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New Year's Eve Candy Flip
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "New Year's Eve Candy Flip: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp83140)". Nov 25, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 2 capsls oral MDMA (capsule)


New Years was to be a big celebration for a group of my friends and I. Friends from hours away were coming into town to celebrate. We were all very excited and had been waiting for this for a couple months. Everyone was planning on rolling, everyone of us has done it before and most of us had rolled together. Some people were planning on taking acid with their ecstasy as well. I had never candy flipped or done acid but decided a week before the party that I would like to try. Many of my friends had done acid and had candy flipped so I knew a bit of what to expect by asking them questions and from reading about experiences online.

So New Year's Eve we get to our friends house around 7:00-7:30 to set up. The areas where we all hung out were all on one floor of the house. The main room (which was the living room) had a large couch and the floor had been cleared for dancing and my friend had set up his computer and very large speakers to keep the rave alive. Off of the mainroom was a hallway where two bedrooms branched off, a 'chill room' which was a dark room with more couches and windows open so we could cool off, and of course there was a bathroom. The bathroom door had a mirror hanging on the door which reflected back to you the hallway (more about that later).

After setting up and everyone meeting, our friends had brought three of their friends down with them to celebrate and more people had joined the party, we all decided to get to the drugs! Some people took their x and acid at the same time, while others and myself took our acid and waited about a half hour. I sat one tab of acid under my tongue and let it dissolve for maybe ten minutes, didn't really know what to do so I had to keep asking when the appropriate time was to swallow. Besides being very excited I didn't really begin to feel the effect of the acid. Some people mentioned their stomachs hurting, but nothing negative. After 30 minutes we took our rolls, I double dropped molly which had been put into capsules.

The next couple hours, not really sure of the time frame, is a very big blur. After doing our rolls the lights went out, we put on music people got out their rave toys. I just sat on the couch, feeling very light. I watched as people danced, spun glowsticks and poi balls. The colors were brilliant! Everything was melting together, I could do nothing but lay on the couch feeling like a puddle. Everything seemed one dimensional to me, people were walking around in the same space as the people spinning poi and I couldn't understand how they weren't getting hit, it all looked to be one plane.

We were all rolling very hard. We all hugged and were rubbing on each other. I remember laying on the couch sitting on people and having them just squeezing me, it was fantastic. One of the best rolls I've had. I couldn't really tell which drug was doing what though. I've rolled many times before and my eyes usually get really shaky and I'll see spots that dissolve. My vision was very shaky everyone looked like they were in the cartoon Dr. Katz, their outline wobbled. In the dark I kept feeling like couches were people and vice versa, I had to use glowsticks to help me look at things.

All I remember really is dancing a lot; my friend put together a humungous mix of a bunch of dance music. Everyone was singing dancing, hugging, kissing, the usual at a rave. I did wonder about the house aimlessly for a bit, although I had seen all of the rooms when I was sober I felt like I was rediscovering the house at this point in time. I think some of the reason for the curiosity had to do with the fact that more people had joined the party and I just kept wondering what everyone was doing. I remember standing in the hallway and just peaking into every room. One room contained our friend's little brother's friends some of whom were sober. I kept peaking in, standing and telling them sorry if I was freaking them out and wondered away once again probably to go dance.

My friend included a count down on his mix which hadn't started yet, but someone there had been looking at a watch and we all counted down whooping dancing and kissing as we began the new year. Ten minutes later the count down started on the mix and even though we had already rung in the new year we did it once again. Everyone was bonding at this point, it was like we had all known each other for a looong time. Everyone looked beautiful and I just kept kissing and hugging my friends.

Now I'm not really sure what time this was, maybe an hour or two after midnight, the molly started to wear off. And it didn't just wear off, I was rolling balls one minute and then the next I was just sitting there left with the acid. I felt really weird, I hadn't expected this feeling at all. When reading people's accounts about acid and candy flipping most people seem to have a very personal experience. They think about the universe and what part we play into it. I did not have any of these thoughts, I felt really paranoid and suspicious of everyone.

I sat down on the floor and began to watch everyone, they were all still rolling! I could not understand how they felt this awesome. I was still experiencing visuals, colors and the general picture of everything was bleeding together. But everyone just looked sooo weird to me.

