Magic Carpet Musical Bed Ride
Citation:   Anonymous. "Magic Carpet Musical Bed Ride: An Experience with DXM (exp48790)". Aug 7, 2006.

  repeated oral DXM (liquid)
My most recent and pleasant experience with DXM occurred last night. But first I will give you some background on my previous DXM experiences.

In the past I have taken 100ml of Robitussin DX (300mg DXM) three times, and 200ml Robitussin DX (600mg DXM) once.

The 100ml sessions were average. A zonked out experience, with no real visual or auditory hallucinations, and the funny robot walk effect. My pupils became fully dilated, and the overall experience was not unpleasant.

Then about 6 months ago I drank a whole 200ml bottle alone in my room (600mg DXM), WOW!

At around 11pm I downed the bottle and waited, chatting to a friend online for about half an hour. I soon started feeling euphoric and noticed that the screen was becoming harder to read. I decided to turn off my computer and retire to my bedroom.

I had set up a music CD beforehand with songs that I thought would be interesting to listen to while tripping. I lay on my bed in the dark with my headphones on, and had a blue glow stick with me to see what it would look like on DXM. It began. I closed my eyes and realized that I was no longer in my room but outside in my garden facing some pine trees that were in my back yard (I was aware that I was still lying on my bed, almost like I was traveling around on my bed like a magic carpet or something).

My bedroom seemed strange. As if it was the only thing in existence in the whole universe. As far as I was concerned there was nothing outside my door. The walls began to squirm and ripple. I found none of this frightening at all. My ceiling sank down in what I can only describe as a Luigi’s Mansion vacuum effect (like when Luigi sucked posters or bed sheets with his vacuum and they stretched out).

My skin seemed like it had more contrast than usual. I noticed my veins looked like they were glowing blue. When I waved my blue glow stick in front of me it looked like I was waving a flag because of the motion trail effect.

Then thousands of little red bugs started crawling on my wall. Here is a passage of writing that I wrote during the trip:

All of the little red bugs were crawling along my wall. I didn’t want bugs so I asked her to change. They became crimson snowflakes.

The whole time I was listening to my music soundtrack. Time became stretched out and musical notes would get stuck and just repeat for ages. I even noticed that extra counter melodies were being added by my brain.

Then I lost all sense of reality and time, past, present and future. I felt an extreme buzz as if I was vibrating at a high frequency. I remember feeling my body moving across to my left as if I was splitting in half. I believed that I had traveled back in time. All of a sudden everything seemed to make sense. I realized that I had been in the same situation before. The next day I felt that I could predict exactly what was going to happen next. I was watching Fear Factor on TV later and I felt that I knew exactly who was going to fail and win the challenges, but I could never actually guess correctly. It was just that everything that was happening seemed like deja-vu.

The most recent experience occurred yesterday. It was not as intense as the last 600mg trip but it was more interesting in its own way. I realized that DXM could create a virtual reality music visual.

At 11:30pm I drank the 200ml bottle of Robitussin. I chatted online again with rising euphoria until the screen became too blurry to read, so I turned my PC off and lay on my bed with my ipod and my pre-selected playlist.

12:30am – I became itchy, mainly on my head, back and arms. I scratched a lot. The itchiness went away after about 30 mins. I then listened to my playlist. As I listened to my music I closed my eyes and began to see weird shapes and patterns in the darkness beyond my eyes. I explored this further, realizing that I could control these visuals, like a lucid dream.

Some of the most memorable songs/visuals were:

Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad - during the lyric “one thousand and one yellow daffodils begin to dance in front of you, oh dear” – hundreds of yellow daffodil lights sprung up all around me.

Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody - (All my visuals became like snowballs and red and white and green colours)

Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest - (I traveled through a pine forest on my bed like a magic carpet.)

Carter Burwell - Velvet Spacetime - (I decided I wanted to go into space, so I found some lights in the distance and said/thought that I wanted to go up there, so I flew (once again on my bed/magic carpet ride), up above the earth towards the stars, through space dust to another planet.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Mother – (Let’s just say I flew through my magic carpet bed out of a giant vagina.)

I realized that I could control where I wanted to go. If I said/thought of something and focused on some vague point in the distance I could fly towards it and it would be what I wanted it to be. At one point while listening to Chopin - Funeral March, I found myself in a graveyard. There was this dumb giant yellow fluffy Muppet like creature hanging around but I wanted to meet the grim reaper so I asked it to be so. Before my eyes the yellow creature turned into black silky smoke and slowly morphed into a tall black creature made of black velvet smoke. The creature stalked towards me and put its face up to mine. It had a skull like face except it was made of the same black velvet smoke as the rest of it. Then it wandered off. I asked it to come back coz I wanted to see its scythe but it didn’t.

All of these things took a bit of concentration. It wasn’t just like I thought it and then it happened. I had to really focus on my goal.

The conclusion that I have come to based on these examples is that I can control my visuals in a lucid dream type state if you will yourself to do so.

I finally went to bed at around 6am.

I woke up at 2pm the next day feeling great. I was basically over the trip, except I could still somewhat control my visual magic carpet rides. I had one that morning laying in bed which I called deep sea diving. I basically conjured up a large whale type creature and followed it down to the dark depths of the ocean. I decided that I wanted to see those strange deep sea creatures that contain photophores (the ones which are luminescent.) I saw shining dots below so I moved down further and saw them.

The method I used for the ‘diving’ was to close my eyes and stare into the black. If I saw a tiny trace or glimmer of some light I would focus on it and decide what I wanted it to be. I would then feel myself moving towards the light and it morphed into something. I found it deeply meditative, like I was delving into my own mind.

After waking up I experienced a yawning phenomenon that I have experienced before when I took SSRI’s for the first time. Basically I would yawn a lot, which would cause a tingle to move down my body through my legs, causing a tickling sensation in my nether region (not unpleasant). After the tingle my teeth would chatter for a while.?

Later today I tried again to go ‘magic carpet riding’ or ‘deep sea diving’ but I was unable.

Overall my experience was amazing, the ultimate musical accompaniment. I definitely plan to do it again, maybe at a higher dosage.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48790
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 7, 2006Views: 44,915
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