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A Late Summer NIghts Dream
Datura (Taken as Morning Glory)
Citation:   Estromer. "A Late Summer NIghts Dream: An Experience with Datura (Taken as Morning Glory) (exp58112)". Dec 27, 2007.

80 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
[Erowid Note: The author of this report uses the terms morning glory and moonflower interchangeably. These are in fact two different plants with different active alkaloids. While morning glory seeds contain LSA (a psychedelic), moonflower or datura seeds contain scopolamine and atropine, which are deliriants. Given the description of the seed pod and the effects, the substance here is almost certainly datura.]

I like to consider myself a very knowledgeable, and for the most part, responsible drug user. I know my limits and very rarely do I push them to the breaking point of blacking out and losing control of my bodily functioning (every other time but this I was drinking alcohol). But on this particular experience I tripped harder then I ever tripped on lsd, mushrooms, DXM, salvia, etcÖ Iíve experimented in large amounts with most substances Iíve used, but on my first encounter with Morning Glory I lived a dream for 4 1/2 hours and woke up 15 hours later only to find myself in my roommateís swim shorts and my other roommateís dress shirt flipped inside out. Never have I heard of anything this bizarre and just fucking weird then what happened to me two nights ago when a few of my friends came back from a chili peppers concert in Denver and saved me one pod from a Moonflower.

Iíve wanted to try morning glory for a while so when my friends told me about their crazy trip I seized the opportunity. I knew that if I wanted to extract the chemical it would take a while and Iíve heard of people eating them and still tripping so thatís what I decided around 7:40pm. I cut open the poky green pod and found not even 100 bright orange seeds. I thought they might need to be dried, but since S-dawg, Gaftsman, and Klawsnaut tripped balls in Denver by the same means of ingestion I figured I would be in the clear. I scooped all the seeds into my mouth and munched them up for about 5 min. until I was left with a nasty mush and swallowed it all down with Gatorade. With the amount that I took, I never expected that before I finally lay to rest that night, I would be wandering outside of my townhouse naked or taking sips off my bottle of Nivea Aftershave.

Twenty minutes after ingestion I noticed a slight difference in my perception. I was only able to notice the come up, which didnít stop, I never felt the come down because I was asleep during it. At first I was really pleased with how I was feeling but after about an hour of sitting around, watching tv, and bullshiting with my friends I begun to get irritated, partly because the effects werenít really increasing as much as I expected and partly because I had to piss, and couldnít. For the next hour I started getting a little worried because I felt like I needed to take a leak, but despite all of my attempts of turning on the sink, flushing the toilet, and pushing like hell I couldnít muster more then a few drops until 10:30-11:00pm when I felt absolutely horrible from having dry mouth and starting to feel almost nauseas. I also noticed my skin was a bright red color and felt extremely warm.

Because of the low intensity of effects I really didnít feel like being awake if I was just going to feel like shit all night and not experience anything more then a mild shift of perception, loss of some motor skills, and a few tracers. So I decided to hit the hay early and amazingly I was able to piss just before I went to bed. I took 5 mg of melatonin and laid down feeling uncomfortable and restless but eventually I succumbed to sleep (to the last of my conscienceís recollection). When I awoke at 7:00pm the next day I felt refreshed and more awake then Iíve felt in a long time. The night before I had the most vivid dreams Iíve ever had.

During these dreams there are several reoccurring themes that keep happening to me. Every time I would see Dirty Dís face he would ask me if I was doing alright and I couldnít understand why he would ask me that, because I felt fine, so I would look at him and say, ďYeah of course, why wouldnít I be fine.Ē I think he asked me that maybe 4-5 times getting more concerned each time, but every time I gave the same reply, or some other variation of the same. Another thing that kept pissing me off was that I fell down probably 5 times. All I remember is walking down my stair case, loosing my balance and stumbling/sliding before I would get to the bottom. I can remember one occurrence when I took 2 steps and rolled the rest of the way down the carpeted staircase, I donít remember any pain.

