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Overheating Unpleasant
H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis
by Proka
Citation:   Proka. "Overheating Unpleasant: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis (exp113495)". Apr 17, 2020.

T+ 0:00
5 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
  T+ 2:00 3 seeds buccal H.B. Woodrose  
  T+ 4:00 3 hits smoked Cannabis  


My first time trying HBW was pretty interesting experience, it was yesterday and I decided to write a trip report to give something back and also to remember. Overall it was good but it also had one dark moment. I have done 20+ hours of research reading various trip reports before jumping into my own.

Little bit my background: 29 yo, live in mid-EU, experience with a lot of weed, 20x or so DMT, 9x MDMA, 2x mushroom trips and 1x salvia (which I didnít like). Prior to this night, I had taken no drugs for 3 months. My mindset was quite good, expecting a good night.

I purchased the seeds from some Netherlandís e-commerce. I am renting an office in town and work as a developer there alone so before I went home, I prepared 5 seeds (cleaned up) and invited a friend to come over. He was going on vacation with another friends next day early in the morning. I briefly told him about the effects of the seeds and if he wants to try them with me. We are childhood friends and kinda trip buddies, we did MDMA together few times already. Anyway, I went home to spend some time with my family and then notified my wife that I am going to the pub, which I usually use as an excuse to stay in the office overnight and trip on whatever substances. She is always really pissed when I ďgo to the pubĒ and yesterday, she even told me if I go, I should also bring a papers with me. Not the first time she is saying that, so I didnít make much of it.

I jumped in the car and drove to a supermarket to get us both a lot of food, which will play a role in another part of the story. Then I picked up my friend and went to the office.

T: 00:00 We each drank 5 seeds smashed and soaked in distilled water for around 3 hours. It was 9:30pm. We did not drink the seeds, just the water.
We did not drink the seeds, just the water.
We went out to chill a little bit, it was pretty warm - around 23-25 degrees C. We went to a nearby park where we sat and waited. I took 3 extra seeds for each of us in case nothing will be happening. I am always prepared and carrying more drugs with me :)

T:02:00 Still nothing, I am getting disappointed at this point, so we decided to chew 3 extra seeds and swallow after having them for about 15 minutes in the mouth.

T:03:00 We are sitting at our townís train station and starting to get little bit dizzy and tired. We decided to walk back to the office. My friend had a leg cramp and I was feeling slightly drunkish. When we arrived to our office, effects started to kicking in even more. I was super relaxed, I had almost no nausea, but I also couldnít move. I tried to stand up, but my stomach was feeling really weird so I couldnít. My friend managed to get himself to a table where we had some weed and vaporiser. He was on the chair just pushing himself with the legs across the room.

T:04:00 We smoked little bit of weeds. We both had around 3 hits from the vaporiser and it hit us really hard. To get to this state while sober, I need at least 2-3 refills (or 10-13 big hits). It was feeling really good, then I decided to play him a youtube video ďTimelapse of the UniverseĒ, which totally astonished me recently. I hope he didnít mind watching it. We at least had a plan what to do and the trip continued.

T:04:30 After watching the video, I really needed to pee. I actually needed to pee for most of my trip. I stood up and realised the whole world is twisting like a wave. It was a similar mushroom or a drunk state, but not exactly. I really donít like drunk state, I donít drink at all, but this was not that bad.

I also realised I am really hungry, my last meal was 9 hours ago. I took some of the food I bought us and laid into the bed. I tried to eat but everything was really hard to swallow. I only managed to pour some milk into my throat which helped me for some time.

I started to get some COVís and also some mild EOVís. It was really nice, although I wish it would be more vivid / extreme.

My hearth rate was 100 when laying down, so +30-40 above the normal value.

At this point of peaking, I almost could not speak! It just was possible, but it was super hard. It was fun at the same time.

T:05:00 After some while I started to feel better, a really slow comedown has started. I managed to eat a banana. As I was feeling I can eat already, I also ate croissant, some chocolate and few other things.

I lied down and tried to listen to some music, but it was not really that amusing. My friend also didnít have much of a joy in playing his own music.

So we just laid on a couch, enjoying the feelings - at least I did.

T:06:00 We decided to get some rest because my friend was going on vacation in a few hours. We spread the couch and tried to get some sleep. This is when the interesting part starts. I started to feel hot, reeeeally hot. It was coming up for 30 minutes and during that, I first took off my jacket, then my pants, then the t-shirt, socks and when there was nothing on me except my underwear, I started to sweat like shit and run to the bathroom basically naked. Imagine, we are in a big office building where there is a shared bathroom on the floor and the walls to the outside are glass. So I was running to the bathroom, naked, while exposed to the street. Luckily, there is no security camera on the floor and it was late night. Anyway, I threw up all the food I ate an hour ago and covered in sweat I was lying next to the toilet on a cold floor which was actually helping. After few minutes I started to feel much better. I took a t-shirt and cleaned the toilet and its surroundings. Drank some water to help my body function and went to sleep.

T:09:00 In the morning (6am), my friendís friends were calling him on the phone telling him that they are in front of his house waiting for him to come down and hit the road for the vacation. Well, he was lying next to me, a few miles away, had slept for just few hours after tripping on HBW. He is actually the kind of person who you would expect this from.

I then slept for another 3-4 hours. I had no hangover or unpleasant feelings apart from slight headache, which passed by the evening.

- It was interesting how both of us had different intoxication symptoms, all of them however described in various reports. I couldnít speak, move or eat, and had cold-like symptoms, he had a leg cramp and was better in eating, speaking and moving. Perhaps I think I was more intoxicated - he had two beers during the waiting, so that might have had an effect on this. Plus his last meal was 1.5 hour before the trip, mine 3.
- I think that the first 5 soaked seeds worked, but I am not sure. The effects might be just out of the 3 seeds we ate.
- A little bit of weed during the come up is really good!
- I think my body started to metabolizing the food so quickly and was unable to use the energy. Maybe that is why I had these feelings of sweating and overheat. I hope if I avoid eating too much food next time, it will be better. I will eat something during the come up to have an energy.
- Feeling really nice and tripping was for around 2.5 hours period.

I really liked the seeds, I will definitely try some more in the future.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113495
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Apr 17, 2020Views: 365
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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