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Two Days Without a Brain
by c8lin
Citation:   c8lin. "Two Days Without a Brain: An Experience with Datura (exp37963)". Nov 6, 2004.

2.5 cups oral Datura (tea)


I had a datura plant growing in my yard and some of my friends have done it so I did some research and decided 'why not?' It was November 14, 2003 at about 1 in the afternoon. I took a pod off my plant that I had been keeping my eye on (it was about the size of a baseball by now - WOW!) and opended it up. Alas - the seeds were light yellow. I knew that they weren't mature yet but tried it anyways - boiled them in water and drank it. After an hour nothing had happened yet. I went to my neighbor's house to feed their cat (they were out of town) and as I was on my way back I noticed a big white flower - another datura plant! So I took 5 or 6 golf-ball-size pods off of this one and took them home with me. I opened all of these up and the seeds were a dark red-brownish color. I put these in the water and turned the burner on when Josh and Sarah showed up. I forgot about the Jimsonweed for about 20 minutes then remembered. It had been boiling for so long that the water was now the same color as the seeds. I drank 2 and a half cups of this nasty tasting liquid and ate about a quarter of the seeds. About 5 minutes later I began to feel funny and got pretty bad cotton mouth. About 20 minutes after ingestion my pupils were greatly dialated and I knew it was beginning. You know the feeling when you sit down and the chair is actually lower then you think it will be? Everytime I tried to sit down I had that feeling and would fall backward onto the chair.

About 45 minutes after ingestion we decided to go back over to my neighbor's house because they have a very generous liquor cabinet. We went in and I was trying to read the labels on the liquor bottles but it looked as if someone had taken their hand and smeared the ink while it was still wet. I couldn't read anything. I had to pee very badly so I went into the bathroom. This was the first instance during this trip that I experienced a true hallucination. I was talking to someone in the bathroom for who-knows-how-long when I realized that I was speaking with my reflection. My brain kind of did a backflip when I realized this and I left the bathroom without ever releaving myself. I went back out to the living room and most of the rest of the story I am going to tell you I don't remember, it was all told to me by the people that were present.

Our friend came over to sell us a bag and we were sitting in the living room sipping out of fifths and passing a joint around. I tried to eat one of my friend's buds and dropped the doobie twice into my lap. Eventually they just began skipping me in the rotation but I continued to sit there puffing on my own imaginary joint. We left my neighbor's house to head for home but I stood outside in the yard and Josh and Sarah ended up leaving me there. Mind you it was about 30 degrees with a high wind and all I had on was a light sweat shirt for an extra layer. After 20 minutes without my return, they came back to get me and I was still standing in the same place. They tried to get me to come home but all I would say is 'HOLD ON! I'm playing a game!' I was totally delusional by now. So they grabbed the keychain around my neck and litterally tugged me home with me trying to throw punches at them for ruining my game the whole way.

Soon my mom came home. She told me that Josh and Sarah had to leave but she left shortly after and they didn't want to leave me alone. Then my dad came home and freaked out that they were still here. He told them to leave and I flipped out. I tried to punch him or something and he freaked out. I told him I was going to kill him so he actually punched me in the face. I tried jumping on his back punching and kicking but of course being about 200 pounds less than him, he got the upper hand. Josh tried to come back in to help me but was physically forced to leave. I remember seeing my mom wash dishes while my dad had me pinned sobbing 'Help me, why won't you help me?' I don't think my mom has washed dishes by hand in 10 years.

The time in between here and the ride to the hospital I don't know what happened. I guess I put on a pretty good show though because my mom thought I had a total mental meltdown. I remember trying to jump out of the car on the way there but they were too quick for me. When I got to the hospital they had me in the pediatric wing and it had animal wallpaper up - I kept talking about being at the zoo and how I wanted to see the polar bears or something. From there they took me via ambulance to University of Michigan hospital. They had to strap me down to the streacher en route because I kept trying to sit up. This caused me a great deal of fear and stress. For me the people binding me were not people that were trying to help.

When we got there they shot me up with multiple doses of Ativan. Actually, the most Ativan they have ever given someone of my body weight. It had no effect whatsoever. Then they finally tried asking me what I was on and I gladly told them. There was a doctor there that had experience with a patient on Jimsonweed once before so they had a new approach to my sickness - charcoal and time. I refused to drink the charcoal so they tried a second attempt, having the nurse tell me it was vodka. I drank the whole cup.

During the night at sometime I snapped back into reality a little bit. I 'awoke' and there was a black guy sitting next to me. It was my babysitter in reality but all I could think to say to him was 'Can I bum a ciggy?' He told me there was no smoking in the hospital but I wouldn't listen to him so finally he just said 'Sorry, I'm all out.' Which I responded to with, 'It's alright, I found one,' and began smoking my imaginary cigarette. Then I slipped back into my own world.

All throughout the next day I spoke of waiting in line for rollercoasters, how the nurse looked like a giraffe, and a whole slew of other delusions. They had counsellors and people from Narcotics Anonymous and lots of other people in to talk to me throughout the day. This was a mean trick because Jimsonweed is a truth serum of sorts. I spouted out lots of things that I probably would regret saying if I could remember all of them. They finally let me go to the bathroom (I don't think I urinated all day the day before) and I would've accidentally ripped out my IV except the fact that it was securely duct-taped onto my arm. I suppose I had done my share of pulling out the needle the day before. The little finger-tip monitor was also taped onto my pointer finger. Ha-ha. I had long conversations with friends that weren't there. They'd disappear and I'd merely think, 'They left.' It was an odd trip. I busied myself by swatting the bugs constantly flying around my head and smoking more 'cigarettes'.

Finally after being in the hospital for more than 24 hours they decided I could go home. It was already dark. The whole ride home the headlights of the cars were 'flying into my head' (best I can describe it). I finally got home and had a REAL cigarette. It was heaven. Then I called Josh and he told me there was a doobie under my couch. That made my day. I smoked it and looked in my purse and found the cap to one of the neighbors' liquor bottles. I ran over there and replaced it and looked around to see if anything else was out of place. Oh god. There was a big soup ladle in the fish tank along with a whole can of fish food. Cans of food were lined up all over their counter tops and rugs were draped over everything. I did my best to put everything back into its place but I have a feeling some things were suspicious because I have never been asked fo feed their cat again.

To anyone who wants to try this drug: Go ahead. But beware, it is uncontrollable, it is not a 'fun' trip in that you will not remember it AT ALL. Bring a sitter to entertain and keep you safe. A sitter that will wait out the entire trip with you, is bigger and stronger than you . Maybe two. Make sure you have nothing to do for the next 2 days, and no one important you need to deal with. I've heard you might want to hide sharp or valuable things just in case.

To anyone who will be a sitter: Try to get them to drink water but not too much, it's hard to pee. If anything gets out of control and you can't talk them down, sit on them. If that doesn't work, call people that can help you. Try not to scare the tripper. I would not recommend hospital interference unless health is in real jeopardy. Don't let them jump off of high places.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 37963
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 6, 2004Views: 11,819
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