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My Best Experience EVER!!!!!!
Citation:   Datura. "My Best Experience EVER!!!!!!: An Experience with Datura (exp7842)". Jul 4, 2001.

2 tsp oral Datura (seeds)
  2 leaves oral Datura (tea)
Today is tuesday, july 3rd 2001. Last thursday was the best 19 hours of my life. I have read many diffrent vaults on the mysterious plant, Datura, which is a phantom in my home town. My name is Chris, i'm 16 years old and i live in Mesa, AZ. I am a very broke kid and i am always looking for a cheap high. I have found Datura on the internet, but it's hard to receive packages at my house (i live with my mom, who is very suspicious after she found my Ketamine and buds). About a week ago, after an all nighter, me and my friend mike were cruising the town of Lehi when we noticied a small field of moon flowers. After all of my internet research, i recognized this to be the elusive Datura.

We picked the ripened pods and took them home in the darkness of the next night. Then, on Thursday, me and my friend mike drove to the ASU campus to meet a couple of his friends. We met up with this guy Dave who has an off campus apartment, around 11am. I then took two teaspoons of the seeds while my friend Mike made a tea out of the nabbed leafs. I drank a tea made in 8 ounces of water and steeped with two leaves of Jimsonweed. Mike did the same, and dave rolled himself a joint that he smoked on the patio while we were buzy (that cheap bastard wouldn't spot me a bowl). Then we were off.

We walked down to Mill Ave and went walking. About a half an hour later, as we stood in Zia records, i noticed something strange. Zia is usually pretty emptey on a thursday morning, but it seemed to me there was a crowd of people standing in the corner next to the new Weezer album display, stareing at me. As i looked closer, i noticed it was my Spanish class from the year before. I said, 'hello' to them but they just sat there, staring at me. Then I noticed I had dropped my cigarette. I bent down to look for it, but i couldn't seem to find it. When i looked up, the crowd was gone. And then i noticed that i wasn't even smoking a cigerette. I didn't even smoke!!(i quit about six months ago)!!! Thats when a sudden cloud of surprise came over me. I looked around and everything seemed normal. My friends came over to me and we quickly left (the clerk had noticed my little conversation with the new Weezer display). Mike quickly became very despondent as we walked down Mill. I began to notice that the blacktop road was kinda moving like a river. We walked and walked and from there my memory kinda fades.

I really can only remember little aspects of things from that day. I think that i lost track of Dave and Mike and sat down on the fountain by Coffee Plantation. I don't remember it, but i think that i might have fallen in because i later noticed my socks and underwear were wet. There is little visions that i remember of walking down the street and running into old friends. It seemed that every time i looked down to find the cigarette i had dropped, my friends would dissapear. This was a little frightining because it wasn't really the disappearing thing, it was that i could whisper, talk, and yell into my friends faces and they would just stare back at me, not saying a word. I remember someone asking me to leave or the police would be notified of my behavior. I cannot remember where, when, or what i was thrown out of. I belive that i started comming down somewhere around 2am. the next morning, because i was being talked to by a bum that was trying to inform me that i was sitting on his bench. He was yelling at me, but i was just trying to conceive where i was at.

I quickly got up and started walking. The streets were fairly quiet and i quickly became very frightened. I was having alot of trouble trying to conceive the location and time of my existence. I soon became very despondent and my thought process was just not working right. I decided that my best bet was to find a bench and sleep it off. I quickly found one in a place i simply didn't recognize. I'm almost positive that i fell asleep as soon as i hit the bench. I remember having vivid and lucid dreams of flying and feeling up this women. When i woke up, i was laying on a green lawn, being told to get my ass off the grounds of the cappa something something frat house by a stern looking black man. As i was leaving, he told me it was quarter to six in the morning. I felt almost back to normal now, and i quickly realized where i was on the ASU campus. I was only about three blocks from Daves, so i decided to make that my destination. Dave wasn't happy that i woke him up, but he was happy to see me because he said he had not seen or heard from me or Mike since around 1:00p.m. the previous day. We noticed Mikes car was out front which scared at me because i could only imagined were he ended up. I wrote a very sloppy note, (my eyes have trouble focusing right) and pinned it under his windsheld wiper for him to find when he got back. I then went up to Daves apartment to crash on his couch for a couple of hours. I woke around 11:00 a.m. to Mike knocking on the door. He didn't speak at all. He just came in and layed on the carpet and immediately fell asleep. I would tell you his story, but he's gonna submit it himself to Erowid one of these days.

We went back to sleep and woke around 3:00p.m. I drove home to my mom who was a little unhappy at my two day absense. I was slightly depressed a few days after the experience but i used small amounts of Ketamine to help me out with that. The depression was no big problem, but it took my eyes about three days to return to normal.

Don't do datura if you're an unstable person. Personally, i loved the shit and have all ready gone down and picked about another 50 seeds. I will definitely do Datura again, but next time, I will be sure to have a sitter, and i probably will skip on the tea next time. PLEASE: read up on Datura before you decided to do it. Don't just stuff a cup of seeds in your mouth because DATURA IS POISONOUS AND YOU CAN DIE!!! If you are just feeling terrible, Please just go to the hospital. They will probably pump your stomach which is no fun, but personally, i would rather have my stomach pumped then die. And on a last note, always read up on things before you try them. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it can't hurt or kill you.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7842
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 4, 2001Views: 105,255
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Datura (15) : Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Various (28)

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