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The Strangest, Craziest Experience of My Life
Citation:   SwEEt. "The Strangest, Craziest Experience of My Life: An Experience with Datura (exp65694)". Nov 28, 2007.

1 flower oral Datura (tea)
The craziest experience of my life!

I was 18, student at a United World College once upon a time. Studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) for 2 years can be very stressful, especially when you are studying in another country, away from home, in a hostel full of braincases who mostly love to work. Well, I wasn’t one of them. In my first year I smoked a lot of cannabis and in the second trimester of that year I even sold hash brownies in the form of waffles. I smoked weed almost every day, I had a good time. I have been spiked on Ecstasy before, and I think iv been spiked with cocaine once too, mixed in the weed I bought. Those 2 nights were intense, but NOTHING compared to what I experienced with Moonflower (Datura Inoxia, I later found out.). They grow all around the hostel, but not many people at school knew about them until recently. I’d heard rumours that they were hallucinogenic, and always having wanted to do shroomz, and never having had the opportunity, I was very excited at this new drug.

The first time I tried it nothing happened, apart from a feeling of nausea, and a strange feeling in my throat. This was possibly because I had only used the petals of the flowers, and not the whole flower, with pollen stems included. I had boiled them and drank them with a friend, about 4 flowers. Nothing happened, but then a term later I heard that my friend from Ecuador, where they are apparently very common, had tried it before, and that she had gone “mull” for the whole night. When I asked her about it, she said that it was very intense and did not advise me to do it because it was very dangerous, but I kind of ignored her warning., I was on a drug contract at school, and they regularly tested me to see if I had been doing weed, so I couldn’t smoke a joint when I wanted to get high. I was walking back from gym and dinner with a friend from Mexico, when we came across the plants on our usual path up to hostel. Very keen, I told him about the plant, and said that I would try it that evening. He decided to join me, and off we went, picking flowers.

Coming across my Ecuadorian friend, she got very angry that I did not heed her warning, but she could not convince me apart from telling me that one flower was more than enough. So we dropped all our flowers but kept one each, and went up to my room, where we each crushed our own flower and made tea with them in separate cups. Adding sugar and juice to taste, we drank the potion, occasionally swallowing a piece of flower that was not crushed properly. Getting the familiar feeling of dry throat, I decided to drink a lot of water and watch a movie with my friend. After half an hour or so, he suddenly get up, and sez, “I feel something!” And just walked out of my room. I tried to follow him, but upon getting up, I realised that it had hit me too and I could not walk anymore!! Another two friends of mine, a Swazi and an American, came into my room and asked what was up with the first friend. I told them about it, and one of them, being a stoner too, convinced the other to join him and ourselves on the party. They followed the same routine with a flower each, and I cannot remember them drinking the tea, but I remember trying to vomit in the toilet, but only sound coming out and no matter. The rest is blurry, but I will account according to what I do remember and according to what friends told me.

After trying to puke, I needed to pee, after having drunk so much water. I peed and I peed and I peed, but it wouldn’t stop, so I decided to put my trousers back on while I was still peeing, of course wetting myself in the process. I must still have been a bit conscious, because I tried to change, only I thought that I was changing in my room, but actuali in the bathroom, because they found my trousers in the bathroom the next day. I went back to my room in my boxers only (I didn’t realize this), where my two other friends were apparently having a party. I couldn’t talk to them, but the movie was still playing on quite a high volume, and this was during prep-time.

A supervising teacher walked into my room, where I was trying to stand up (come to think of it, I don’t know how I got back to my room), and asked us what was going on. I tried to say nothing was wrong, and sed “goodnight”, but everything came out very strange indeed and at 6.30(pm) you don’t really wish the check-in teacher “good night”, because you would see him when checking in anyways. He asked us to stay in my room, and rushed off. My two friends panicked and I think they might have run off or at least tried to. My brother told me the next day that he came across my first friend the previous night and that he had been talking nonsense when spoken to. He had said that he had last seen me in Pakistan at a party with my two stepmothers about 7 months ago. I did not even know him 7 months ago, I do not have any stepmothers, and I have never been to Pakistan.

Next thing I know, I'm standing in my room (I don’t know where I was in reality) and the supervising teacher grabs me by the arm ad drags me. Somewhere. I do not remember much, but next thing, im standing in the common room, and my best friend from Norway is trying to put some shorts onto my body. I was later told that all three friends were also in the common room, one clutching a toilet seat and mumbling that it was “perfect like this”, another rubbing his hands over the toilet seat and saying it was beautiful, the other trying to check his corridor in, and shouting that some of them must turn down their music. There was no music in the common room, and none of the people he was checking in were there. Besides, he was holding an imaginary clipboard and pen.

The rest of the early evening is a blur, but without knowing it, we were all transported to hospital, where the party began. I thought I was in detention and did not recall that I was high at all. I kept complaining that they should not keep us in for detention at night and that I would rather do manual labour next time. I said the detention was too long, that they weren’t allowed to keep us in for the night, and that I would most certainly complain. I also kept asking why I was in detention in the first place, that I had gone the previous week so there was no reason to keep me in. I was restless for the whole night. And what a night it was.

