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Propylthiophenethylamines for Beginners
2C-T-4 & Cannabis
Citation:   Anonymous. "Propylthiophenethylamines for Beginners: An Experience with 2C-T-4 & Cannabis (exp24729)". Jun 24, 2003.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-T-4 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00 4 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Chemical abuse began early in the day, with the consumption of a 30-cm meatball sub on wheat with barbecue sauce, washed down by ~500 mL generic fruit punch. Caloric intake for the remainder of the day was provided by Milano double chocolate Distinctive Cookies, consumed every three to four hours. At 20:20 that evening, 15 mg 2C-T-4 were ingested orally. To give a quick summary, noticeable 'psychoactive' effects lasted eleven to twelve hours, the greatest unpleasantness being mild stomach discomfort beginning about 1 hour into the trip and lasting about ninety minutes. A mild headache the following morning was cured by an Alleve tablet, and might (this was not a controlled experiment) have been due to my lack of caffeine the previous day. My trip was somewhat visual, markedly tactile and perhaps a trifle psychological.

About a month ago, I broke a long habit of leafing through books I'd already read, and instead inhaled a continuous stream of new ones. I started with Larry Gonick's **Cartoon History of the Universe III**, continued through with **Catch-22** and **Breakfast of Champions**, took a brief break before Pynchon's **Vineland** and then Hofstadter's **Godel, Escher, Bach**. Perhaps as a result, the trip's early stage was damnably literary, with wordy thoughts flashing across my consciousness. After my stomach settled somewhat, I pulled **Ulysses** off my shelf and started reading Nighttown, figuring it was adequately hallucinatory to speed me on my way. A few pages into Bloom's escapade, I noticed an effect I'd previously seen on both LSD and 2C-B: letters on previous pages were showing through more than usual, and words on my current page swished about their positions, never going too far but never staying put either.

The first tactile sensation---muscle tension throughout my limbs, familiar as an old friend from 2C-T-2---appeared at roughly T + 1:00. I set Joyce aside and tried to cultivate closed-eye hallucinations, figuring that this was the quickest way to reach someplace interesting. Light leaking from my eyelids' lower edges made an appealing double-halo effect. I sat below a blue neon lamp; its afterimage became a white arc-light band which bounced about my field of view. Pretty swirlies accompanied all this. 2C-T-4 gave me remarkable tactile and proprioceptive effects; more than once I found myself sliding into the body of a fictional character of the opposite gender.

I was able to drink milk without any gastric complaints.

Vanishingly few erotic components to the entire evening's entertainment. Approximately three hours into the trip, I did notice an odd internal sensation which would have been compatible with sex, but wasn't terribly sexual in and of itself. It was almost like a Salvia experience I once had of pressure waves moving through my body and bouncing off my skin's insides. 2C-T-4 lent a little credence to a Qi notion, an idea of energy centers strung along my spinal axis. If I could explain more with this picture, I'd like it a lot. These energy globes oscillated for a while, then diminished when I began paying more attention to other people.

The latter eight hours were spent more in my friends' company. Some of them were intoxicated, most sober. I could interact as well as baseline; read the list of books I cited to judge if my baseline performance is at all 'normal'.

Eight hours after ingestion, I felt myself decidedly coming down, and I smoked a few lungfuls of marijuana to smooth the descent (a tactic I learned from 2C-T-2). During the final hours, a friend and I walked two and a half miles to see another acquaintance who had tried his first phenethylamine that night. We saw a gloriously subtle pastel sunrise and became quite unbecomingly irritated when we found the donut shop wasn't open yet. I snuggled into my bed and had a long sequence of progressively less coherent closed-eye visuals, resembling at times wireframe graphics and sometimes Japanese animation. Mandala-like images floated across my ceiling when I opened my eyes; the closed-eye visuals returned as expected, along with the proprioceptive hallucination of my body's switching forms. I definitely remember a few minutes being a multitentacled mollusc; this was probably the highest intensity of sexual feeling the trip gave me.

Overall, 2C-T-4's most notable psychological effect was to concentrate me into the present moment. Sensory input seemed so rich and detailed that I found it difficult to think about future events. I could handle the past, though, at least as anecdotes I retold to my companions. I would have a very hard time being upset at a late train, for example, during a 2C-T-4 trip. I didn't observe an outstanding 'peak'; instead, the drug's highest-intensity effects lasted with considerable constancy for six or seven hours. Both coming up and coming down were gradual processes.

The following day was lazy, though perhaps not much lazier than any other Sunday I've had whilst running on three hours' sleep. Again, Milano cookies provided nourishment. I wouldn't mind a similar 2C-T-4 dose again, although I would ingest my dose at least two hours earlier, to save the 'morning after' wear and tear. The body load might be a little much for this to be an art museum drug, but not by far.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24729
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2003Views: 22,534
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2C-T-4 (274) : Various (28), General (1)

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