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Highly Recommended Clarity & Cubism Sofiowka H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2009 Mar 20
Highly Recommended Approaching the Other Dimension Suave H.B. Woodrose 2007 Aug 15
Recommended Ego Stripping Fleuriel H.B. Woodrose 2020 May 02
Recommended Overall It Wasn't Pleasant Psychexplorer H.B. Woodrose 2018 May 15
Recommended Constant State of Arrival Shadowmesh H.B. Woodrose, Meclizine & Cannabis 2017 Oct 10
Recommended Conspiracy of Yellow J. Alfred Prufrock H.B. Woodrose 2013 Aug 07
Recommended Re-Experiencing My Life Baby H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jun 19
Recommended Insanity: The Fear of Losing Control Azathoth H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jun 18
Recommended Creamy Garlic Dressing Terun H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Apr 09
Recommended Bliss Before the Madness Maiki H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2012 Jan 26
Recommended Wonderful, but Uncomfortable Mind For Rent 9 H.B. Woodrose 2010 Jan 20
Recommended Symbol of My Love Entheogen23 H.B. Woodrose 2009 Jun 20
Recommended Woodrose in the Woods Podofsky H. B. Woodrose 2007 Sep 24
Recommended The Full Spectrum Realwolf H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jun 25
Recommended The Void Spacehound H.B. Woodrose 2006 Dec 18
Recommended First Time *WOW!* EarthPrincess H.B. Woodrose 2006 Feb 21
Recommended Remembering my Basic Iconography Philbert MacAdamia Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 2005 Jul 26
Recommended Blissful octo H.B. Woodrose 2004 Dec 27
Recommended The Final Trip Inf1nity H.B. Woodrose 2004 Oct 19
Recommended Seizure-like Experience Dr. taint H.B. Woodrose 2003 Jun 10
Staring Into the Abyss PsychoSemantics H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jan 18
Nice Trip, Bad Side Effects Charleysez H.B. Woodrose 2018 Aug 26
Realized I Was Seriously Tripping Verin H.B. Woodrose 2018 Jun 21
Wonderful Yet Not Overboard UncleRemus H.B. Woodrose 2017 Nov 27
Juggling with Grand Canyon Vision Johnny Appleseed H.B. Woodrose & Selegeline 2017 Jul 10
First Psychadelic Experience - Very Intense TheAlchemist H.B. Woodrose 2015 Dec 07
A Cautionary Tale Ecco H.B. Woodrose 2015 Oct 28
The Horror! The Horror? Ace H.B. Woodrose 2014 Jan 08
Slowing Down Into Death M H.B. Woodrose 2013 Dec 17
Kensho JustMe H.B. Woodrose 2013 Nov 18
Very Intense B H.B. Woodrose 2013 Jul 21
The Highest of Highs Cameron H.B. Woodrose & Salvia divinorum 2011 Dec 05
The Infinite Mirror Psychonaut H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2010 Jun 13
The Natural Acid 0 Time H.B. Woodrose 2009 Oct 20
Pulled Out of Suicidal Depression TryptamineDreamer H.B. Woodrose 2009 Sep 28
Depression and Headaches Daytripper H.B. Woodrose 2009 Feb 04
A Malfunctioning Brain in a Bathtub Andrew H.B. Woodrose 2009 Jan 09
My First Experience in Psychedelia B (anonymous) H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2009 Jan 04
A Defining Night Sage H.B. Woodrose 2008 Mar 02
I Am Emerald H. B. Woodrose 2007 Dec 30
A Rollercoaster Ride At A Snail's Pace KeyKnee H.B. Woodrose 2007 Oct 16
The Mirror Game Mithrandir H.B. Woodrose 2007 Oct 01
Meat-Locker Experience Dr. gonzo H. B. Woodrose 2007 Sep 24
Overwhelming John H. B. Woodrose, Meclinzine, Caffeine & Ephedrine 2007 Sep 23
Great Move, Katya Nikolai H. B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2007 Sep 15
Mixed Feelings Desecration H.B. Woodrose 2007 Sep 05
Bad Place Special K H.B. Woodrose 2007 Jul 10
Talking to Myself Day Tripper H. B. Woodrose 2007 May 20
