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Very Highly Recommended Confessions of a Middle-aged Ecstasy Eater Anonymous MDMA 2007 Feb 06
Highly Recommended A Whole Different Book Anonymous LSD 2006 Apr 21
Highly Recommended Easy on the Head with Nice Visuals Anonymous 2C-D 2004 Jun 22
Highly Recommended A Victim of Himself Anonymous 2C-I 2004 Jan 27
Highly Recommended A Profound Inaugural Experience Anonymous Opium 2003 Mar 09
Recommended 7 Grams of Pure Insanity Anonymous Mushrooms 2022 Aug 22
Recommended Reality, Plus One Anonymous Methamphetamine 2021 May 28
Recommended Love and Appreciation, Beauty and Ecstasy Anonymous MDMA 2018 Apr 30
Recommended A Trip to the ICU anonymous MDMA 2017 Aug 28
Recommended Skating Through the Fractal Trees anonymous LSD, 4-AcO-DMT, MDMA & Nitrous Oxide 2017 Jul 09
Recommended Good Girl On... Anonymous Amphetamines (Adderall) 2016 Oct 04
Recommended Let Me Out of This Spaceship So I Can Puke anonymous Cannabis Tincture 2016 Aug 14
Recommended Pure Bliss Anonymous 1P-LSD & 4-HO-MET (with Piracetam, l-Theanine & Cannabis) 2015 May 02
Recommended Alert, Happy and Retentive Anonymous Modafinil 2014 Jan 06
Recommended Traumatizing Experience Anonymous JWH-250 & JWH-019 2013 Jul 28
Recommended A First Time Rollarcoaster Ride Anonymous 25C-NBOMe 2012 Dec 25
Recommended Touched by the God Particle anonymous DMT & Cannabis 2012 Oct 19
Recommended Most Devilish Powdered eVil Anonymous MDPV 2011 Apr 30
Recommended Powerful Beyond Belief Anonymous DMT 2010 Oct 27
Recommended Body Load Psychedelic Anonymous 5-MeO-DALT 2010 Sep 08
Recommended Unexpected Synergy or Simply Too Much Anonymous 2C-I & Methylone 2008 May 07
Recommended Experiencing a Higher Power Anonymous LSD & Alcohol 2007 Jul 29
Recommended Party Ended In Intensive Care Anonymous Methamphetamine 2007 Jul 02
Recommended Edge of Our World Anonymous Diphenhydramine 2007 Jun 19
Recommended I Feel Like Me for the First Time in Years Anonymous Modafinil 2007 May 31
Recommended Psychedelic Nightmare Anonymous LSD, MDMA & Cannabis 2007 Apr 19
Recommended Mixed Experience Anonymous Venlafaxine (Effexor XR) 2007 Mar 06
Recommended From Bliss to Insanity, and Back to Reality Anonymous Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Mar 02
Recommended It's Beautiful Insanity Anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2007 Feb 13
Recommended Made Us Closer Anonymous LSD 2007 Jan 21
Recommended Non-abuse Over Time Anonymous Amphetamines (Dextroamphetamine) 2006 Nov 28
Recommended I Can't Escape the Patterns Anonymous Morning Glory 2006 Aug 27
Recommended The Juice Teacher Anonymous DXM 2006 Aug 07
Recommended Magic Carpet Musical Bed Ride Anonymous DXM 2006 Aug 07
Recommended Explosion Is Not Like MDMA anonymous Explosion (Methylone?) 2006 Jul 05
Recommended Strange Unwanted Trips Anonymous Tryptophan - L-Tryptophan, Cannabis & Alcohol 2006 Jun 19
Recommended 25 Years of Addiction Anonymous Tobacco - Cigarettes 2006 Jun 18
Recommended Life Ruining Three Months Anonymous DXM 2006 Jun 13
Recommended Lovely and Demonic Anonymous Amphetamines (Adderall) 2006 May 26
Recommended Once In Awhile, Maybe Anonymous Methylphenidate 2006 May 25
Recommended A Factor in Focus Anonymous Piracetam 2006 May 19
Recommended That Which Is Not Subject to Causality Anonymous Amphetamines (Dexedrine) 2006 May 06
Recommended Between Rachmaninov and Strongbad Anonymous Cannabis 2006 Apr 14
Recommended My First Bad (and Very Last) Trip anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2005 Dec 14
Recommended Sensual Rushes, Next Time Hide the Gin and Tonic Anonymous 5-MeO-DIPT, Alcohol 2005 Dec 08
Recommended Discomfort Anonymous Piperazines (BZP & TFMPP?) 2005 Nov 29
Recommended Turbo Orgasm ^10 Anonymous Diphenhydramine 2005 Oct 03
Recommended Histamine No More? anonymous Salvia divinorum 2005 Sep 28
