The Matches that Wouldn't Stop Moving
Datura stramonium
Citation:   Rice Lethur Merason. "The Matches that Wouldn't Stop Moving: An Experience with Datura stramonium (exp1817)". Jun 14, 2000.

  oral Datura (tea)
Before I start, I must tell you that i've experimented with numerous psychedelics,including dmt;and datura was by far the most intense and real. The whole thing started when me and my friend were messing around with a campfire we were trying to build in his back yard. It's kind of strange how i spotted the hugh stramonium plants in his back yard. It is true what they say about the plants having a presence because i was constantly drawn to something out of the corner of my eye. Eventually her presence was made known to me when i decided to journey to the side of a large shed that was off to the side of me. After a little of exploration, there they were, a huge group of Datura stramonium plants with nice white flowers and huge, bulging seed pods. The only thing i could figure out was that the fire lit up the back yard enough to let me see them out of the corner of my eye.

My friend knew absolutely nothing about it, but upon brief explanation I revealed the numerous secrets i had read about her powers. I soon inquired if he would be interested in trying some datura tea;my friend not being a big drug user declined. But he said he would take care of me if i wished to proceed. Upon his encouragement,i couldn't keep myself from experimenting with the temptress. We retrieved a soup pot from a junk heap in his garage and proceeded to wash the pot out with water. Then i gathered the lovely plant teacher. Hanging the soup pot over the fire(which looked like a pot the military serves soup in for the whole army) i set the water to boil. While we were waiting for the water to boil, we proceeded to chop the 3 datura plants into nice little pieces (i might add these were whole plants with their roots washed off with water)after many,many hours of boiling, we decided that the witches brew was done. We bottled the slimy, green tea into 2 or 3 milk jugs.

After a hour of meditation and prayer for a decent trip,i decided to down the brew,and with milk and sugar might i add. It wasn't too bad,i've tasted worse. I would say after about one hour i started to get extremely hot, and had to stay away from the fire because for 1 the brightness was bothering my eyes, and the heat it threw off was unbearable. By now it was morning, but we were the only ones around, so my friend didn't panic but i did because i was starting to trip extremely hard. I couldn't for the life of me remember if i had drank 2 cups or 3. To this day i have no idea,my friend says closer to 3. I wasn't talking to him much though,he had became an evil witch with trolls circling her legs that had cast an evil spell on me. I started ranting and raving about how damn evil he was, and how he couldn't have my soul. For the next couple of hours i was basically switching realities and journeying. Went to mars,and talked to marvin the martian. Whenever i came back to non-datura reality i was having the common problem that always happens on datura trips; i was trying to light a cigarette but never could, i only had matches and they kept on wriggling around like snakes. This freaked me out extremely,and i quickly dropped the matches and ran for my life. I ran into his barn(he lived on a farm) that was a big mistake. When i finally got the light on after about 20 minutes of fumbling around for the switch,which i had turned on 100's of times, i saw her, or them i should say. In the rafters of the barn there were 6 datura plants that had women's hair but beetle faces, that were reaching down from the top with tentacles trying to grab me.

Soon after that vision, my friend(the good friend that he is) entered the barn to keep an eye on me. He said i was goin' on how he was working together with the plants in the rafters, and they all were trying to get me. The rest of the trip is so hard to remember, but i had the same match wriggling around experience numerous times after that. Can't remember much more, but i must say that datura has such an earthly feel to it that it made me feel like one with everything and everyone. The only thing that i remember about the next day was i was having god trips and i was being a jerk to my friend. I thought i was better than him and what not. He is still my friend so i know he's loyal especially considering how mean i was to him at times,but then i would always cry and say i was sorry,then as soon as i said that i would think i was god again and would start being a jerk. The 3rd day was kind of a half trip half recovery day.

The trip is so hard to explain so, bear with me. A deep sleep that included numerous lucid dreams,followed the 3rd day. I dreamed that i was at a hotel and was eating dinner with my parents. I went outside to smoke and a street gang attacked me. I immediately ran into the hotel only to find that everyone at the hugh dinner party had left. So, my next instinct was to get in the elevator and go to our room. But,instead of the elevator going to the room it went to the roof. Everybody was on the roof, when i joined my parents though,everybody turned into vampires and proceeded to drag me to a hugh cross and nail me to it and burn me alive. This dream was followed by many some i remember,some i don't. Overall i'd say though scary, the experience was interesting. I want to repeat it but maybe with a smoked version. Everyone that is experienced at tripping should try datura at least once(with a guide!!!) The biggest mistake i made was at the time of this experience i had only done lsd a couple of times and shrooms like twice so i wasn't too experienced. But i am now,and i think i could handle her powers now better than i did then.

P.S. To help pre-trip anxiety, try smoking a little of cannabis before you trip. That's all folks.

Exp Year: ExpID: 1817
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 14, 2000Views: 13,122
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Datura (15) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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