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At the Water Park with Torna Loco
Datura ceratocaula
Citation:   Afterlife_Diliriants. "At the Water Park with Torna Loco: An Experience with Datura ceratocaula (exp111329)". Feb 1, 2019.

T+ 0:00
7 seeds oral Datura
  T+ 2:00 7 seeds oral Datura
  T+ 4:00 7 seeds oral Datura
  T+ 6:00 7 seeds oral Datura
Introduction :

First off I just want to say I have been a devoted student to the Nightshade Family and I work with this plant spirit every single day. I respect her very much and I have gotten to know of her mysteries over time and careful study. I was called to this path a few years ago, strangely, when I wasn't really looking for what would eventually become a way of life for me. I came across the plants at a time when I was living very unhealthy lifestyles and at a time when I wanted out of life and saw these plants as a potential avenue to that goal. Although I never had the chance- the plant spirit eventually came back for me in my dreams and inspired me so deeply to her study and way of life. I have tirelessly analyzed and studied her mysterious plants and I think she gets a really bad rap because so many people do not treat her with the proper respect and tend to dive headfirst in and overdo it- leading to a really bad experience.

Also, I grow all my own plants and I have a very big Datura garden with most of the species. I also grow all species of Belladonna, Henbane, Mandrake, and others. I tend to lean on the side of this being helpful and that she appreciates that effort.
I am a 33 year old male in the United States. I have done many experiments before and really gotten to know how the alkaloids work from very minute dosages to fairly bigger ones. There are some drawbacks in ingesting the plant but it was part of my education of her ways. I run a website all about the tropane-based Nightshade family.

So here is my journey:

11:00 am - 9:30 pm + - Nothing happened throughout the day when I was eating seeds of Datura ceratocaula - a somewhat rare water datura from Mexico. I would eat about 7 seeds every couple hours. To be honest I was doing an experiment in the anxiolytic properties of Datura. In the low dose range I can sometimes have a significant relaxation- but I don't encourage anyone to experiment the way I do because she doesn't seem to like everyone and she doesn't seem to like when you try and make her do things to suit your needs. She likes to be unpredictable and I have come to know this and I respect her for it.

+10:00 Night time hits and I am exhausted. I'm a little looped out but generally feeling well. Suddenly I am transported to this really awesome water park and I'm there with one of my childhood friends- a best friend from way back in 6th grade named Derek. He and I were both young again and as I said before, we were at this huge water park. I don't believe I have ever been to this one or if it even exists. The whole place was covered in like a foot of water. It was also covered in a net almost like a dome around the whole park and there were pipes that would spray water down on us like the whole park was in a rain storm. It really added to the enjoyment of the park. We were in line and my turn came up so I dashed into the tunnel and I am flying through the ride and it was SO MUCH FUN! Not only that but it felt SO REAL! I could feel the water. I could feel my body and everything as though I really was there.

Then it starts to get kind of funny because there were security guards everywhere, it was almost like they were prison guards. They wore all black and they just stood at every corner watching. The following day when I was trying to recall the experience I remember thinking 'Too bad there weren't any of those phantom cigarettes in the experience' and just then, like that, I got this immediate flashback of the experience of walking by the security guard and I remembered that sure enough, I was smoking the phantom cigarettes. It was as if the cigarette was just part of my hand and would disappear when I wasn't puffing on it. I also remember looking down at the cigarette and saying to myself 'Why am I smoking? I don't even like smoking.' I used to do it years ago but I haven't for a few years now. Well anyway, I find it interesting that the tobacco plant is also a nightshade plant, without the tropane alkaloids. Maybe there is a connection.

So back to the experience. I was smoking the cigarette and suddenly a guard is looking at me and I remember saying to myself 'Oh Sh*t he sees me I better put this thing out!' But he just looked at me and did nothing so I was just thinking 'Ok I better get away from this guy before he decides to do something about it.' And we were also with a group of other friends that I didn't recognize but knew them nonetheless. We were all smoking, and some of us were drinking beers if I remember correctly. And this one kid who was with us just decided to go up to one of the guards and tell on one of the guys in my crowd. And suddenly they surround him and put him in handcuffs and start to lug him away. And then the kid who told on him goes up to him and asks him if he has an extra cigarette. And the one in handcuffs says 'You just told on me for smoking dipsh*t and they took my cigarettes so no! I don't have one!' The guards all thought this was funny and laughed out loud for a short while. I remember breaking off from the group and deciding to catch a wave and swim out in the water on the ground. And I soared like 10 feet forward. But then I thought to myself, 'man! This water must be so dirty! gross!' And just as I thought that I heard people walking by joking about there being HIV in the water. And that was the last I remember.

12:00 am - 2:00 am + Suddenly I was back in my room laying on my bed and there were all these glasses of water on my bed and I remember that I had to get up and rock a piss. I got up really slow as to not knock over the multiple full glasses randomly placed on my bed. Oh and it was extremely bright in my room. It seemed like it was around noon and the Sun was just pouring into my room. I get up and I bring a real glass from my desk to drink some water while on my way to rock a piss. I pissed and I left the glass of water on the top of the toilet. I remember saying 'damn I can't believe how long I slept I feel like I just fell asleep like an hour ago.'

Well I go back to sleep basking in the warm golden sun pouring into my room. I was very comfortable. And then, I wake up and its about 8:30 a.m. I had to rock another piss! But this time it really was the right time and the outside looked as though it matched. I went to rock a piss and I noticed that the glass from last time was sitting exactly where I put it. So what this tells me is that when I got up the first time- that was no dream and it had to have been around midnight or 1-2am latest, and the Sun was totally at noon position, I thought it was daytime in the pitch black of night
I thought it was daytime in the pitch black of night
. It is so wild to ponder this!

That was the entirety of the experience. It seemed as though it consisted of part dream and part active hallucination. But I was really thankful that she was so kind to me as to bring me to that water park. And water came up in the other experiences. It's very interesting because Datura ceratocaula is a water datura- the only of its kind. The whole experience was all about water. I really enjoyed this because I was able to have first-hand experience of some of the unusual phenomena that happens in her realm.

Lots of people give this plant a bad rap because of how people misuse it. But there IS a responsible way to go about it. It has patience and time to slowly get to know her by approaching her with respect and reverence. These are truly ancient and holy plants!

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 111329
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Feb 1, 2019Views: 2,621
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Datura (15) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Cultivation / Synthesis (31), Personal Preparation (45), General (1), Alone (16)

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