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Learning Respect the Hard Way
Datura & Cannabis
Citation:   Psilophile. "Learning Respect the Hard Way: An Experience with Datura & Cannabis (exp73530)". Mar 13, 2010.

1 glass oral Datura (tea)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Pre-trip Events By J
Trip Events by G
Post-trip thoughts by J

It all started on a Saturday me and two others (D And E) all left in the morning to town with the idea of scraping together some money for Dextromethorphan. After several hours to no avail we hit the stage where ANYTHING would have done. Let me state that I have done datura twice before with very heavy results each time vowing that I would never touch it again. D had knowledge of the whereabouts of some datura growing right behind some apartments. Once we reached the spot we pulled out D's Bag and pulled two plants out and put them in.

We then made it back to my house where I had my two auntys housesitting. Sneaking downstairs we found a portable stove and a pot we then decided to wait a few hours before cooking and filled time with Spots and joints. It then came the time for chef J to boil what we called shamin juice I grabbed the two plants and one by one pulled leaves of it, about 40 leaves and 3 pods poured in water and put to boil. After boiling for about half an hour the brew was ready to be consumed filling three cups of the green liquid we then proceeded to drink the contents................ after that memory and time flew out the window.

This is the recollection from our tripsitter.

(T: 7:30pm)
At this stage, we were all sitting in the various chairs downstairs. J had begun to have some trouble walking as he began to roam around downstairs looking for random objects. E had begun to get the giggles and D was starting to get what I call his 'trip face' so I left the three downstairs and went to clean up upstairs. After about twenty minutes, I went back down to check on them and found E and D on the couch with their eyes shut while J was sitting on a chair looking into space. I remarked that he smelt like vomit and he proceeded to tell me that he couldn't stand the dry mouth and had vomited in a dishwashing bowl in the corner of the room. He also told me that he choked after vomiting and was rather scared. I told him that I would get his bed ready and come back down to get him after I'd gotten him a clean shirt to wear instead of the vomit covered one.

I could tell that his awareness of time was shot as when I went to get him after half an hour he looked up with dialated pupils and said 'Already?' as if it had been two minutes. Shortly after he was tucked in bed, the shakes and the sweating began. He was also gasping for breath and his words became jumbled as he told me he couldn't breathe. I lay next to him in bed and told him he was just freaking out and told him to take deep breaths and push against my hand with his stomach to slow him down and give him something to focus on. I had a drink bottle that I gave him water with about every five minutes.

I went downstairs to check on D and E and both seemed very comfortable on the couch. As I came back upstairs, I noticed that J was in the toilet and carried on to get a cigarette. When I came back to his bedroom, he notified me that he couldn't get his zip undone, well at least that's what I thought he said, and that he had managed to piss himself. Helping him into bed, I pulled off his jeans and boxers and asked him of he wanted some clean ones to which he replied no and went back to 'sleep' with no pants on.

I had the tv on next to J so I could keep an eye on his facials and breathing patterns. The first sign of any real tripping was when he sat up, looked at me and did some weird hand movements while making a song tune with kazoo noises. I made him lie down and gave him lots more water. This was the start of the battle of getting fluids into him as 'the water tasted yuck at the end of his mouthful' (this later came to be that he thought the drinkbottle was a massive bottle of candy squeezee and the end of it was watery). J then announced he needed to go to the toilet again so I put some boxers on him that were easy to get undone haha. I followed him as I was now positive he was tripping balls and running into his aunties in that state was not a good idea. I became confused as he walked past the toilet to the back door and unlocked it. He then went outside and yelled at me 'G! I'll show you what they've done to the grass'. I followed him and he began pissing on the grass and after that seemed normal. He then came back inside and walked into the kitchen where his aunty was standing. She looked at him and claimed he looked 'out of it' to which he replied 'I know, we were talking about it last night.' Just for the record, it was 'last night' still at the time. He then patted her on the shoulder, said thanks and returned to bed.

This was when the really bad tripping began. After being 'asleep' for about 3 minutes, he turned to me and said 'So who's going? You are' and then laid back down and returned to his closed eye hallucinations. Occasionally he would sit up, shake his head and do a psychotic laugh that actually made me scared. He then stared calling me D and thought that everyone was lying in his bed which was now 15m wide. After repeatedly reassuring that I was G and we were in his bed and D and E were downstairs, he then lay back down and seemed to relax. He then cuddled me and gave me a kiss before closing his eyes again.

J then decided to go to the toilet yet again and I followed him outside. He began pissing in the garden this time, and seemed rather amused by the whole process. He was also talking to some people that weren't there and I believe he imagined pissing on them. After talking to them for a while, I lead him back inside and told him he needed to get back into bed before he talked to his aunties again. I pushed him in the direction of his room but he decided he wanted to go out to the lounge and kept walking. I grabbed his arm but he then pushed me against the wall, giggled like a little girl and ran away like we were playing tiggy. He looked at me again, screamed then ran faster into the lounge. He then said 'Aunty C are you still using the internet?'. Of course, she wasn't there but his other aunty, L, replied by saying they had finished with it. She then asked where we were going and as J was rummaging through the cupboards, he replied 'town'.

I finally got J back into bed and he seemed coherent til he lied down and started knocking on the surrounding objects like a chair and my head. Sometime during this time period he also thought I was E and got scared to wake up from a closed eye hallucination to find us cuddling.

J notified me that he needed to use the 'shitter' so yet again I followed him but got paranoid when he went into the bathroom that he was going to piss in the shower. Instead he picked up my hair brush to which I said 'Didn't you need to go to the toilet babe?'. He looked at me like I was completely stupid and said 'No! I only came in to get the hairbrush'. I asked him if he wanted me to brush his hair and he said yes so we went back to bed and I brushed his hair. He picked up the blanket and proclaimed it was made out of snake skin.

After 'sleeping' for 20 or so minutes I woke to see J scratching the bed and my clothing. I asked him what he was doing he then proclaimed that it was all made out of weed. He then waved his hand and asked me to turn the light on I then got up and flicked the switch several minutes afterwards he was sound asleep. I checked his breathing and followed suit.

The Morning after (from the account of J)
I woke up next to G with no recollection of anything that happened. I went downstairs to check on E and D, they were both awake. They then told me they hadn't slept and that D was 'watching the tv all night' (the unplugged Tv that was facing the oppisite direction to where they were) and E told me that she felt sick. They both got picked up and went home. Three days later I talked to D, he then told me that for two days after E was still tripping but currently is ok.

In Summary
It is something I will never try again (Thank god says G) but too this day I have a strong interest in what occurs. I believe that Datura provides an insight into the untapped energy that exists in the human brain and is something that one could possibly acheive by means unknown at this present time. I still have ALOT of respect for datura and still believe that we haven't quite yet found a way to use it correctly.
But for the time being I plan to take mushrooms for spirtual insight.

Thankyou for reading

I also told my aunties that I was stoned and drunk but that was it (They believed it) :)

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73530
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2010Views: 22,596
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