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Alert, Happy and Retentive
Citation:   Anonymous. "Alert, Happy and Retentive: An Experience with Modafinil (exp94504)". Jan 6, 2014.

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200 mg oral Modafinil
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After receiving a disappointing GPA the first semester of my second year at college I decided to look into alternative ways to help myself study and fight my procrastination problem. I had friends who had taken Adderall or Ritalin with varying results and had decided I wanted to avoid those if possible. While online I happened across an article on Modafinil. I decided to do some more research and see what I could find. After reading articles and experiences I decided that I wanted to try it. The main reason I chose Modafinil over other things was the seeming lack of side effects and 'high' feeling.

I ordered Modalert (200mg) online from a foreign company that I had heard was reliable over winter break and then I just had to wait. I received my package about 3 weeks later during the second week of the semester. When it got there I decided to take one even though I didn't have anything in particular that I planned to do so that I could judge its effects during normal activities. This was around 6PM. I didn't really notice any significant effects or changes in my mood or perceptions and I kind of wondered if the drug was even working. About an hour after taking it me and some friends went to Jumpstreet (a large room with trampolines lining the floors and walls) and noticed that I didn't tire as quickly as I normally would or as quickly as my friends. This was a subtle thing but still something that I noticed. When we got back around 9pm I had to go to a meeting until 11pm. After the meeting I went home and when I got home I began working on some homework I had. I didn't really realize it until I had been working on it for 10 minutes or so but then I started thinking that this was very odd for me. Normally I have to mentally convince myself to start studying and get distracted easily but this didn't happen this time. I stayed up working on homework and decided I wanted to try it again the next day but try it when I was tired. I had a large amount of pills so at this point I was just experimenting with the effects so that I could judge when and how I should use it later. Because I wanted to try it when I was tired I decided to stay up and do homework for as long as I could or as long as I still had motivation. I ended up staying up till about 5am studying and doing homework. This was weird for me because I normally can't stay focused and motivated for that long however I didn't notice it was happening until I thought about it later.

After I finished studying I went to sleep and woke up again at 9am after only 4 hours of sleep which isn't much for me. When I woke up I took another 200mg dose and took a shower and got ready for class at 10am. As with the night before, I didn't particularly notice any effects until I went back and looked at the things I had done. The main thing that I did notice is although I was still tired when I woke up, by the time I got to class I was as awake and alert as I would have been if I had gotten 7-8 hours of sleep. As the day went on I noticed that I was paying attention in class more than normal as my mind tends to wander. I also noticed that although I normally am slightly depressed I was feeling good that day. Not euphoric or anything out of the ordinary, just good. I also noticed that when I talked to friends it was much easier to hold conversations and I was much more outgoing than usual.

Since then I have been taking it occasionally for a couple weeks on days where I have a large amount of studying or if we are doing a hard topic in one of my classes. Since then I have noticed more subtle effects of the Modafinil. One of these is that I can usually tell whether I took Modafinil on a given day because I remember things that we did in class or things from my homework much more clearly than on a day when I hadn't taken Modafinil. I am generally pretty forgetful and don't have a very good short term memory but if I am told something or learn something while I am on Modafinil it just seems to stick in my mind better than normal. I have also noticed that on days that I take Modafinil I am generally happy and outgoing on those days. At first I was skeptical that it had been the Modafinil that had caused the happiness because I tend to go through short bursts of depression and happiness and I assumed that I had just been on a good day the first time I took it but looking back I haven't had any significantly bad days while I was on Modafinil.

Overall, I have found that effects of Modafinil, for me at least, are extremely subtle and almost unnoticeable until I start to think back and examine the things that I have done on a given day. Once I have taken it somewhat frequently over a period of time I started to notice patterns that appear on days that I took it even though I didn't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary at the time. I found it to be extremely useful to keep me motivated and especially to fight off my tendency to procrastinate things. When I have taken Modafinil I just get to work without thinking about it whereas normally I would procrastinate and struggle to get started.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94504
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 6, 2014Views: 28,751
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