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Not Quite What I Had Expected
Datura (seeds)
Citation:   Barton. "Not Quite What I Had Expected: An Experience with Datura (seeds) (exp84372)". May 5, 2010.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 0:00   repeated insufflated MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   repeated insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 10 oral Datura (seeds)
  T+ 1:00 5 oral Datura (seeds)
  T+ 2:00 45 oral Morning Glory (seeds)
  T+ 2:00 25 oral Datura (seeds)
  T+ 4:30 30 oral Datura (seeds)
  T+ 5:30 90 oral Datura (seeds)
5th March 2010 First Datura Experience

I had recently procured 500 Datura Metel Seeds after randomly noticing them being sold on a botanical website for 3 pound, coming free with 80 morning glory seeds which I had tried before and had the utmost good time on. I remembered reading about Datura on a page about Psychedelics and what “Hallucination” Actually means. I’ve always been interested in psychonautic (I know its not a word :P) activities & this indeed did sound like an experience I had to have. I have been experimenting with drugs and more recently entheogens since I was about 14. I have tried Alcohol, cannabis, ecstasy, piperazines, mephedrone, temazepam, beta-blockers, salvia 20X, nutmeg, cocaine, speed, tramadol, morphine sulphate, morning glory seeds, butylone, methylone, DXM and multiple others that I can’t recall at this time.

After some healthy research and reading a lot of insane reports (Datura reports being quite a hobby of mine for a few days), I decided to buy the 500 seeds. They came 2 days later on Friday. There was a small party that night & I planned on keeping the seeds for an occasion where I had nothing at all to do for 3 days. That plan soon changed when my friend Cal came over to my house for a little pre-booze before the party.

I showed him the seeds & told him about a few trip reports & the history of usage. He wanted to dive in and try them. I warned him over and over that he probably shouldn’t seeing as he hadn’t tried any psychedelics before (besides weed, if you want to count it) and that this was very powerful. He was having a party the next night for his birthday and I thought he might not manage. But despite my warning he took 10 seeds, and I wasn’t going to let him do them alone, so I had 10 as well. Cal had no anxiety at this point as he had not read the terrifying reports I had read, I was anxious, worried when and if they would kick in. So let’s call this point of first ingestion 0.00, about 6.30pm. My time scale may be a bit messed up & a lot of the night is probably lost in my memory. We were in my room; my parents are fine with us drinking etc as long as we don’t go mad. Quite a big room, 5.1 speakers, most people sit on the 2 beds or the pc chairs.

T + 0.00 - 10 seeds ingested on a half empty stomach, followed by a line of mephedrone which I thought would probably take the edge off. I knew now this would not be the psychonautic, chill out session I had hoped to have on Datura.

T + 0.30 - My friend Ew came over to join the pre booze. We recently procured him his first ever ecstasy tablet which he asked me to half for him to try out. He ate it and then we suggested he tripped with us. He agreed half heartedly, and we gave him 10.

T + 1.00 – Cal was growing impatient. This was typical, like 2 years ago when we first tried Ecstasy, they happened to be very strong and after 20 minutes Cal got bored of waiting and ate 2, I joined him & whoosh! He asked for more, I gave him another 5 and told him to take it easy. I had another 5 myself as did Ew. Still drinking steadily at this point About 5 units down. About this time the rest of my friends came over. A friend lets call him Paw, pulled out an Ecstasy pill & cut it up giving me a line. At this point I feel anxious about the Datura as I was not expecting to try it. I gave Cal & Ewan some more because they were impatient despite my warnings. I waited a bit longer. Cal started to say the seeds were fake, he was annoying me at this point “Are you sure?” I said, “Here’s more then, dig in”. The faster he got there the sooner he’d shut up.

T + 2.00 - Ingested about 25 off seeds by this point. Wasn’t feeling much, mildly confused & just a bit all over the place, trying to keep things under control which don’t even need in control. By this point I’d had about 10 units of alcohol & I decided to cut some more lines of mephedrone for us all. I cut small lines just as little boosts at this point; I see no point in taking massive lines then wanting more like some fiend. I decided to count the morning glory seeds I got free with the Datura; there were 90, not enough for anything worth while I thought, so Paw and myself decided to down half each just for the sake of it.

