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Unexpected Synergy or Simply Too Much
2C-I & Methylone
Citation:   Anonymous. "Unexpected Synergy or Simply Too Much: An Experience with 2C-I & Methylone (exp69986)". May 7, 2008.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 0:30 25 mg insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 50 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 1:30 25 mg insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 50 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 2:30 25 mg insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00 50 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 3:30 25 mg insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:20 20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
  T+ 5:20 300 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
I was very hesitant about submitting this report, as it is not an experience I am proud of. The reason I did submit it is so that others can hopefully learn from the bad decisions I made, and not make the same mistakes themselves. This experience is the culmination of a 15 month run with methylone, during which time I used 2700 milligrams of the substance in 23 separate experiences. I started out using small oral doses and never redosing. Over time I began taking higher doses, redosing, and take it in combination with other drugs. Itís got a sinister compelling edge.

Background: I am a 23 year old male weighing 125 pounds. I take no medications but use marijuana and caffeine on a daily basis. I have extensive experience with both 2C-I and methylone, and find both substances generally mild and controllable when taken on their own.

The 2C-I I have taken at oral doses of five to forty milligrams, and often use a 20 milligram dose in combination with other substances as I find this amount of 2C-I very comfortable on both mind and body. I have a great respect for 2C-I, finding it a gentle and friendly substance with a good balance of psychedelic, entactogenic and empathogenic effects.

With a twenty milligram dose of 2C-I I normally feel an alert at twenty minutes, begin to feel psychedelic effects after an hour, and peak around two and a half hours. The plateau lasts till around the sixth or seventh hour followed by a gentle comedown.

I have taken methylone at doses of 50-200 milligrams generally orally although as my use progressed I eventually began experimenting with insufflation. Although methylone is somewhat similar to MDMA, it leaves me much more in control mentally. I donít get all gushy and emotional and tell everyone I love them on methylone, and it doesnít give me the same kind of energy for dancing that MDMA does. It is not as strong of an empathogen or as energizing, despite having more of a stimulant profile than MDMA. I find methylone can be visual in an MDA-like way, particularly towards the end of the experience and at higher doses. I had combined 2C-I and methylone before, but only at a low dose (8 mg of 2C-I and less than 100 mg of methylone taken orally). That experience had been somewhat unpleasant, I felt overstimulated.

During a typical methylone experience I would feel an alert at 10 minutes, a stimulating rush from 20-40 minutes, and a mild MDMA-like high from 60-120 minutes. The next two or three hours usually consist of an anxious and lethargic comedown with some light visuals. I find smaller doses (75-125 milligrams) to be more comfortable and have less body load and after effects than higher doses (150-200 milligrams).

As far as other psychedelics, I am well versed in everything from mushrooms, ayahuasca, LSD and HBWR, to DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and Salvia, to cactus and MDMA. Iíve dabbled with some other substances including cebil/yopo, ketamine, nitrous oxide and 2C-E. I avoid the more addictive and damaging drugs including cocaine, synthetic opiates, amphetamines, tobacco and any kind of presciption or OTC pills.

Substances, dosages and timing:

T + 0:00 to T + 4:30 Over the course of four and a half hours I ingested 300 milligrams of methylone by a combination of insufflating small amounts and oral ingestion by parachuting the powder in tissue. Every twenty or thirty minutes I would redose, in order to keep a constant feeling of rising stimulation and euphoria. I wasnít too happy with my actions, in the anxious coke-head like state I seemed to be inducing. Yet I continued with the redosing regimen regardless. In for a penny, in for a pound was my philosphy. I was pushing the experience, pushing my limits with methylone.

T + 5:20 At the five hour and twenty minute mark I took orally a 20 milligram dose of 2C-I topped off with an additional 300 milligrams of methylone. I am unclear as to why I did this, however I find methylone is extremely disinhibiting and leads to compulsive redosing and/or use of other drugs so this may go some way to explaining my actions. I was beginning to come down from the rush of all the methylone I had been taking, and wanted to extend the experience. I wasnít really thinking about what I was doing at all, I was just chasing the high. Subconsciously perhaps there was a program running, but I but little conscious thought into the experience. Had I done so, I would have chosen not to take any more drugs. I knew I had obligations I should be attending to and work the next day.

T + 5:45 Vomitting occurs as the redose begins to take effect.

T + 6:00 Make the very short drive down to a natural area by the river (Please donít be stupid like I was and drive while tripping! You could hurt yourself or worse, someone else).

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

T + 6:20ish Begin tripping at a heavy Shulgin +++.

