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Interesting Choice for my First Hallucinogen
by K
Citation:   K. "Interesting Choice for my First Hallucinogen: An Experience with Datura (exp66735)". Erowid.org. Jan 26, 2010. erowid.org/exp/66735

130 seeds oral Datura


I feel the need to contribute my experience for one, the knowledge of others and two, to better understand my experience with Datura, which occurred about four days ago.

I pretty much broke every rule regarding Datura when I decided to try it. It was my first hallucinogenic experience. I would say I ingested it with no knowledge of how much I should take, but itís hardly possible to know exactly how much is dangerous. My experience wasnít horrible. Looking back, I would try Datura again, but for reasons I canít understand, especially because of how dangerous it is.

My experience happened at my college. The setting where I first ate the seeds is in my friendís dorm room.

My sitter counted the bag of Datura innoxia seeds, which turned out to be 130. To be careful, I decided Iíd eat ten of them raw first and see what happened. The taste wasnít bothersome at all. This was at about 11 oíclock pm. It was irritating to have my sitter ask me every five minutes if I was feeling anything, and, ďWhat if I ate just two of them? Do you think it would do anything?Ē After about two hours no noticeable change had occurred. I then decided Iíd make a tea with some of the seeds. I did that, mixed it with some pomegranate tea, drank the liquid and then ingested the seeds at the bottom of the cup. It tasted normal. I waited, and although I sort of knew that it could take awhile to for any effects to kick in, I got impatient. I ended up eating all 130 of the seeds. This was probably at about 2 AM.

The next thing I remember is my sitter turning the light off and watching a movie on her computer in the bed across the room. I was in her roomateís bed, as her roommate was gone. My friend is done with the movie and decides to go to bed. At this point I was incredibly exhausted, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I toss and turn for quite a long time. I really donít remember if I ever fell asleep in that bed, but I probably didnít because I remember having the biggest urge to go back to my own room. I took my laptop and went back to my room where I fell asleep (Iím assuming I fell asleep) and woke up the next morning.

I donít even know how to begin to explain what was going on when I woke up. I remember looking at a poster next to my bed of my favorite guitarist and feeling like he was staring and laughing at me. I think I was amused by this. Everything seemed real, but at the same time, surreal. I got out of my bed and proceeded to get dressed, but I knocked down my roommates guitar about three times and consequently woke her up as well. I apologized every time. My motor skills were gone.

The next thing I remember is looking in the mirror, which one can imagine as being an insane experience. I remember seeing myself in the mirror, that is, in retrospective, I can see myself in the mirror. But at the time, I thought it was my friend Elyssa. There really is no way to describe what I believed to be happening. I was also talking to her because I really thought that she was in the room, along with other people, except I donít remember who the other people were.

Whatís strange is that when I was on Datura, I really did believe that the people who I was talking to were there, but I specifically remember getting scared and asking my roommate if Elyssa was actually in the room. I would then not see my friends anymore, only to have them return at other times. This happened several times throughout my experience.

The next part of my experience is the gap that I canít really remember. After I woke up and got dressed I walked down to the dining hall. As I was walking down the stairs outside of my dorm, I saw my friend sitting in the grass on a hill. There is no reason why my friend would be sitting in tall grass doing nothing, but nonetheless, I thought she was. I called out to her several times, turned around and started walking, but when I looked back she was gone. I then started talking to a lamppost and asked it if it knew where my friend was, when an actual person started walking towards me. I asked them as well, but they didnít answer and looked at me like I was crazy. There are no lampposts where I was walking, I now realize.

It was parentís weekend, so all the faculty and professors were there. I then remember sitting outside of the dining hall and talking to one of my professors, which makes me scared to go to class everyday. My friend that was with me said I was coherent during that conversation, but during every other conversation I was speaking gibberish. Since then, every time Iím in the dining hall Iím paranoid. Nonetheless, I donít remember what happened in the dining hall or who I talked to.

I donít really remember the rest of that afternoon. My friends tell me that someone brought me to their room saying that I had no idea where I was or what I was doing, but I donít remember seeing that person. I must have then fallen asleep because I remember waking up, smoking a cigarette, and having it disappear. I thought that I kept dropping them. It was so distressful looking for cigarettes that didnít exist. When I woke up I also started talking to my friend online. I have the conversation saved, it was at 3:45pm. I told her all about my experience and I was completely coherent. When I say coherent, I mean what I was saying was understandable but not necessarily grammatically correct:

Me: yeah i smoked cigarettes that didn't even exist, and i was surprised that they jut vanished and i had lots of conversations with people i know but they weren't anymore near me.

The weird part is, during the conversation I also remember talking to her on the phone, only to look at my hand and realize that the phone wasnít there. (Like the cigarettes). Even now I donít understand how I could talk to some people normally and be completely delirious two minutes later.

Thereís so much more to the experience that I canít possibly explain to anyone. I know that most people who try Datura donít want to do it again, but Iím so fascinated with Datura that I canít say that Iíll never do it again. When I tell my friends that Iím thinking about doing it a second time, they always tell me that I ďwasnít happyĒ when I was tripping. It bothers me when people ask me to get some for them. I didnít really know what I was doing, but I did read about it for a month and I think I pretty much got lucky. I think they get the impression from my experience that it was ďfun,Ē like acid, but itís not. Itís just delirious. I donít know the right word to describe how I felt or feel about the experience. Iím glad it happened. I didnít ďenjoyĒ it, it wasnít ďfun,Ē but I feel a strong connection with Datura. I even pinned the bag of seeds with the label on it next to the poster near my bed.

The after effects included not being able to read anything relatively close to my face (my eyes just couldnít focus), a rapid heartbeat, and overall depersonalization. I remember feeling nauseous the night after I was done tripping and going to the bathroom, only to get scared of being in the bathroom alone and leaving immediately. I also rushed to my friend's room to check my heart-rate, which I thought to be abnormally fast. I didnít talk much in the days afterwards. Iím back to ďnormalĒ now, but for some reason Iím avoiding people that had a negative effect on my life now that the experience is over. When the after-effects were present, I was constantly scared that they would never go away and that I'd be diagnosed with hppd.

Although my experience wasnít a ďtrain wreckĒ, I discourage people from thinking that Datura will be a ďfun tripĒ or just another drug that they can get fucked up on. I tried Datura because I felt ready for my first hallucinogenic experience and because something told me that everything was going to be okay. Before Datura, Iíve always been scared to venture outside my mind with hallucinogens.

Different Datura plants have different potencies. I ate 130 seeds and nothing went seriously wrong, whereas I have read of people eating 15 and being in serious physical trouble. Datura was relatively good to me. That doesnít mean itís good to everyone.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66735
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 26, 2010Views: 16,184
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