T + 2.30 – I started to notice my mouth feeling very, very dry. This isn’t a usual thing with mephedrone I thought, I kept drinking booze & water, but it didn’t help at all. Cal & Ewan did not feel the dry mouth.

T + 3.30 – We arrived at my friend’s party in her flat. Dry mouth was still there but easily ignored. I was social easily enough. I spent some time walking about rooms talking to people, very right-minded but still anxious and a tad distracted because my current love-interest seemed to be in a bad mood. Lots of people were very interested in the seeds; they found it hard to believe that these tiny seeds could provide a powerful trip. My friend Chris wanted to try them, I gave him 50 flat out, I first tried morning glory seeds with this boy & Paw, he doesn’t like mephedrone or stimulants in general, so I thought he’d appreciate it. Cal kept asking for more, I gave him them, Ew was content on his pill so we left him to it.

T + 4.30 – Around about this time, Cal took a draw of and passed me an invisible cigarette, of course I had read about this in other reports, finally it had kicked in! I had not mentioned the phantom cigarette phenomenon to Cal before, nor had he read about it, this is also surprising because he doesn’t smoke. The seeds weren’t fake. I told him he passed me nothingness & he said “No way, I must have dropped it”. More from Cal later. In this hour I had drank up to about 15 units, had had another few lines of pill & mephedrone and ate about 30 more seeds. A friend was rolling a joint, and he prompted me to put some seeds in, I had 500, so I thought fuck it why not. We smoked it & we all decided it tasted like burning oak wood. Not much to say at this point, I’m too used to being drunk & full of mephedrone & pills to describe my thought process’s as anything other than “buzzing” I was dancing about the rooms talking to people, smoking, drinking, snorting and swallowing. I was certainly more disorientated than usual though. After this point time becomes too distorted and events are hard to put in order but I will try my best. If you’re reading & getting bored, the trip is still to come.

T + 5.30 – Around this point Chris and I took the rest of the seeds, Cal had had about 150 I would think. There was about 180 left (again I would think) A good size pile anyway. So we had about 90 just because we were bored of waiting & I had picked up the courage from all the alcohol and powder. We swallowed the lot. About half an hour I stood up and had no balance whatsoever, it was like the 2 from Fear and Loathing after Ether, like being very drunk, but I felt right-minded. After a while I think I regained balance, I remember doing handstands and cartwheels. Talking to Chris in the kitchen, his whole face turned into a big blur while I was up close, I realized the massive intake in a short period had worked well. When I closed my eyes I could see
vibrant dark purples and greens.

T + 7.30 These 2 hours are a blur, my friends say that myself & Cal were both talking to ourselves and making very little sense. It was like dreaming while awake. I remember a group of us getting down to our underwear and dancing on a bed to a circus type song on a video of a naked man in a horse head dancing while cooking mushrooms. Everyone’s face was a big blur up close. My friends also say I was talking away to a kitchen knife. Eventually around this time Cal broke a few glasses and a vase, the flat owner got angry and started kicking people out. I planned to stay there that night, but Paws girlfriend Raq, let me stay at her house.

It was a long walk and apparently I was quite a burden. I thought there were several other people with myself & Paw as we walked to Raqs house including Raq herself. I kept stopping to wait on them. I was picking up litter off the ground, random bus tickets etc thinking that they were bags full of cocaine and mephedrone & sometimes money. Paw tried to stop me but I was fascinated with all the things the ground had to offer. Back at Raqs house Raq found it hard to get me in bed because I was walking about her room intrigued. Paw said that I said something like “I’m trying to figure out what to do next.” I kept standing back up after lying down, there were electric bat-like horizontal lightening flashes flying around the room when Raq turned the light off. Eventually Raq had to tuck me in.

T + 11.00? – This is when I start to remember things again. When I started to wake up, If I was awake at all. And I’m very unsure about the timing. Raqs carpet which I was sleeping on had triangular designs on it, the triangles ranged from white to yellow and the texture seemed to mimic that of mephedrone powder. So I thought I was cutting lines, but I found it very hard to tell which triangle was the mephedrone if at all, I soon realized how silly I was to try cutting lines on a carpet. The triangles made up bigger triangles and I kept attempting to pick up these 2d triangles.