T + 12:20 (seven hours after taking the 2C-I/methylone capsule) Begin to recover and come down to a Shulgin ++ state of consciousness. I am in control of the experience again. As you can see, that is six hours of peak experience, of tripping madly and uncontrollably; this is enough to wear even the most intrepid psychonaut down.

T + 18:20 (thirteen hours after taking the 2C-I/methylone capsule) I have more or less crashed and go home to attempt to get a little sleep before going to work.

T + 21 hours I was unable to get any sleep due to the residual amphetamine-like stimulation. I spent these hours lying in back worrying and tearing myself apart, questioning my actions and what exactly I am looking for with these trips I keep going on.

T + 30 hours After a full days work I was finally able to catch a few hours of broken sleep.

The experience:

Within twenty or thirty minutes of swallowing the capsule of 2C-I topped off with methylone, I was bent over the toilet vomitting. There really wasnít anything in my stomach but water and possibly drugs, and it came up very easily. I knew Iíd just crossed the threshold, and was now in for a much more intense experience than I had bargained for. Twenty milligrams of 2C-I on its own usually doesnít exceed a Shulgin ++, and methylone on its own is usually a mild ++ experience also. When combined, the effect was extremely intense, rivalling any trip Iíve had on LSD, mushrooms, cactus or 2C-E. I had also by now taken three times as much methylone as I ever had in the past.

For some reason, I was extremely calm about the whole situation. I questioned whether I might have really taken too much methylone, and was in danger of overdosing. I decided that I couldnít go back now and since I didnít seem in imminent danger of dying that it wasnít worth worrying about. I knew I had to get out of my house, that I could not stand to be trapped inside or around anyone else right now. After all, I was only going to get higher, the 2C-I would not be peaking for another couple hours. I felt a desperate need to leave before the 2C-I kicked in.

The nausea had subsided, and I was feeling very stimulated from the methylone taking effect. Normally I would never consider driving in such an altered state of consciousness, coming up at that! This day I made an exception. Stupid? Yes. Another example of the way methylone seems to interfere with my normal decision making. I canít really fathom the consequences of my actions while high on methylone. I focused my attention carefully on the short drive down to the river, obeying all traffic regulations and making no mistakes. Thank goodness I didnít fuck up, as if I had the consequences donít bear thinking about. I had enough presence of mind to bring a full liter of water with me, as methylone is extremely dehydrating for me.

I walked down to the rivers edge, wandering aimlessly through the scrub and grasses. I found a grassy nook in the sun under some trees where I could sit comfortably as the drugs overwhelmed me. I was now tripping extremely hard, in a state where I would completely zone out even with eyes open. Loosing my sense of time, my sense of self, my sense of being separate from what I was seeing and hearing. Sounds distorted in odd ways. I had vivid open-eye visuals rivalling any other trip Iíve taken.

The trip was plagued by auditory hallucinations of a paranoid nature. I was constantly hearing what sounded like people muttering or talking just behind me, but when I would turn my head there was no one there. I knew that if someone did walk past me, there would be little I could do but shut my eyes and pretend they werenít there, hope they would be pass me by without comment. I was disintegrating to the point where any sense of normality was totally lost. I wasnít in control of the situation, having just checked myself in for an experience of unknown duration and consequences.

Half an hour had passed. It felt like I had been tripping for centuries already. The initial stimulating rush of the methylone died down a bit, and I foolishly thought that I had peaked and might start coming down a bit soon. I called my friend who lives within walking distance of the river, knowing that when the sun went down I would be needing a warm and comfortable space to curl up in and recover from what I had done to myself. My friend answered, I explained my situation. I said I thought I had peaked, and he determined that I did not believe I was physically in danger (which I could well have been!). Since I was simply tripping madly and not in immediate danger, he said he was just heading out to run some errands, but would give me a call when he was on his way back home and at that time I would be welcome in his house. I agreed that this was okay with me.

My mindstate was strange, to say the least. I was constantly freaking out, that feeling I get when I have just totally overwhelmed myself. I might as well have eaten a quarter oz of strong mushrooms, for all the difference it would have made. The mushrooms at least might be healthier for me. And yet there was an undertone of total and utter calm beneath it all. I was totally overwhelmed and freaking out, but somehow okay with that.

Well I certainly wasnít going to be coming down anytime soon, though I regained the ability to walk. The 2C-I was coming on stronger, immersing me in extremely playful and colourful visuals. Everything bursting into colourful arched parabola patternings. I felt a truly heavy, deep, rather uncomfortable phenethylamine high. Nausea was constantly close to the surface. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding were very strong, so much so that my jaw hurt the day after. Heart pounding, shivering and sweating. It was the kind of high where I question whether or not I am, in fact, poisoned rather than enlightened.

