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Out of Body Delusional Poison
by Cs
Citation:   Cs. "Out of Body Delusional Poison: An Experience with Datura (exp44494)". Jun 23, 2006.

0.5 flowers oral Datura (fresh)
So here's my story: for me, I escaped, luckily. My friends weren't so lucky. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had just discovered shrooms, and wanted to try another natural high. We heard about datura flowers from a news report about the dangers of kids eating this plant. Being 16, Iím used to hearing from 'the man' how evil and dangerous things like pot are, so when they alert my attention to a new dangerous plant that makes you trip, we sought it out immediately. They grew everywhere in our home town.

Personally, I tried to eat one flower, and got about 1/2 of it down, before I gagged and puked it up. That's the most I got into my system, thank god. It was like smelling salt in taste form. The worst taste ever. 20 minuets later, I got the dry mouth, mild nausea, and then just felt kind of weird, bad weird, for 2 hours. I just felt creepy. Like the world was just evil and filled with negative energy. I felt sober, just had a sense of foreboding and creepiness. I felt like I was in a horror movie. Its wasn't intense, it was just mild, uncomfortable, creepiness. I did have movement in my peripheral vision, but that's it for the visuals, besides the blurriness. I felt better after eating a bunch of cereal and I was done with the 'trip.' My vision was blurred all the next day, I couldn't read text of focus on anything inside of 2 feet. That was it. I never did it again after I heard what happened to Nic.

My friend Nic was able to hold down two flowers. When I was feeling creepy, he started to tune out the rest of the world, and play with bubble wrap muttering to himself. 1/2 an hour later he dropped the bubble wrap, and approached me with something important to tell me. He launched into a monologue, that sounded like the alien languages from Star Wars or something. Complete with pauses, inflections, and intonations, but complete mish-mash. It had a smattering of english words but none of it made sense. Perhaps this was a partial cause of my creeping feeling. In retrospect, I wish I had a recording of it, itís really interesting now for me to think what it sounded like.

I felt like I should take care of him but I felt shitty and had no patience to deal with a lunatic, so when he wandered out of my house, I let him go and tried to go to sleep. I found out later that Nic had quite a trip. He completely had the whole, talking to long last friends for hours who would randomly disappear and reappear. Trying to accomplish some fine motor task over and over and over, including the notorious disappearing cigarettes. He said later he must have smoked 3 packs, only one of which was real, and it had less than 10 in it to begin with. He said he kept waking up, thinking it was over, and then talk to his parents, only to have them disappear and realize he was still tripping. He said he couldn't tell if his eyelids were open or closed, because when he closed them he would just wake up in some other situation. He said it was like being in the Twilight Zone, where some guy is having a nightmare, and then wakes up, only to find that its a different nightmare, and then wakes up, only to find out. Everything that happens is so vividly real, no matter how preposterous. Bugs, monster, aliens, giant robots, all are accepted as just normal. As if , 'duh, what else!?'

Nic was high all that afternoon, all night, and well into the next day. He never got naked and ran down the street or anything, but he said he could have done anything. It was like a waking dream, anything is possible, and you are not so much an active participant as he was a passive bystander, watching the world happen to him. Nic didn't consider it a bad trip, just a really really heavy, crazy trip. But he said he was never doing it again. To me it sounded like the worst thing imaginable. But Nic was a hard core explorer of the inner psych. This guy had taken ridiculous amounts of acid before, so I don't think anything could shake him.

Later, in college, I heard a now notorious story about Nic and a few other guys I used to hang out with in high school. I guess Nic decided it had been a long time so he was going to try it again. They boiled the seeds from one large pod and drank the juice. Apparently Nic was tripping okay, the other two guys were tripping hard, and one guy just fell to the ground shaking, and foaming at the mouth. Nic decided to get medical attention for him and they all ended up in the hospital getting the stomach pump and then the charcoal drink. All 3 of the guys except Nic had to be restrained because they were trying to attack the medical staff. Nic was just tripping but not getting violent or too out of control. Mostly talking to himself and other imagined characters. Apparently he shit blood for a few days and couldn't see properly for a week.

I am so glad I wasn't able to keep it down. Knowing myself I would have had a very unpleasant time.

Exp Year: 1994ExpID: 44494
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 23, 2006Views: 16,480
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Datura (15) : Second Hand Report (42), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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