I kept hearing Paw (Who was in the same room sleeping) Talking. I also thought Ew had come back with us and was in the room, I had conversations with them, and kept saying “What” When I misheard, quickly realizing no one was even talking. This is when it started to peak. A few months ago Paw threw an alien baby (Sticky Silicon like toy alien) onto the ceiling where it’s been stuck there ever since. This alien baby turned into a massive centipede (about 10cm by 4cm) I didn’t know it was the alien baby at first. The centipede started crawling towards Raqs bed where she was sleeping with Paw. I was tempted to wake them up as I did not want to go back to sleep with this massive fucker crawling about. It seemed perfectly normal at the time that this was happening. 4 Spiders appeared 1 at each side of the centipede & all 5 insects were now on a spider web. The spiders engaged the centipede in an epic battle, lots of tactics were used but eventually the centipede won, I found myself cheering him on. He had taken over the spider web. At this point the centipede revealed itself as the alien baby, still moving along the spider web, eating each of the spiders in turn. Every time he moved he would bleed from the head. At one point he winked at me.

When Raq was awake I said something like “Did you know your Alien Baby is still Alive? He lives off the dead spiders on your ceiling” Now you’ve got to know that Raq & Paw weren’t too fussed about me tripping on the floor, a bit upset because I kept them awake with my nonsense occasionally, but there was no real bad vibes. I actually did consider at the time that Alien Babies were living silicon based life forms. The fact that Raq couldn’t see him move meant little to me at the time. After a while I found myself talking to someone on the phone, to open my eyes to see that my phone was not in my hand.

T + 13.00 After chilling for some time, without breakfast I left home to sleep & go through the process of feeling like shit for a while before going back out that night. However I wasn’t aware that I’d still be tripping. I walked to the train station. I felt as if my friends were around me all the time, it was like dreaming while awake, things and people would be there, then disappear. I realized when I pulled my phone out that I could not read anything up close, in fact, my whole phone had changed, the cover had several differences to it, weird additions that I could see but could not feel. The language had changed & all my contacts were spelled differently or had random words added to them.

I got to the station & there were a number of people around. Most noticeably a man standing under a lamppost with a clock attached to it. He was very tall. He said something that I couldn’t hear and I said very loudly “WHAT?” and he disappeared along with 2 others behind him. I felt bad how I have not been able to engage with these random made-up characters like others have been able to. I felt like I should be embarrassed about looking like an idiot talking to myself, but I barely cared. The area behind where the tall man was standing was a train station toilet, but I remembered later on, that this train station doesn’t have a toilet, or a clock for that matter.

When the train came, I got on and showed my pass to the ticket examiner (Or maybe I showed it to no one) I looked out the window for a bit and suddenly all the seats (5 or 6) were filled with people from my school which I left last year, I don’t remember the chats we were engaging in but I remember not wanting to talk to them and looking out the window occasionally to avoid eye contact, at one point when I did so, I turned back to see that they were all gone and that I had been talking to myself again. I turned round to see that none of the people (or possibly imaginary people) behind me were looking at me. I found none of this scary or unpleasant, I approach all things with an open mind and see no point in trying to fight the effects of anything I’ve put in my body.

After the 10 minute train journey, and a 2 minute walk to my house, I was home. I don’t remember if I talked to my mother when I came in, or anyone for that matter. But I quickly went upstairs. The next 7 hours I spent in my house prior to going out again was spent in confusion. I definitely had a shower, but have no recollection of it whatsoever. I turned on my computer and was on facebook. I realized how hard it was to type. Here is a post from 4pm :

“People keep coming into then they gradually disapear. Every few minues I hear whusper and turn around to see tne nist rabdin cybts. Occasionally I catch them out and ti fer rthe to stay. True enoughh. pretty sure some sort of thing in the corner is throwing bits of paper at me, bu t I can' find the peces. Keep thinking I see myt as welll.”

And then 15 minutes later:

“Some cunt shining a torch around e occcasionally. Aye have a shit one x” I was trying to explain that my friends from last night kept coming into my room and I could hear them talking around me, I would turn around and they disappear, or sometimes I would catch them out and they’d have to stay until I looked away again. Bits of paper kept landing on me, or flying past me, something invisible was throwing them at me, but I couldn’t find the paper lying around me, so I knew it wasn’t actually happening.'