I found a small shelter constructed by some hobo out in the scrub, which provided a comfortable space out of the wind where I could lean back as the effects became overwhelming again. I panted heavily, my breathing laboured, trying to disperse the energy pouring through me. The driftwood forming the structure had been artistically and structurally arranged with care. A pattern of swirling branches in front of me formed a small shelf, on which was placed a piece of purple quartzite rock, polished by the river and filled with swirls like the branches holding it up. This little alter gave a pleasant vibe to the shelter, not the kind of vibe I normally get from hobo camps. Whoever buit this one Iíd like to meet, they did it with care and with an intention to make the space beautiful.

By the time my friend finally phoned me back after what felt like aeons but was probably only an hour or so, I had realized that something strange was going on. The methylone should have peaked long ago, the 2C-I should be peaking too, and yet I still felt distinctly that I was getting higher. The visuals were coming on stronger and stronger. The stimulation and body buzz was intensifying too. I felt a strong energy vibration, buzzing all through me, and I was beginning to get full on rushing sensations. The effects were extremely reminiscent of my one experience taking MDA.

I watched a pile of ice crystals shattered off a larger piece melting in the sun. They were so beautiful, sparkling with rainbows and clear light. With each radiant pulsing of the sun I would see the drop of water form and slough off the crystals. I felt a twinge of sadness that the beauty of these crystals was simply being melted away.

Despite my mental and physical discomfort, I was in a definate awed phenethylamine state. As the last rays of the setting sun bounced off the waters, caressing me where I found a new resting spot on a grassy bank at the waterís edge, I soaked in the beauty of nature. In front of me in the rippling water were huge chunks of washed up and melting ice. Poplar trees growing on a sand bar would illuminated a vivid tan-yellow by the low sunlight, their naked branches fractal patterns against the sky.

The sky. Oh my God, the sky. Nothing so psychedelic as white and grey wispy clouds moving across the gentle blue backdrop. I saw all sorts of colours and patterns in the clouds. The bank across the river appeared deep, mysterious and ancient with its forest of dark green coniferous trees. I told my friend over the phone that I was still tripping madly and he should come for a walk down to the river, collect me and gander at the evening beauty.

As soon as my friend showed up, the sun dropped down behind the hill and it became chilly. Perfect timing on his part. It has been about three and a half hours since dosing. Again I thought I was starting to come down enough to enjoy the high, but thatís when the second wave started hitting me.

I was extremely stimulated, the energy rushes enveloping my body until I would shake and twist with it. Visuals everywhere, and I would get lost in my thoughts and zone out constantly. My short term memory was shot, by the end of a sentence my friend said to me I would already have forgotten his first words, and have lost the meaning of what he was saying. I was easily disoriented. Looking up at the sky and spinning around once was a bad idea, I got so dizzy I nearly fell to the ground right there by a bike path.

When we got to his house I checked my pupils in the bathroom mirror. The mydriasis was extreme and noticeable. While my friend had a dinner of stirfry with his father, I lounged on the stairs tripping balls and staring at the fish tank. Endlessly fascinating watching the little coloured creatures swimming about in groups, or chasing one another across the tank.

I was getting higher and higher, no longer even really capable of sitting up and watching the fish so I retreated to my friendís bedroom, after making a stop in the bathroom to pee. I think I went to the bathroom another three or four times that evening, as I slowly eliminated the drug from my system.

I curled up on the bed under a fuzzy blanket, fetal position. There are no words to really explain the mental anguish I was going through. I knew I had put myself into this experience willingly, but now I had to figure out why I had done so Why? What was I supposed to be learning from it? Why is it that the only times I truly feel alive are when I am right on the edge of sanity? There was certainly a sense of desperation to my thoughts.

My friend came in and asked me how I was doing. ďIím fucked up.Ē I say.

ďYes, drugs will do that to you.Ē He replies, then proceeds to play around on the computer, keeping me company as I writhe and shiver and twitch and moan under the blankets. At moments I would loose contact with my body, and feel like I was being pushed through a mesh filled with cottage cheese. Pushed up and out, into some other realm. Reminiscent of Salvia in many ways.

We smoked a little bit of hash which calmed my body load a little but seemed to have no effect on how hard I was still tripping. I could not feel the smoke in my lungs at all, and even though I thought I wasnít getting anything would be surprised by the pluming clouds of smoke released on the exhale. It was difficult to sit up and accept the pipe, and I would get lost in thought several times before managing to light the lighter and take a pull.

