Making DXM a Useful Inward Focusing Drug
Citation:   Anonymous. "Making DXM a Useful Inward Focusing Drug: An Experience with DXM & MDMA (exp2532)". Aug 19, 2001.

First of all, this report is for more experienced trippers. I would suggest that you have tried DXM and MDMA independently several times before trying them in combination. Also, I would note that these drugs were not taken at the same time. The MDMA was taken after all noticeable effects of DXM had worn off - and before sleeping. This will make you very exhausted, but also has the potential to be very useful.

Do this with one person that you wish to bond with in some profound way.

You will also need to do some construction/preparation beforehand to make this work properly.

1 - you will need to construct a DXM room. This room will need to be pitch black. Dark enough to develop film in. You can use duct tape and electrical tape - there must be no light in the room at all. Take off your watch if it glows in the dark.

2 - you will need a strobing mechanism. You can build your own using the flash from a camera or you can just use a camera with no film in it.

3 - Put your stereo in the dark room. You will need music. Not popular music. Music that is engaging. Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol 2 works well, NIN was also very effective for me. Use your own judgement.

Okay. Now you are ready to dose. After taking DXM you may notice slight nausea perhaps an hour into the trip. You may have to throw up - I usually have to. Taking Dramamine beforehand can help with this, but that is your choice.

When you feel the first effects of DXM, go into the darkness and lie down in whatever spot is comfortable. Don't try to talk too much, just let the darkness engulf you. This will help you have an out of body experience. At some point you may want to bring out the camera. DXM creates interesting persistence of vision effects.

If you flash the camera everyone in the room will receive an intense visual image for a split second. This image will remain for several seconds afterwards if you hold your eyes still. This effect limits visual information to a minimum while you are on DXM and seems to help a lot with disorientation that you would normally get while walking around in daylight. Also, it helps to keep the trip more internal and one of thought.

During this trip - which is horrible for your brain - you may think of a lot of important things. In all of my past experiences with DXM any conclusion that I came to was forgotten when I awoke the next day. The key to making these ideas persist is to roll when the DXM effects totally wear off.

After your trip, come out of the darkness, smoke some pot or something and talk about your different experiences. The flashing light during the trip helps to create some common ground in different trips - synchronization of thought or something strange like that. I have no clue why it works. When you feel sober again then take the MDMA and go back into the dark room, but this time with some dim light. This is where the ideas that you had earlier are reinforced.

I would suggest taping all conversation that you have while you are on MDMA. When you start rolling, all barriers of speech and such are essentially broken down. For me, I always find it easier to say what I mean on MDMA. And with strange seed ideas in your head from DXM you will most likely have stuff to talk about. You can save the recording if you think you'll forget anything in the future.

Essentially this whole DXM MDMA thing was a way that I could open up to myself and others and put into words my entire philosophy - something that is generally very difficult to do - with amazing ease.

From this trip I found myself deeply connected to the other person I tripped with. So deeply connected that we complete each other's sentences and act as one person. It was as if tripping in the dark and trading ideas melded our consciousness into one unity.

Good luck if you try it. I cannot guarantee that this works for everyone or that you will even enjoy it at all. But if you do and gain something from it then - all the better.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 19, 2001Views: 93,734
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