Insanity & Therapy Psychonaut H. B. Woodrose 2007 May 09
Not at All What I Expected Vanderbilt Spaceman H.B. Woodrose & Alcohol 2007 Jan 05
The Angel and the Tree Johnny Z. H.B. Woodrose 2006 Dec 01
The 'Anti-Drug' Drug The Rhubarb Kid H.B. Woodrose 2006 Nov 27
Death Can Do Better than This Zeus H.B. Woodrose 2006 Jun 24
Not for Me Milo H.B. Woodrose 2006 May 23
Test Run Stynkfish H.B. Woodrose 2006 Mar 23
Hell Vinzko P. H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2005 Nov 23
Odd anonymous H.B. Woodrose 2005 Aug 08
Losing Myself in a Flowing Stream LookingDistant H.B. Woodrose 2005 Jul 18
Unexpected and Positive Results VapourBoy H.B. Woodrose 2005 Feb 15
Easy to Pretend I Was a Spaceship no one H.B. Woodrose 2004 Jul 05
On the Brink of Insanity Trip Daddy H.B. Woodrose 2003 Feb 16
Riders On The Storm Anon H.B. Woodrose 2002 Dec 04
Waves of Joy & Lucidity Curious H. B. Woodrose 2002 May 01
Woodrose Ecstasy (My First Time) iJoe H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2002 Jan 10
LSA In The Forest FerrariDriver300 H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2022 Aug 07
Three Days Affected, Mentally and Physically Alice A H.B. Woodrose (extract) 2022 Feb 17
My New Friend Geurry H.B. Woodrose 2022 Jan 19
A Grinder in My Belly the rodent H.B. Woodrose 2021 Oct 12
Sunshine Daydream Phish Fan H.B. Woodrose 2021 Jan 22
I Just Wish I Had Gotten More Out of It F H.B. Woodrose 2020 Jul 01
Beautiful to Terrifying wandering H.B. Woodrose, Alcohol & Cannabis 2020 Jun 16
There and Back Again Nk H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2020 Jun 15
Respectful of This Mighty Seed TheMentor H.B. Woodrose 2020 Jun 03
Extreme Lethargy God Is Love H.B. Woodrose 2020 Jun 01
These Are Serious Business ariqs H.B. Woodrose 2020 May 29
Not Fun dontlikehbw H.B. Woodrose 2020 Apr 28
Overheating Unpleasant Proka H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2020 Apr 17
Altered States Downunder Mikey H.B. Woodrose 2020 Feb 02
Mental Collapse Nkoulou999 H.B. Woodrose 2020 Jan 21
Never. Ever. Again swim H.B. Woodrose 2019 Jul 10
My Living Room Turned Into a Hell Furnace Quetzalcoatl H.B. Woodrose 2019 May 26
Purged Orange Juice Through My Nostrils chef H.B. Woodrose 2019 Feb 14
Who Did I Become? Elliottkae H.B. Woodrose 2018 Aug 17
A Euphoric Surprise Rob H. B. Woodrose 2018 Jun 17
I Felt Like I Exploded kinny H.B. Woodrose 2018 May 21
Ho Hum Sudo Nim H.B. Woodrose 2018 Mar 16
The Orange Juice Cycles ThePoobaman_ H.B. Woodrose 2017 Aug 14
I Felt Extremely Sick Allison Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds 2017 Mar 29
I Should Have Done an Extraction dexnexus Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds 2014 Feb 21
Good Shit for 1 Trip iwonttell H.B. Woodrose 2013 Dec 29
Most Underrated Substance Ever Skien H.B. Woodrose & Clonazepam (Klonopin) 2010 Jan 20
Comparing Ichiro Dziendobry1 H.B. Woodrose & Energy Blend (Guarana, Ginseng & Various) 2010 Jan 20
The Inner Adventure Revolvmg H.B. Woodrose & Coffee 2009 Sep 16
Body Buzz, Mania, then Endless Thoughts DeltaHeavy H.B. Woodrose & Meclizine (Dramamine 2) 2008 Sep 16
The Wonders of the Dinner Table ZachM H. B. Woodrose 2008 May 21
Intense TV Wylson H.B. Woodrose 2008 Jan 12
Bumpy Ride Melon H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2008 Jan 09
The Good and the Bad Sekktor H. B. Woodrose & Cannabis 2008 Jan 08
Nice Except for Nausea LHS H.B. Woodrose 2008 Jan 03
Intense, Painful, and a Great Experience Korefuji H.B. Woodrose 2007 Dec 07

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