I would also try to sit down where ever it was I thought I was, but only hit the ground with a hard thud. I think I did that twice, looking around afterwards for the person who pulled my chair out, only to find that there wasnít even a chair and I was sitting on the floor outside my kitchen. This last recurring theme that happened was the one that freaked the fuck out of me and really brought me back to reality. I remember talking to quite a few people throughout the whole experience but not remembering what we were talking about most of the time. Three times, I was standing outside somewhere during the daytime and talking to 10-15 people (recognizing only some) about god knows what. All three times I would notice one person sticking out in the crowd and as I paid more attention to him he became clearer and clearer. He was tall and had dark hair. He looked so familiar but I just couldnít think of who this person was. When he was only a few feet away from me I could tell that his lips were moving and as I watched, I noticed his lips were moving as I was talking.

Suddenly it dawned on me like a wave of every feeling, good and bad, that I could feel. I was surprised, stunned, speechless, happy, scared, pissed off at my self, absolutely confused, and yet realized exactly what had happened. I was standing, shirtless in my bathroom talking to myself in the mirror. I repeated this 3 times getting more upset after each time of realizing what I was doing AGAIN.

Throughout my dream it seemed there was no chronological order to the events that were happening. Sometimes I would be standing outside on a grassy field or in a parking lot. Other times I would be in my apartment fiddling with something or standing in my closet looking for nothing. On one of my visits to the bathroom B-rod, one of my roommates, was watching me as I washed my hair with, what I thought I did at the time, was my bottle of aftershave. I only managed to rinse a little out of my hair before I dried off with a towel, so as my hair dried it became hard and crusty. As B-rod is still staring at me I pick up the real bottle of aftershave and just as the taste starts to fuck with my mouth B-rod takes it from me and scolds me like a dog, ďNO!Ē and Iím dumbfounded and sincerely clueless as to why B would do that, as if HE did something wrong. The last major event I clearly remember was only a seconds worth, but it was pretty significant. The only thing I recall is standing outside my walk-in closet and there were people everywhere in my room. I looked at my friend Gaftsman, and heís yelling/laughing at me to put some cloths on and I donít pay any attention to him at all.

There are other minor details about my dreams that I will touch on, but when I woke up the next day this is all I could consciously remember. Other than the vivid and weird dreams, I didnít think the morning glory did anything special, until I consulted my roommates. I woke up to S-dawg kicking the futon and I told him about the crazy dreams I had the night before. After I described most of the clearer parts of my dream S-dawg was already laughing his ass off as he stopped me and told me I wasnít dreaming. When I thought the dreams I actually remembered were fucked up, I was speechless, in disbelief, and almost frightened at the insanity that actually took place. Somehow, my entire trip, I was sleep walking.

I was told by 8 or so of my friends that I was incoherent and mumbling gibberish until almost 4:00am and even when I would manage to put a comprehendible sentence together I would say something completely irrelevant to anything they were asking me. S-dawg was yelling at me for throwing a whole roll TP in the toilet and I responded, ďI told you, I didnít take your cloths out of the dryer and set them on fire.Ē Throughout the night I continued to go to the restroom and as my friends and roommates began to understand the extent of how fucking gone I was, they started following and babysitting me a little closer. I was told at one point I was standing in the corner of my downstairs bathroom talking to two of my friends Seven and Gumby, another time in the upstairs bathroom, as I kneeled on my hands and knees and stared into the toilet bowl I told Philthy, ďIím playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted, and itís not good, because the cops keep getting me.Ē

All throughout the night I was seen moving my hands like I was playing with something, putting something together, or holding some object, even though I had nothing. I can see of myself doing that because Iíve woken up at nights thinking Iím holding something and search for it in my bed until I realize Iím dreaming. The only thing I remember that night similar to playing with objects that werenít there, was when I was laying in bed (no clue of what time it was) and I thought I had a cigarette in my hand, but when I couldnít find it I searched my carpet frantically looking for the butt, thinking I was going to set my room on fire. Earlier in the night I was standing at my kitchen counter messing with nothing and my roommate, JP, asked me what I was doing. Apparently I told him he needed to put a condom on an empty paper towel roll. I also told my friend CC, ďI need a pipe, but you can never find any good pipes in Africa.Ē Iíve never been out of the US.

