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Not As Much As I Thought
Salvia divinorum
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Not As Much As I Thought: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp19721)". Sep 28, 2005.

0.05 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


This was my first experience with Salvia 15x Extract, or any type of hallucinogen. I'm not a big drug-user at all, in fact I've only smoked pot before this. I totally underestimated the Salvia, thinking that I've always in complete control of myself and that nothing would phase me. I figured I'd post this just as an example of how powerful salvia can be and why a sitter should be present.

On a lighter note, although the experience was scary, it was also very intriguing to me and I plan on using salvia more in the future.

Before I took my first hit, I cleaned up my entire room so I had a nice big space to sit down in, I also turned on my heater and switched out my normal ultra-bright light bulb to a less bright one with some different colors on it.

2:20AM -- I took the first hit, after about 30 seconds of holding it in I started to feel very strange and then quickly exhaled and took another big hit. At this point I could not hold the bowl, it felt like all of gravity was concentrated on my arm, so with what seemed like an incredible amount of strength I put the bowl down on my dresser. I don't ever remember exhaling this 2nd hit...

2:22 -- I looked at my light. The light started melting VERY, VERY FAST to the side along with my entire field of vision including the shadows, like it was morphing or something. The colors from the multi-colored light were incredible; the whole room was glowing in a bright red. It felt as if this was the beginning of something amazing, and it had to melt away my inferior world to enter this new world. I watched this phenomenon for a second or two before everything sort of changed.

2:23 – I then started to hear voices in my head and sensed a presence. At first I heard strange humming noises coming from my speakers, which I thought were just because they were bad speakers, or that maybe it was a noise from my brother playing the video game upstairs (which they very well may have been before I smoked). At first I heard a single voice that sounded like it was whispering my name. After a minute or two, I began hearing multiple voices taunting me but atonally as if they were chanting!! Many male droning voices (like a tribe) saying 'just 1 hit…just 1 hit' and I felt like I couldn't breathe at all, that I was choking and couldn't take a full breath of air, as if they were stopping me from taking the breath in order to punish me for thinking that one hit wouldn't do that much. I was scared that I was going to suffocate and the only thing keeping me from going insane was remembering that it would all be over in another few minutes and that I could in fact breathe even if it didn’t feel like it. It was cold in the room but I was almost in a complete sweat.

2:25 -- I kept taking very deep breaths but it felt like I wasn't breathing in oxygen and that breathing in had no effect, as if I was on another planet that didn’t have an atmosphere. At this point I fell from my sitting Indian style position on the floor to leaning on my arm, gasping for air as the voices began to fade from their initial booming.

2:30 – The voices are gone completely and breathing has become much easier. The colors are still amazingly vibrant, especially red still for some reason. At this point I layed down on my floor, very cold from sweating before. I moved to my bed and layed there for a few minutes before I decide to type this report.

Thinking back I can barely remember if my eyes were open or closed, I don’t remember seeing anything in front of me, it was as if what I was seeing was not even a concern to me whatsoever compared to what was happening regarding breathing and the voices. Through the entire time I was laying on the ground I felt completely and utterly helpless.
This all happened within 5-8 minutes as far as I remember. The times are estimated, I only looked at the time on my computer around 2:30.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 28, 2005Views: 24,142
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