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Made Us Closer
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Made Us Closer: An Experience with LSD (exp35542)". Jan 21, 2007.

1 oral LSD (cookie / food)


My girlfriend and I have been exlusive, and in a serious relationship, for a good long while now. At the time (about two months ago, in May 2004) we'd been dating seriously for about 11 months, almost a year. I love her more than I love life itself. I'm most definitely what they call 'the romantic type', and she is pretty moderate in that department compared to me, but definitely has some 'romatic' qualities to her.

I waited to submit this, because this experience is very personal to me and very personal to her. Neither of us have ever even told someone in person about this in great detail (all we've really said was, 'We tripped together on acid, and it was simply amazing,' and all that kinda basic jazz).

Having had some experiences with tripping, and having found her to be someone I've become very, very close to, our plan was to trip together on LSD. I've done mushrooms a few times, and acid twice before this trip. I've also got a lot of drinking experience under my belt, and of course have smoked lots of weed. Out of all the things, acid is my favorite and easily the one I find most euphoric. My girlfriend had taken mushrooms twice before, and she wanted to try acid after all the stories I'd told her about it, so she tried acid (and I was with her for some of her trip, and she handled it perfectly and enjoyed it like I did). She told me how she felt about it, and obviously she knew how I felt about it.

Our objective was to have a romantic, LSD-induced experience together. We both know that the mindset, setting, etc. are all very key factors in the trip. Anyway, onto the story. We have good friends out there, often with connections, so if anyone is curious, it was with one sugarcube each, which we were told was 'very potent'. I got two from a friend I know I can trust to give me exactly what I need. The dose turned out to be perfect, like this entire trip turned out to be. My girlfriend and I dosed about two hours after breakfast, at about an hour 'til noon or so. Our plan was to start off listening to music together, have a romantic dinner, and possibly go to the local park at a time when we can be alone later on.

We were just listening to music right after we dosed, and I knew pretty quickly that the acid was better than I experienced before (certainly was much more potent). We were sitting on a couch, holding hands, with the lighting as dim as it could've possibly been during a considerably sunny day in the broad daylight (it is pretty dark inside the house naturally). We had some tapestries on the wall, and they gradually became a little more vibrant. The music became more vibrant. My girlfriend is very beautiful, and I can honestly say that she really is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and she was also becoming more vibrant in my vision and mind. I told her how I was already starting to feel it and she said she felt the same way.

Now, I always had felt connected to her, more than anyone else in this world, but on acid, it was REALLY intense. It might even be the most intense I've ever felt in my life. I really can't describe it exactly as I was feeling it. The music, also, made it a lot more intense. I felt like acid had brought me to a very small, euphoric, perfect, but temporary world which only her and I had been occupying. Not just physically, but mentally; I wasn't even thinking about anything or anyone in this world but her. Never in my life have I felt so close to someone. Peter Gabriel, who had some songs we were listening to at the time, said something along the lines of, 'Sometimes, you will see a couple so close together that it becomes hard to distinguish which one is which...and between the two, their two worlds become one, in what we can identify as the Secret World...' for the track 'Secret World' on his Growing Up Live Tour. This applied perfectly to the experience.

It was bizarre, how I knew we both were feeling the same way, but it was all perfect. The word 'high' is a rather genuine way to describe it. It was the ultimate high. It justified my having lived my life up to that point, and living afterwards to have the memory in my head for the rest of my life.

We began to make love, which has never, before or since, for me OR her been either more intense, more euphoric, or more amazing. Afterwards we held each other very closely, and talked about how we BOTH had NEVER felt so happy or so 'high' or 'ultimate' in our lives. Right when I was about to say it, she told me that it was the best experience of her life, and if she had died tomorrow, she would do so having a life that she'd never trade for anything in the world because of this experience. I'll never forget the words.

I hesitated, because I was amazed, because I understood her perfectly even though all she could use was mere words to describe an obviously immense, ineffable experience. One cliched way of portraying romance in movies and such is to say, 'Words can never encompass the real depth of what I feel for you,' or something along those lines. It was EXACTLY how we both felt. But we still managed to understand each other. I then told her I felt exactly the same way and that I need nothing more in this world, and no matter what exists outside of the experience that we have essentially created here, I don't need anything else except her beautiful face right with me.

We did end up going to the park as soon as it got dark out, and went to as secluded a place as possible. Fortunately, it was warm enough out :). We made love again. We even slept there for the night, with only blankets to wear (it was reasonably private because it's surrounded by foliage and trees and such).

She woke me up at about 6:00 AM and we figured it might be a good idea to get up and get dressed. We did so and assessed over breakfast how amazing an experience we just had, and how awesome it was that we'd have it for the rest of our lives. She and I have since never been closer or imagined ever being closer to another human being.

I'm not too far removed from popping the question in the same spot in the park. I cannot imagine ever leaving her. And this experience has completely solidified her in my mind as the only person, only thing in this world I will ever need. The acid was amazingly perfect. The weather was amazingly perfect. Everything came together perfectly. Absolutely nothing went wrong.

Perhaps nothing ever could.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35542
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2007Views: 26,225
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