This extreme MDA like rushing kept coming over me in waves. At the peak of a wave I would literally be twisting myself downwards into the sheets, humming from the throat and vibrating all over, trying to release the energy from my body. I questioned what kind of strange synergy was going on, why I was still getting higher several hours after dosing. Perhaps the 2C-I had interfered with the breakdown of the methylone, or vice versa. Perhaps the methylone was being converted into an active metabolite in my body. That would at least explain the waves and duration of effects, each new wave representing one of my redoses. Perhaps when taken in high doses and with a redosing regimen as I had done overloads the normal catalytic enzymes, resulting in more of an active metabolite than would be present otherwise. All kinds of possible explanations ran through my mind. Perhaps I should have thought and acted a little more carfeully before combining an extremely large dose of one research chemical with a good dose of another. Set, setting and intent were all wrong for this experience.

There was a final, powerful, body twisting wave and then within a matter of minutes I felt myself descend from a +++ state of consciousness to a simply ++. I was in control of myself and the experience again, my ego had reformed after being shattered so profoundly. I sat up and indicated to my friend that I was recovering. This was seven hours after taking the 2C-I and methylone capsule, and around the time when I would expect 2C-I to be dropping out of the plateau phase.

During the next several hours of coming down I felt extremely zoned out. Inside was a feeling of emptiness, I was drained and hollow. I felt depressed and filled with doubt at my actions and myself. This experience is proving hard to integrate. I have spoken with several friends about it, and received much love and support from them. It is good to know I have people who care for me. Partially I think this trip was exploring my dark side. I have a definate self-destructive tendency within me, a tendency to push my limits with drugs too far even when I know it is a bad idea. I seek a sense of meaningfulness from my drug experiences, I want to be shown that life is beautiful and amazing and worth living. So much of the time ordinary consciousness seems dull and unexciting, but when I am tripping and struggling for control then I really feel alive. Thatís part of the appeal to me.

There were definate negative after effects from this experience, which I would attribute to the methylone. I have taken 2C-I many times and never experience after effects more severe than subtle lethargy and some residual trippiness on the day after. With this combination and the extremely high dose of methylone, I did not feel I really achieved baseline consciousness for 50+ hours. Some of this can probably be attributed to sleep deprivation and not eating properly, as I skipped lunch and dinner on the day I dosed.

While working after no sleep, I experienced bouts of dizzyness, nausea and frequent shivering and sweating flashes. The residual stimulation was very long lived, and strenuous activities like climbing stairs made my heart pound. These after effects continued on the second day, though not as strongly or frequently. It actually wasnít as bad as the after effects I get from a night of heavy drinking, but still not something I want to deal with. I worry too that I may have done some long-term damage to myself. Although my mood was reflective in two days afterwards, I did not experience an emotional low as sometimes follows my MDMA experiences. If anything my mood felt lifted, as if the methylone has a residual antidepressant effect.

High doses of methylone seem to be strongly hallucinogenic and much longer lived than low doses for me. After this experience I seriously considered (still am) flushing my remaining 300 mg of methylone down the toilet. Iím not the kind of person to throw drugs out, as this seems to me a move of desperation in a person who has either lost control over their use of that substance, or is simply unwilling to accept their experiences with that substance. I always considered myself to have enough intelligence and self-restraint to keep a stash of drugs on hand and still dose responsibly. I take my personal responsibility with drugs very seriously. It seems with methylone I am incapable of such responsible use.

For me, I believe methylone to be an addictive drug. Compared to MDMA, it has a much stronger dopaminergic effect, the profile of a stimulant, and much less of a serotonergic effect. It makes me feel good for a little bit, when I am getting that oncoming rush. But after the peak of the experience I find myself in an anxious and uncomfortable space, whereas MDMA leaves me comfortable and contented. The desire to redose is strong, in order to get out of this anxious state and back into the good feelings. Since the rush of methylone is short lived, I redose frequently. As I mentioned before, methylone is extremely disinhibiting so once I am high on it I see no harm in continuing to take more, far past the point of reason and moderation. Also, in the week after a methylone experience I find I crave more methylone, or other drugs. Anything that will alter my state of consciousness.

All in all, methylone is not worth it to me. Although I have had a few good experiences with the substance, the majority of the experiences seem to have had a negative impact on me. I have learned a little more about the nature of addiction but this is a lesson I could happily have done without.

Stay safe and happy tripping.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69986
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 7, 2008Views: 44,534
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