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The Orange Juice Cycles
H.B. Woodrose
by ThePoobaman_
Citation:   ThePoobaman_. "The Orange Juice Cycles: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp109585)". Erowid.org. Aug 14, 2017. erowid.org/exp/109585

T+ 0:00
10 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 8:45   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Me and a best friend/lover, R, took some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds one day over spring break at our dorm. Very few other people were still on campus, so we decided to take advantage of our privacy and take a fairly strong dose. I took 10 seeds, she took 8. We fasted for 12 hours before eating the seeds and cleaned up her dorm room (where we spent most of the trip). We did not peel the shells or do any sort of extraction. I am writing this a few days after the trip, so Iíll try to summarize the events.

T - 0:15
We begin chewing the seeds. R finds the flavor ďearthy and nauseating.Ē I donít taste much, perhaps a faint flavor of peanut.

T+ 0:00
We finish chewing up the seeds and wash them down with some water. Overall, Iíd say it took about 15 minutes for us to finish them. They werenít that hard to get down.

T + 0:20
I have prepared a spliff to smoke, R is starting to feel a bit nauseous (she said her nausea began immediately after finishing chewing the seeds). I ask her if she wants to hit the spliff, but she refuses, out of worries that the smoke will only make her more nauseous. We decide to wait to go out and smoke a little bit longer.

T + 0:45
We are lying in a field a few blocks off campus, smoking in the sunlight. I begin to feel very sedated and sleepy, and Rís nausea gets much worse (she will not stand up because she fears she will vomit). I finish the spliff and donít feel very stoned at all, but I am definitely getting very mild OEVs (lots of tracers) and the sedation is getting stronger by the minute. R also feels very sleepy.

T + 0:55
We sit in the field for quite a while. R closes her eyes, still feeling sick. We lie on one another and cuddle in the warm sun. I am feeling an upset stomach too, but I have never thrown up on a psychedelic before, and I tell myself Iím not going to let it happen today. I instead choose to watch a swarm of insects fly around a tree, watching them draw tracers by flying around a tree branch.

T + 1:00
We definitely picked a day that was too hot to go outside on, at least on drugs. It was maybe only as hot as 80 degrees (Fahrenheit). I am very tired and want to go lie on Rís bed, so I tell her I am leaving. She doesnít want to leave, so I agree to stay with her for a little while.

T +1:10
I get bored and head back anyway, telling her I need to go inside. As I walk, I realize how high I am. The visuals are still mild, but the sedation is really intense. I can barely walk. I decide to sit down under the shade of some trees. Iím less than a block away from campus, but I simply canít make it back in one trip.

T + 1:20
I think I may have fallen asleep briefly beneath the trees. I realize R is probably in a similar state as me, if not worse. I decide I need to go rescue her from the field.

T + 1:25
It turns out R had the same idea. I run into her on the way back to the field; she is walking back to campus. I ask if she wants to lie down in the shade I had been resting in. She agrees. Her nausea is worse than ever, she says.

T + 1:30
R vomits multiple times as a suburban mom walking her dog goes by. I am thoroughly amused. R is not. Fortunately, because we fasted beforehand, she just vomited up a little bit of water and some of the seeds followed by a few dry heaves.

T + 1:40
We rest for a bit and make it back to campus. Rís bed is extremely comfortable, but her room is swelteringly hot and awful. We lie sprawled out on blankets on her floor, the door flung open and the window as wide as it will go (there is no AC yet in the dorms) in a desperate attempt to cool off the room.

T + 2:00
I begin to nod off and fall into a dreamy half-sleep for a while. I donít feel very nauseous any more, just extremely tired and (pleasantly) sedated. It feels somewhat like an opiate.

T + 3:00
I am slightly disoriented and awaken very suddenly with a great surge of energy. R is asleep. I mumble something about buying orange juice and grab some quarters and dollar coins (which I donít think the vending machine acceptsÖ) to go to a vending machine on the first floor of our dorm. I am immediately hit by an immense wave of sedation and crawl onto the bed and fall into the dreamy half-sleep for a bit.

A cycle establishes itself at this point. Hereís how it went:
I awaken with a big rush of energy, thirsty and craving orange juice
I count out my coins and tell R I am going to go buy orange juice. Depending on her level of awareness/consciousness, she either responds with a weak affirmation and expresses desire for some of the orange juice or doesnít respond.
I stumble around as another wave of sedation hits me, confused and moving around furniture.
I crawl into the bed or onto the floor and fall into the half-sleep until the pattern repeats again.

This cycle went on periodically for about two hours, with 30-45 minutes between each cycle. It happened 3 or 4 times, I donít remember exactly. R remembers it happening at least twice, but she was asleep for at least one of the cycles.

T + 5:00
I awaken, this time permanently. Believing I am trapped in the cycle and will never escape, I ask R to get me the orange juice. I reason that she has vomited up the seeds and is probably sober enough to handle going downstairs, or is at least more sober than I am. She seems more lucid than I am, and she goes downstairs.

T+ 5:05
I feel extremely euphoric and happy looking at the waning sunlight out of the dorm window. I am glad I am awake enough to finally enjoy the drug. The ceiling is melting and morphing the same way it does on LSD, but with a bit less intensity. I donít know if this was a result of the dose or if LSA/HBWR seeds are simply less visual than LSD.

T + 5:10
The door is open. I hear R coming toward the room, then a heaving noise and a splash. This is quickly followed by a moan and a second heaving noise and a splash. I drag myself out of bed and help her into the room, avoiding the pools of vomit in the hallway. She does not have any orange juice. She said she went downstairs, discovered the vending machine didnít accept 5$ bills, and felt sick. She went up the elevator, but the upward motion made her stomach feel even worse. She couldnít hold it in long enough to make it to the bathroom and thus threw up in the hallway.

T + 5:15
I offer to help R clean up, but she declines. While she cleans, I sit and enjoy myself, again watching the sunlight outside the window. I feel very happy in spite of the relatively bad trip. Visuals remain mild but present. This was probably the best part of the trip.

T + 6:00
I can feel the waves of sedation getting weaker. R is recovered and no longer nauseous at all. We both drink some water and get ready to go buy groceries.

T + 7:30
Going to the grocery store was horrible. It felt like a monument to sick hyperconsumerism, with brightly colored brands screaming from the shelves to buy, buy, BUY! R felt the same way. I also got confused while trying to check out; the elderly clerk paused for about 15 seconds to take a break and simply sat there, staring off into the distance. I was completely thrown off by this and embarrassingly started scanning my own items, figuring that was the way it was done. He growled that this was ďnot self-checkoutĒ to me and started scanning the items himself. My face got red with shame and I apologized profusely and we left the store as quickly as possible. The effects of the drug were more or less worn off, but there were slight lingering psychological effects that made the embarrassment and anxiety much worse than it would have been sober.

T + 8:30
We cook dinner and go out to smoke a few bowls of good weed before eating. Dinner was delicious. I went to bed a few hours later with no problem. I woke up the next morning completely sober and with no after effects.

Despite the fact that I was only coherent/awake for 25% of the trip, I think it was a worthwhile experience with a few minor (but still profound) realizations about life. The realizations were not worth the nausea and sedation (the sedation was really quite uncomfortable until about 5 hours in).

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109585
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Aug 14, 2017Views: 1,075
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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