My best friend, who I've known my entire life was still rolling very hard. I kept watching her, chomping her gum, writhing around, rubbing the couch and floor, she kept exclaiming, 'oh god!' she looked absolutely insane to me. I couldn't believe that I had been doing the same thing that everyone else was only minutes before. I went to the restroom, the door which you had to kind of force open normally because it gets stuck in the jam would not open for me! I kept feeling like people were messing with me, I thought someone was in the bathroom holding the door closed. I stared at the mirror for minutes, it reflected the hall and the doorways back to me. It was very trippy to watch myself and what was going on behind me. Eventually I had my friend come get the door open for me. Once inside I turned the lights on, what a mistake. My hair was very crazy from sweating and writhing around, my eyes were the size of dinner plates, I could see every single pore in my face. I was disgusted, I washed my face and tried to cool off which was somewhat soothing. Deciding that I couldn't make myself look any better I joined everyone back in the main room.

I sat and watched again... Everyone's eyes were flicking around, they couldn't focus on anything, they were all chomping their gum chewing their lips. I couldn't handle it, I thought everyone looked nuts, I had to leave the room. I went into one of the bedrooms where two of my friends were laying down, they were just rolling but had done acid before. They helped to talk me down and helped explain the odd feelings I was having. After maybe fifteen minutes they helped me to realize that I was fine and that nothing unusual was happening.

I went back into the main room, some people took more molly as they felt their first dose begin to wear off. I decided not to, I always find that it's not as good as the first initial roll so I just sat on the floor still watching everyone but in a little better mood. I did look over and notice my friend (D) was doing the same thing I was. I watched him a little bit and he seemed to feel the same way I did. People kept coming up to ask us if we were okay, tried giving us light shows. After sitting for a little bit we started talking realizing we both felt exactly the same and were seeing the same weird stuff. We wandered the house for a bit again and made our way to the couch, where we sat/laid together.

We began to joke around and kind of came into our own little bubble. I was able to enjoy the acid and at times it seems like my roll would kick back in, or it may have been the acid, I'm not quite sure. But I would feel good physically again, laying and hugging and melting together was wonderful. We sat on the couch yelling at people telling them to dance or to spin their glowsticks/poi balls for us. We were laughing non-stop and just making everyone entertain us. I felt like we were in our own bubble on that couch and that everyone just floated into our area just there for us to watch and laugh at.

I was enjoying my night again. The rest of the night and into the morning I spent on a mattress on the floor of the chill room. I laid between D and another guy (A) making it awkward for the three of us with my awkward conversation. I just wanted to kiss both of them and since I wasn't still rolling it was hard to approach them about it. Though I did end up flopping back and forth to kiss them both, albeit awkwardly. We also laid and talked, mostly about random things, other times doing drugs, and our night thus far. A eventually left and D and I slept for a couple hours. That morning (New Years Day) we laid and talked while people left, at about 2 we rejoined our group of friends which was maybe 6 people in the main room. We relaxed some more and talked. I wasn't feeling too bad. Usually after I roll, I feel horrid. Like a zombie, I was tired but not at all like I usually feel, so I was happy.

I did have to drive home though at around 5 p.m. My drive home takes about an hour and twenty minutes. Once I started driving, the sun was going down, I realized that I was still being effected by the acid. I missed my exit onto the highway, not even realizing it until 20 minutes later when I suddenly snapped out of my daze and noticed that I had just been driving aimlessly. I turned around and got onto the highway, peoples tail lights were twice the size normal, looking like two red glowing eyes on the backs of cars. The horizon and tree wriggled all around. Concentrating was exhausting.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I got home and took a nap before having to go to work in a few hours at 12 am that night, by then I was feeling okay still tired and a bit drained though.

Overall I would say my experience with candy flipping was positive. While I was rolling, I felt absolutely amazing. It was intense and beautiful and I would definitely do it again. But I would definitely like to try acid on its own, with maybe just a couple friends. I would like to know exactly what effect the acid has on me and be in a more comfortable relaxed non-party atmosphere upon trying it.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83140
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Nov 25, 2013Views: 17,618
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Multi-Day Experience (13), Large Group (10+) (19)

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