Recommended Not As Much As I Thought Anonymous Salvia divinorum 2005 Sep 28
Recommended Trouble With The DEA? Anonymous Mushrooms 2005 Sep 17
Recommended Profound Realization of Joy Anonymous Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis 2005 Jun 10
Recommended Successful but Mild Anonymous San Pedro 2005 May 31
Recommended Up All Night Long in the Amazon anonymous Brugmansia 2004 Dec 15
Recommended Should Not Have Dosed Again Anonymous AMT 2004 Nov 28
Recommended Separation From Self Anonymous Venlafaxine (Effexor XR) 2004 Nov 16
Recommended Propylthiophenethylamines for Beginners Anonymous 2C-T-4 & Cannabis 2003 Jun 24
Recommended I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream anonymous 5-MeO-DiPT 2003 Mar 19
Recommended Ungodly Constipation Anonymous Tramadol (Ultram) 2002 Jun 25
Recommended Music Was Broken Anonymous DiPT 2002 May 12
Recommended Deja-vu Anonymous Salvia divinorum (5x extract) 2001 Dec 25
Recommended Salvia and Sleep, Warning Anonymous Salvia divinorum 2001 Dec 18
Recommended Making DXM a Useful Inward Focusing Drug Anonymous DXM & MDMA 2001 Aug 19
Recommended Was it Really MDMA? Anonymous Unknown (sold as Ecstasy) 2001 Jan 23
Recommended 1st Time 2C-T-7 Experience Anonymous 2C-T-7 2000 Oct 10
Recommended Very Powerful Ally Anonymous Mushrooms - P. weilii 2000 Sep 14
Recommended Dependence is a Bitch Anonymous Amphetamine (Adderall) 2000 Sep 08
Recommended Switching Realities Anonymous Salvia divinorum 2000 Jun 26
Recommended Distortions Anonymous Nitrous Oxide 2000 Jun 26
Recommended Zap! The Noise Anonymous Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2000 Jun 24
Recommended Morning Glory Notes Anonymous Morning Glory Seeds 2000 Jun 24
Recommended The Methcathinone Project Anonymous Methcathinone 2000 Jun 14
Recommended Sunday Night Embraced by IT-290 Anonymous AMT & GHB 2000 Jun 12
Meeting With the Forest Spirit anonymous Magic Mushrooms 2023 Feb 02
A Salvia Expedition Anonymous Salvia divinorum (10x extract) 2022 Dec 01
Tuberculosis and Date Rape Anonymous Zopiclone 2021 Aug 14
A Bad One Anonymous LSD & Cannabis (extract) 2021 Apr 22
My Desk Was a Life Raft Anonymous Salvia divinorum 2021 Jan 20
The Eye of Horus Anonymous DMT 2020 May 14
Ego Loss, Some Insanity--but a Lesson Learned anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2020 Jan 19
Positives & Negatives Especially Sexual Anonymous Lisdexamfetamine 2019 Aug 01
Stronger Than Expected Anonymous Buprenorphine / Naloxone (Suboxone) 2019 May 31
Untreated Mental Illness Anonymous Methamphetamine 2019 Apr 08
Nice but No Ecstasy Anonymous MDMA 2019 Feb 07
Much More Than a Scary Movie-Level Horror Anonymous Clonazepam & 4-AcO-DMT 2019 Jan 27
Speed For Days Anonymous Amphetamines (Adderall) 2018 Oct 20
The Worst Experience Imaginable Anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2018 Sep 12
Ego Death Nightmare Anonymous AL-LAD & Cannabis 2018 Mar 07
Surprisingly Vivid Experience Anonymous Zolpidem 2017 Sep 27
Neglected Set & Setting, Got Put in My Place Anonymous Mushrooms & Cannabis 2017 Sep 08
A Marching Band, A Bus, and 2C-B Anonymous 2C-B 2017 Sep 02
Everything Was Out to Get Me Anonymous NBOMe Series Compound (Presumed) 2016 Nov 05
I Think I Tasted Heaven anonymous Oxycodone, Methoxetamine & Cigarette 2016 Mar 11
A Couple's Experience Anonymous Ephenidine 2016 Feb 15
The Day AM-2201 Ruined My Life Anonymous AM-2201 2015 Aug 11
Confused and Anxious anonymous JWH-210 and& UR-144 2015 Aug 03
First Time Low Dose anonymous AL-LAD 2015 May 06
New Year's Eve Candy Flip Anonymous LSD & MDMA 2013 Nov 25
Wow...Awesomeness Anonymous Adderall 2013 Jun 16
Nuances of the Mind Anonymous Mushrooms 2013 May 20
A Wonderful Evening With Beautiful People anonymous Methylone 2013 Apr 29

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