Not sure If this was before or after the paper but I remembered a few days after the experience that I was using facebook on my mobile, this is possible but why I would ever do that on my shit phone is beyond me, I was probably confusing my laptop with my phone in the dream limbo.

I remember looking on the floor to see a small maggot squirming on my carpet. I still don’t know if it was real or not, but it is plausible. I remember thinking, shit I really need to detox my room somehow, this is a disgusting state of affairs. I’ve never had to deal with a maggot before, but my first instinct was to kill it while picking it up with a pen then putting it in the bin, and so I did, the pen didn’t work, so I used a pencil.

I was confused about what I was doing socially that night. The last two nights (Thursday and Friday) involved going to the same flat. I assumed for some reason that I was having people round for another pre-booze before going to the same flat, then to Cals 19th Birthday Party. Only the latter was true. I sent a wide range of undecipherable texts that my friends and I laughed about later. Cal kept coming into my room, I was expecting him to be coming round (he wasn’t really, I just imagined he was) I was angry because If he was to really show up, how could I distinguish him from his clone illusions. Whenever I was to be called the name on the phone for example “Annie Rossetta McComek is calling” would never correspond to who was actually calling.

Some of the names that appeared to be calling, I realized later I didn’t even know, or I have never had their number. This resulted in some embarrassing phone conversations with drug dealers and phone calls which I wrongly deemed to be pranks. I actually thought my phone was broken until late Sunday afternoon when I re charged my phone & realized my silliness. Around this time in my house I was also smoking imaginary cigarettes, remembering I had it in my hand whilst resting it against my lap and quickly jumping trying to avoid burning. I quickly realized I had no cigarettes, but ghostly memories were there of lighting up and the taste being in my mouth. Bizarre.

Somehow I had managed to get a plan, I was to get the next train to meet my friends in a park before going to the usual flat owned by Ana, and well I assumed that was what was happening in my still Datura induced haze. I noticed before I left my house that my computer desk had several Rainbow tinted drops of water on it. When I touched these bits of water my hand would go right through them, they would not move and I could not feel them. I experimented with them a bit, and discovered the only way to get rid of them was by flicking them with my finger, however some of them would not be moved by this process.

I had 10 minutes till the train. I came to the conclusion that they were germs and my room must be filthy, maggots and massive germs. I started to realize that these germs were reproducing through mitosis right before my eyes, rapidly taking over the desk, what an amazing thing to behold without a microscope I thought. I had 10 minutes to the train, if I left I would most certainly come home the next day to realize that my room had been taken over by these germs, I had to destroy them I realized. I went down and grabbed a cloth, bathroom spray and a bowl of warm water and started scrubbing at the ghostly dots. Some would just not go away. I realized the next day that the ones which would not go away were actually little chips taken out in my desk and the ones that did move were probably just crumbs or something of the sort.

The rest of the day/night consisted of basic confusion of what I was doing, and my perception of my phone still being a bit off. Later on, I got very drunk and stoned at Cals party, and the next thing I know I’m waking up in a park 20 odd miles away from Cals house at 2pm with two backpacks, 1 filled with spices including nutmeg. I had hazy recollections of walking through fields and around lakes attempting to hitch hike. I’m not sure if I can blame Datura for this. But it’s not as if I’m not used to this kind of thing happening. By then my vision was normal.


Looking back, I’m glad I had the experience, though I wish Cal hadn’t tempted me to try it on this one occasion. It is definitely a weekend to remember, and I would rate it as a positive experience. But would only recommend it to those who have a high level of self-awareness and I urge people to keep an open mind while trying Datura.

This experience happened last weekend (5th march 2010) and since then I have tried lower doses of Datura on the 11th and 12th. On the 11th the effects came on quicker, no hallucinations just confusion and mild anticipation, perhaps a slightly higher level of thought. Massive pupils and I felt really tired (I smoked some weed as well) I slept for 16 hours, very refreshing. The next morning I made a tea out of 50 seeds which put me in a mild state of delirium for the full day. By Saturday morning I had amazing closed eye visuals and felt very euphoric.

I have noticed since Friday that I can remember so many more of my dreams in finer detail, and the dreams seem to mean more to me. I have been lucky to not have a bad trip with any hallucinogens so far, and am looking forward to trying more, perhaps Datura again.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: May 5, 2010Views: 42,078
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Datura (15) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Various (28)

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