They kept putting me on the drip and I kept pulling it out (I remember doing this once, but I did it more than that). I had to go to the toilet constantly (I vaguely remember that), and although I believed I was urinating, they said I wasn’t, and wouldn’t let me go to the loo anymore when I asked them if I could. This made me angry at times. I was now in detention and I wasn’t even allowed to go to the toilet.

I remember constantly sitting up for some reason, and my friend’s father (whom I did not recognise at the time) kept pushing me back down on the bed and asked me to lie still and go to sleep. I said ok, but got up again every 5 seconds. I remember reading from a heavy book and making notes in a notepad. The book was the key to something, but I cannot remember what. All of a sudden I got a fright from something, and I dropped the book, the notepad, and the pencil. I wanted to pick them up, but they were gone! I was looking for them for so long, until my friend’s father asked me to lie still. I said ok, and after 10 seconds I would start worrying about it and look for it again. I turned over all my blankets and looked under the hospital bed but there was nothing. The same happened with my keys, my flashdrive, and my cellphone, all which I had left in my room at school anyways. I kept being asked to lie still but I was so worried about losing everything that I just had to keep looking and turn my bed, mattress, blankets and even clothes upside down and inside out.

I was told that at one stage I had asked where my girlfriend was. They had told me that she wasn’t around, and I gave a sneaky smile and rolled and smoked an imaginary joint.

When I sobered up a little bit, I sort of knew what I was doing, but I still didn’t know I was high or in what trouble I was, I was asked to pee in a cup so that they test my urine for traces of cannabis or other substances. Somehow I knew that they shouldn’t find out, and I was used to being urine tested, so I recognised it, even without them telling me what it was for, so I ran towards the bathroom in the hospital hall, but ran straight past it as I had been doing for the whole night, and was directed into the bathroom by the doctor. Instinctively, I locked the door and was happy when I found out I could just put a little bit of pee and mostly tap water into the cup.

Upon returning the cup, the doctor commented that it was cold and see-through, but I was still very high and merely said that that’s how I had been pissing recently. No further questions were asked. Then they wanted to take a blood-sample. I panicked coz now theyd surely find out, and started saying that I was shitscared of needles, not remembering or noticing that I had a drip in my arm. I remember getting up at one stage and walking over to a friend who was also on the drip, and in the same state as I. I was also annoyed with the drip and was looking for scissors to cut it off. Noticing a tube in his arm and thinking it were a pair of scissors, I tried to pick it up, but it hurt him so he cried out, “ow!”. I don’t remember much of what happened next.

In the early morning, I saw many people leaving the room (while it was actually only 3 people leaving – the doctor, and 2 nurses), and I felt that it was unjust that they go and I can’t. I complained again and again. Next thing I remember I'm in the hospital bed again and my brother is standing next to me. He had been informed of what had happened to me and was pretty worried and disappointed. All of a sudden there were ants all over my bed, and the tv turned into a cat. The other tv (which was also off) was showing horrible images of a monster drowning a baby in a well.

Another friend of mine had tears in her eyes when she told me how scared she had been that I would have died, gone crazy, or fall into coma. My girlfriend and her mother arrived on scene, and my girl was very upset, bawling her eyes out. I was still seeing insects on the bed and telling people that they should just look closer if they couldn’t see them. I was angry that they didn’t believe me, but then my first friend who had drank the tea with me shouted from the other side of the room that he could see them too. He was still talking Spanish to the nurses (they only understand English) and babbling on about nothing.

The two other friends who had drank the tea a bit later had been smoking imaginary cigarettes all night and one of them had asked his mom if she was a volunteer worker and commented that she was very nice to him, asking her how much she got paid to look after him so well. When a nurse had walked by, he had asked his mom (thinking it was someone else), “do you think that dude has weed for me?” The other had been talking to our deputy principal about how much he loves weed, and they had been talking to each other in a conversation of nonsense babbles (not words) but it had seemed that they could understand each other.

For another 3 days my vision was kinda blurry and I could not talk long sentences, because I would lose concentration. But now I think im 100% fine again. I got expelled from school, although I will write exams there. My girlfriend and I are still together and she just hopes I wont do any drugs again. Although I admit the experience was quite hectic, I really enjoyed it, and had I not been restrained in hospital, I would have had an even better time. Although I would do it again if it were not for exams or for my girlfriend, I would take it in a smaller dosage (maybe half a flower in tea?) and make sure someone is watching me and doesn’t let me get into trouble.

The dosage I took was dangerous, according to the doctors, but in controlled amounts I would recommend it. Not for the paranoid!

Enjoy and take care.

Personally, I gave up all substance abuse, once a while getting drunk and replacing it with going to the gym, working out everything bad that iv consumed over the past 4 years of my life.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65694
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 28, 2007Views: 56,345
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