A Whole Different Book
Citation:   Anonymous. "A Whole Different Book: An Experience with LSD (exp29094)". Erowid.org. Apr 21, 2006. erowid.org/exp/29094

1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Background info:
I am a 16-year-old girl, and I've had some experience with drugs. I'm a pretty big pothead, but I also drink, and do some other drugs (not very often). Prior to this, I've done DXM, shrooms, salvia and LSD. This was the 3rd time I'd done acid. My mood was pretty good, as I was looking forward to tripping that night, and the setting was my friend A's house. I'm very comfortable in A's house, because I'd been partying there once a week for the past year. I can't put it into words, but her house is very trippy (not colorful like an acid trip that left itself on the wall, but everything there was really interesting whether I was sober, drunk, stoned or tripping). I didn't say what time anything happened at, because I can't tell time on acid.

Me and my friend A (who's never done acid before) dropped at 8:00, right after eating dinner (we ate first because eating on acid makes me feel sick). We each took one hit, but mine was an edge (bigger hit) and hers was a middle piece. We put on a movie and smoked a bowl while we waited for it to kick in. About halfway through the movie, neither of us could sit still, so we turned it off. Just like the previous times I had done LSD, I felt uncomfortably energetic. My heart was racing and I kept tapping my feet on the floor. It felt like a *really* strong weed high, but without being retarded and lazy. It felt like a combination of a lot of weed and Ritalin. I also had a very chemical feeling. I can't really describe it, but I had this feeling in my mouth and nose that I only get when I'm on acid, that just feels like your head is infested with a chemical. We decided to go for a walk, so we got our coats and shoes on, but as soon as we stepped outside, we remembered that it was 20 degrees and snowing, so we stayed inside.

I wasn't experiencing any nausea like the other times I'd dropped acid, so I drank a glass of water, which felt really nice after smoking all that weed. I couldn't stop laughing at stupid stuff like getting dirt on my hands. My pupils were huge. I was starting to see tracers. When I waved my hand back and forth, it looked like it was a slow-motion movie. Everything looked really cool, but the same. Physically, it looked the same, but I perceived it differently. The plants in her house looked like normal plants, but to me they felt like a jungle.

We both still felt really uncomfortable, because we had so much energy, and it was too cold to go outside, so we went to her room to smoke a cigarette, which didn't help at all. She has a big colorful mural on her wall, and the paint looked wet. There were big drops of wet paint on the wall, and they were mixing with the other colors. Edges of things were not clearly defined, and everything seemed to kind of flow together. I kept touching the wall, expecting the wet paint to come off on my hand, but it didn't. A was feeling kind of disappointed, because she wasn't tripping as hard as me (this probably had to do with the fact that her hit was a lot smaller than mine, and she'd never done acid before, so she didn't quite know what to expect. I think she was expecting to see random shit out of the blue that wasn't there, but acid isn't like that).

Any feelings and emotions that I had were very intense. Anything I thought about came with some kind of feeling (both physical and emotional). If A did something that annoyed me, it really really pissed me off, and I physically felt annoyed (I can't really describe this, as I don't quite understand it myself). If I saw something that made me happy, I was completely overjoyed. Music felt like it was part of me, instead of just something to listen to.

We were getting sick of staring at the walls and floor, so we started to look around at other things in her room. We turned on the black light, and I went online to look at trippy pictures. She thought they were really cool. I was having trouble changing the music that was playing on the computer, and the whole concept of using the mouse wasn't making sense to me. When I'm on acid, certain concepts really confuse me. Money, books, time, drug dealing and computers don't make sense to me. I was having trouble understanding that I had to move the mouse to make the cursor move (I am pretty smart when it comes to computers normally).

A was staring at herself in the mirror, and she kept covering her face and tweaking out. I noticed this, and told her to stop looking in the mirror, so she covered it, and we decided to explore the rest of the house. Everything was *really* cool. There were fractal patterns on a lot of things, and a lot of things were breathing. Lights all had an aura to them, and it was like a dream world almost. Normal things like light switches, and tablecloths had some other crazy meaning behind it. I kept thinking of analogies and relationships between ordinary things. The light switch was just a symbol for the light, and the tablecloth was like some kind of mask for covering up the table's true self.

Now that we were really tripping, we decided to try going outside again. This time we didn't even bother with coats and shoes. We were so anxious to get outside that we just walked right out the door barefoot in the snow, and we didn't care either. We just looked up at the sky and all A could say was 'I think I wanna be an acid head just so I can look at the sky!' The stars were glittering, and twinkling, and they were all different colors. There were shooting stars everywhere that looked like they were painted on there, and the trees were dancing at the edges of the sky. The snow was so beautiful and white, that it felt like daytime, and the fresh air felt so nice in my lungs. The open-ness of outside felt so amazing. We stood there for about five minutes until our feet were numb, and then we went back inside.

We smoked another cigarette, and then A's housemate wanted to show us this book of really trippy art by this artist that put hidden penises in his artwork. Some of it was really sick and disturbing, but visually, it was really really cool. A and me were sitting next to each other with the book across both our laps, but we couldn't share it. She kept turning the pages in order, stopping at each page for a long time to stare at the picture, but I was too impatient to look at one page. I kept trying to turn the pages, because I was so excited by the pictures that would come next. I kept turning the book upside down so that I could look at the page on the other side, and then we would forget which way we were going and turn the pages backwards. I felt like the book was just a whole different book (I know this doesn't make any sense).

We smoked some weed, and the A's housemate wanted to go to bed, so we went downstairs to make our own art. A started drawing a trippy picture and I started pressing some different colored modeling clay onto a piece of paper. I smeared all the different colors together, and I picked up the paper and started bending it. It was really fucking cool. By this time, I was definitely coming down, but playing with colors (modeling clay) was still the coolest thing I'd ever done. I could pick them up, smear them around, mold them into 3D sculptures and then mush them all together. I spent what felt like 3 hours playing with modeling clay.

At about 3:00 we decided to try and go to bed, which was not easy. My brain felt really awake, but my body was tired. We tried to smoke ourselves to sleep, but it didn't help much. We smoked bowl after bowl, and then we switched to cigarettes.

Finally we got to sleep, and we drank massive amounts of coffee in the morning. My pupils were still dilated and I still had the feeling in my mouth and nose that I only feel when I'm tripping. I could vaguely see fractals if I closed my eyes for long enough, or when I smoked weed.

I have never had an actual flashback from acid, but I can definitely feel it still in my system sometimes. I have only done it 3 times, but weeks later, I can still feel that chemical feeling in my mouth sometimes. When I smoke weed, I can shut my eyes and see fractal patterns. Definitely a positive experience.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29094
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 21, 2006Views: 52,174
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