Stomping in the Moonlight
Datara & Alcohol (Beer)
Citation:   Parakeetfoot. "Stomping in the Moonlight: An Experience with Datara & Alcohol (Beer) (exp47462)". Feb 12, 2007.

3 Tbsp oral Datura (seeds)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
These events happened a while ago, yet I took careful notes before and right after at the time. I've decided to submit it now; reason being, I was a military man at the time, and took no chances of my idiot buddies perhaps reading about such 'special' hobbies. I was considered weird enough already in this tight knit community, better be safe than sorry.

Mid summer 2001 I took a trip to a favorite place by some lakes and swamps, deep forest, warm southern sun dancing through playful clouds above. Brought a bookbag of clothes, food and a 6-pack along too. I've studied datura in the past, using a broth with bacon grease and leaves boiled as a gentle afternoon sleep aid. This day I gently plucked three large immature pods from a nice cluster of plants sitting on sandy mounds of an old construction site. Using my kinfe I slashed the pods and scooped out the white softer seeds (later in the season datura seeds become black and very hard) gobbled them up like a bowl of pork fried rice, smoked a cigarette.

Strolled along small brooks, shrugging off the days mundane events at work, glad to be off duty. About an hour passed with no unusual events. Moved into deeper forest, it was late afternoon. Looking up through the trees, noticed the leaves were made of leather and had the sound of leather jackets being shaken, as the wind blew. Yep, different sensations too, kind of like those psilocybe type mushroom trips. This passed in about half an hour, and I was feeling straight and normal again.

Had a beer, then another, smoked some cigarettes and thought of walking back and scooping some more seeds, yet logic told me not to. I noticed anything very close to me, like a hand in front of face, was blurry. I couldn't read my notebook either. A dry mouth and sore throat developed like when I have a real bad cold. Kept wondering gentle hills in deep forest, no trails no one around. It was frustrating discovering I could not piss no matter what, and it was beginning to freak me out but no big deal, kept trying regardless. I could piss after a long while.

The sun was going down with a splendid orange glow, the sights and sounds of a southern forest were amazing beyond description. I noticed that I left my bookbag somwhere (shit!) had nothing but jeans, boots, t-shirt and beer cans swinging on that plastic, and I was spending the night. Dashed all over looking for my bag, no luck at all.

I noticed I was not alone anymore. Against a tree, hands pointing up along the trunk stood a tall young man. He was wearing hunters camo, face carefully painted, he had a tall rough spiky mowhawk hairstyle, plastered in gray camouflage paste. I politely said hello, and walked on by, the guy shiftted his eye but ignored me. I thought that was weird, 'What is he doing?' was he a poacher, doomsday paranoid neo nazi survivalist. Wheres his weapon? How many more? Should I get the fuck out of here? Wheres my damn bookbag?

It was getting frustrating, when I just wanted to enjoy dark night entering, ushering the day away. Walked on, there was a car and two men standing nearby, talking. One black guy, one white guy with glasses both wearing BDU's (woodland camouflage issue uniforms). I 'figured out' they had to be NCO's or officers standing by while their soldiers trained. I walked up to them and very politely asked if anyone runs across my bookbag, to just yell for me and I will come and get it. They looked at me like I was an asshole, and kept on with their conversation. I noticed their BDU's were a different pattern than ours, figured they must be british, I've ran into those chaps at the time occasionally.

It got darker, I walked around all over the place. I saw more 'british' soldiers. Some crouched against rocks their camo cover master jobs, which I briefly admired. I saw a dug out fighting position reinforced with wood, well concealed. It got dark, an incredible silver moon came out, visibility was splendid. I decided to forget the lost bookbag, it was summer afterall and I still had beer swinging at my side. I saw a tight line formation of soldiers marching down a hill, thought it strange and made no sense. Why would they train like that? A machinge gun would mow them right down. There were others sitting, well concealed, eating, making hardly a sound.

I walked to a very large tree laying on its side, its roots torn high above me. I looked up, and in the moonlight right above me was yet another man blending into the roots, pointing to the sky but looking strait in my eye, his mouth wide open. Eventually I finished the beer and went to sleep on the forest floor. Woke the next morning feeling strange, found my bookbag after combing the woods a while longer. I walked past the place where the car was, and realized theres no way any car could drive there.

The people I saw seemed real and to this day I have trouble grasping that they may have been not too real afterall. An interesting footnote, this area has seen a lot of violence and death during the civil war, many soldiers got killed on the ground I walked on. Datura is strange indeed, I took it once more in my life, I don't think I will mess with it again, but who knows its abundant after all.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 47462
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 12, 2007Views: 13,775
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Datura (15) : Military (48), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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