H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis
Citation:   Vinzko P.. "Hell: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis (exp19644)". Erowid.org. Nov 23, 2005. erowid.org/exp/19644

14 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
    repeated smoked Cannabis
This is a new experience for me. It was undoubtedly one of the most god-awful, terrifying experiences of my life.

On Thanksgiving Night, 2002, My brother, my cousin and I decided to party it up while my father was not home. We decided to ingest some of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds my brother got from an internet company. It was my first time with any sort of hallucinogen, I had only taken weed, speed and liquor before that. We began the night by taking the seeds. My brother took 8, Cousin took 6, and I took 14. We then smoked two bowls of really dense, really excellent blueberry chronic. While we were smoking, we were sucking on the seeds to soften them before we chewed and swallowed them. We did so and were feeling good and giddy, etc.. more talkative and awake than usual.

About a half hour later we go downstairs to eat some leftovers and watch Predator on the big screen. Everything was alright. I could definitely feel something else working in my body. About 20 minutes later, we paused the movie to go upstairs and smoke some more. We smoked about 4 or 5 more bowls of herb, and after I had finished smoking and was sitting in the circle with my brother and cousin, everything came crashing down. I thought about something, and then completely lost it. Immediately I sat up and said, 'HOLY FUCK... I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP, RIGHT NOW!!' I knew in my mind that there was no slumber to be had. I knew I was in the shit now... I knew everything was going to get worse before it got better. Something entirely negative washed over my head, but I can't explain it. I knew if I could just try and sleep, maybe I could get out of it. As my brother was asking what was wrong, I closed my eyes to see if there were any visuals. Sure enough, my vision became section into 16x16 blocks and these blocks swirled into whirlpools, which thus turned into worms. Not fun. I was in the grips of what was to be the most hellish and horrifying experience of my life.

I jumped up from the circle and rushed out the door and very carefully traversed the stairway into the house. I stepped into the fully lighted house, into the kitchen, and things started toppling in towards and away from me, I felt stretched out and very discombobulated. I couldn't control myself. My cousin and my brother came in and were yelling at me to clean up the kitchen. So I started saying, 'Not possible, I'm REALLY fucked right now.. I think I'm having a bad trip.' And they didn't care or whatever. So I got really forcefully angry and started yelling, telling them to back the fuck away from me because I was damaged. I remember trying to walk down my 20 foot hallway and it felt like no matter how fast I tried to walk, the hallway kept getting longer and longer and more skewed and disjointed. When I reached my room, I turned on the light and plopped on my bed on my side. Things were happening to me... I don't know what. I was seeing so many horrible things, so many disturbances. I felt completely detached from my body. I couldn't feel my hands. A million and a half thoughts were drilling through my mind, which I had felt I had lost.

I threw over the covers and jumped onto my computer to try to document what I was feeling on an aphex twin messageboard. My typing was completely unreadable except for key words like 'hell', 'ruined', and 'destroyed.' These words described me quite nicely. When I tried to type, my hands became see though and the only way I could guide my fingers to the keys was the fact that each key would turn pink as I ran my finger over it. I typed as I thought, my shoulders and arms not longer existed, as if my thoughts were transferred to the keyboard from my eyes, letter by letter.

I finally went into some sort of calm. Things slowed down a bit, I could focus more... things were still hellish and now everything was turning into the 16x16 swirls again.

Then I went almost numb. I could no longer see or feel. I was trapped. I felt like commiting suicide for the first time in my life. I am an atheist, but I was praying for my life. I was sincerely praying for everything to work out because at that point in the trip, there was only two feelings or thoughts or emotions I could experience.
Positive and Negative, Love and Hate, Good and Evil, White and Black, etc. when I touched something, it registered as a plus or a minus. I then searched for a razor because I thought I needed to end my life. I couldn't move. So I started thinking I would never recover, that I would be a vegetable or a raving psychotic.

I started to think about good things, like Disneyland, and I started to feel a little better, so I got up and walked into the living room, I lay down on the couch on my side, and watched Predator with my brother and my cousin. They weren't tripping badly, so they were my babysitters. They told me positive things, and one would think watching Predator would suck when tripping badly, but it ruled... it was friggin awesome. I couldn't make anything out on the screen but a bunch of plants and green with no depth of field. I needed to arrange a cushion in front of my eyes for some reason to block the screen at some point because I wanted to rest my eyes but I didn't dare close them. So I just stared at this couch cushion and the green halo of the TV. Then I came down so quick.... I just felt then I had smoked some more weed. I felt so pleasureable... So excellent after coming down.

I might do it again... but defintely less than 6 and I won't smoke weed with it either. I was trying to overcompensate for my body-size, taking the 14 of them.. but I guess the mind is basically the same size in everyone...

Stay safe

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 23, 2005Views: 18,400
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