.
7.04pm T is very dizzy. J feels cold.
7.11pm J has become quiet.
7.53pm J and Tís vision is blurred. They feel weak.
9.21pm T thought for a second she was in a nightclub. Also thought she was smoking a cigarette. Pís vision is blurred.
9.35pm T had an imaginary conversation lasting half a minute or so.

T went to bed about 10.45pm. P and I went home at 11.20pm. J went to bed about 11.30pm.
Just before we left the house, J thought someone tapped him on the shoulder. He even looked behind his armchair to see if someone was there. Also, myself and P were discussing ringing a taxi to go home. After a while John looked out the window and said he thought our taxi was here. We told him we hadnít rung the taxi yet. The whole evening he kept thinking there was someone looking in the window too.

Pís Experience

After he went home he hallucinated that he was seeing insects crawling around and was hearing voices. He couldnít sleep . However, he said it was much weaker than the half leaf he ate on the 11th August. He probably built up some tolerance.

Jís Experience

After P and I left, he had the following hallucinations:
1. Could hear someone calling his name.
2. Saw his brother running across the kitchen.
3. Was telling a taxi driver to bring him home.
4. Heard a guy telling him to stay away from Tracy.
5. Thought he was smoking a cigarette and had dropped it in bed.
6. Saw a monkey on the wind chimes that hang from the ceiling in his bedroom.
7. Thought he was in other places.

Tís Experience

She had the following hallucinations:
1. Saw a girl standing beside her bed.
2. The wardrobe in the bedroom seemed to be covered inside and outside with insects. This made her scream.
3. Thought she was in other places.
4. When walking to the toilet, something grabbed her ankles and said ďBoo!Ē

She said both of them couldnít sleep and they were hallucinating all night and thismorning. Both of them were talking in their sleep.

Trip 5: 20th August 1998

Pís other brother T and his girlfriend ate a leaf each. They were the 2 leaves left over from the trip on the 16th. They had been kept in the fridge but had wilted. They became tired and went to bed but had no other effects. The leaves probably lost their potency due to being a few days old.


Based on the 5 preceding trip reports, the main effects of datura meteloides appear to be:
1. Tiredness
2. Dizziness
3. Dry mouth
4. Dilated pupils
5. Restlessness
6. Strong hallucinations
7. Inability to focus on things 1 to 2 feet from the eyes
8. Red eyes
9. Forgetfulness

Effects last 12 to 24 hours, probably longer if a larger dose is taken.

Hallucinations often contain the following:
1. Imaginary conversations, usually with family members or friends
2. Insects
3. Thinking youíre smoking a cigarette

Tolerance seems to develop rapidly. I estimate it would take 1 to 2 weeks to wear off completely.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 45679
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2005Views: 36,383
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