Could Continue to Be a Useful Tool
Datura & Cannabis
Citation:   emme tea. "Could Continue to Be a Useful Tool: An Experience with Datura & Cannabis (exp93041)". Aug 6, 2016.

  smoked Datura (leaves)
    smoked Cannabis (flowers)
Datura Can Be Your Friend

Experiments were done with physostigmine salicylate on hand & using an 'Entourage' blunt skin cut in half, about 4.5 inches in length. As for the datura that was used, the leaves were taken from a plant that was just removed from the ground, parts of the plant were separated from each other and the leaves set out on canvas to dry in sunlight. Larger leaves, weeks later were still not as dried as the smaller leaves.

- datura alone -

Subjects in groups three split .2g - .3g cigarettes of the dried leaves hand ground most subjects questioned afterwards what they were supposed to feel. No input was provided to them, only data from them was collected. All but one experienced the need to sit down. Two people who were extremely agitated found themselves not appeased but extremely calmed down. A few hours later all of the subjects found themselves still in a delirious state. No hallucinations were reported. All of the subjects had stated something about tiredness, sleepiness or 'if they needed something to sleep' they would recommend it. Two subjects reported the feelings of being 'high' but did not specify what sort of high that they felt. One female subject reported no effect, one subject went drinking afterwards & reported the next day that rooms were 'half-spinning,' that things looked constantly falling into place from above.

- datura mixed with equal parts cannabis -

Multiple sessions were recorded with subjects from 20-40 years old. Names were kept anonymous as participants wished to remain as such. .2g of dried datura were ground by hand with .3g of deseeded cannabis. Again, cigarettes were rolled using tobacco wraps, tho none was mixed with the cigarettes. All subjects reported being unable to taste the datura specifically & reported a much longer burning time. Later this was confirmed by burning equal sized amount of cannabis cigarettes, where burning times for cannabis alone was a third of that for the mixtures used and did not go out.

Users experiences were not compared to their use of cannabis alone. Again, only one female subject reported feeling no effects from the cigarette. One subject reported that they were unable to complete physical tasks for the day & went to sleep around when they had watched the sunset. Both activities were not normal for them. Another subject reported 'it burnt me out quicker'. Another subject stated that they would consider mixing the two regularly if adequate information was provided. Another of the female subjects reported that she had much more analytic thought patterns than normal, however she did not report feeling the same sort of tiredness that the male subjects had experienced. One male subject reported enjoying being in the rain more.

- thoughts and conclusions -

Although slightly premature, we felt that little experience was reported with smoking of datura. However none of the subjects reported hallucinations that both the researchers and experience reports have documented. Roots, stems and flowers were not tested. If this from the nature of combustion or from a low atropine & scopolamine content datura, the author is not sure, however, with proper knowledge and respect for the plant & its family, that datura could continue to be a useful tool, in not only the shaman's tool kit, but the average person's medicine cabinet as well.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93041
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Aug 6, 2016Views: 3,912
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