I was also seen talking to CC in my closet by myself. Talking gibberish to random objects and people who werenít there was probably enough for my friends to handle, but as the night grew closer to morning I began to lose grip of physical reality, throwing judgment out the window and functioning only on extremely short term memory. I was told I could half-way answer questions if I only needed to say one word, but any more then that and I would ďadd my own shitĒ according to B-rod, traveling off on nonsense tangents and loosing track of where I was and what I was doing.

The night really started to go bad when I decided to take a shower. I donít remember a lot about it, but I can recall getting in and out of the shower with my cloths on quite a few times. I remember because I kept hitting my feet and shins on the metal tracks of the shower doors and stumbling forward, due to the change in ground height. When I finally got in the shower naked I stood there just peering over the shower doors at my friends, not saying a word and only rinsing my lower half, then got out, shampooed my dry head and washed it out in the sink. For the next twenty minutes I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was butt ass naked. Luckily everyone except Philthy (who I still canít remember even being at my house) and Gaftsman had gone to a party. They were both sitting in my room when I got out of the bathroom and I walked in dragging my towel. I went into my closet to change and came out, still naked and completely in another world. Gaftsman and Philthy were laughing their ass off at me and telling me to put some clothes on. Something finally must have registered, because I bent down, grabbed my invisible boxers at my ankles, and pulled them up, snapping the invisible elastic waist band to make sure they were on.

I was told that not once was I really aware that I was even fucked up. I walked around and did whatever I wanted without giving a fuck about what the people around me thought. I honestly donít remember one conversation or anything out of the ordinary in my behavior, but in actuality my behavior was anything but ordinary. After wandering my room naked for a while, I walked out of the room and downstairs leaving my friends crying in laughter. It wasnít until they heard the front door close when they realized how truly out of my fucking mind I was. I walked half way out in the street until Philthy finally grabbed me and got me to walk inside. Once safely inside they convinced me to put some cloths on so I just grabbed some I saw on the ground in front of the door.

There isnít too much more I remember after that, but I do remember JP coming back from a party with a bunch of people. Philthy, Gaftsman and I were sitting on the couch when they arrived and all I really remember is JP complimenting me on my clothes and laughing at how ridiculous I looked, out of my mind in blue flower swimming trunks and an unbuttoned inside-out dress shirt. I remember the cloths pretty clearly because I didnít understand why I was wearing them, but I accepted it anyways. I remember looking down at myself and noticing my shirt was unbuttoned a couple times, but because it was inside out and I didnít realized it, the shirt was simply impossible for me to button up. My shorts also confused me quite a bit, but I didnít worry too much about it because I thought I was dreaming. S-dawg said I was playing with my draw strings a lot and I remember it, but at the time I thought it was my cigarette and something was wrong with it. Iím not entirely sure when I finally past out. I thought I went to bed before midnight but apparently I was up until 4:00 am or so.

This trip was so completely different from anything Iíve ever experienced. There was no spiritual enlightenment or grand answers of understanding at the end of it all. Only a horrific feeling of confusion and a much greater appreciation and respect for the power of Nature and everything it creates. To be under the control of a force that powerful and not even realize it had affected me is truly humbling. I have full intentions of trying morning glory again someday, but Iím sure as hell going to dry out the seeds this time and DEFINATELY NOT USE A MOONFLOWER, because Iím fairly sure that was the reason I was soooooo out of my mind. I can handle traveling to weird organic worlds of spontaneous colorful forms and crazy creatures, because Iím aware of and understand what Iím perceiving and know Iím physically passed out in some unsightly, embarrassing position. But when I get pissed off at my roommates for stopping me from drinking aftershave, donít have the slightest idea that Iím walking around naked and canít even recognize my own face in the mirrorÖI know Iíve overstepped some fucked up boundaries of consciousness.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58112
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2007Views: 24,052
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