From Bliss to Insanity, and Back to Reality
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "From Bliss to Insanity, and Back to Reality: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp33687)". Mar 2, 2007.

T+ 0:00
3.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 4:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was first shroom experience. I have been smoking weed occasionally for about a year now, and this was my first time into 'another realm' so to speak. I had been doing research on the subject for about 6 months prior to the trip. I decided to indulge in both sides (the good and bad) of hallucinogenic drug use. So I researched frequently on the internet. It wasn't until I started to read the Carlos Castaneda series, that I became very interested in trying the substance for myself. So I had been searching my small town for some acid or mushrooms, but they were nowhere to be found for quite a while. This gave me more time to prepare myself for the journey I would soon undertake. Which was a good thing in the end.

Finally my friend found a provider and bought a half pound to deal. Me and 2 of my friends jumped at the offer. I bought 3 grams, my friend A got 4, and B bought about 6, (he was going to share them with his girlfriend C). We decided to trip over the weekend, so I waited a few days in great anticipation. On the day of I ate nothing, I was afraid I might get sick and puke. I also brought a barf bag just in case of an emergency.

A, B, and C all had experience with the drugs before so I was glad they were coming with me, this way I had someone to relate to and guide me. My other friend D decided to be my sitter, he stayed sober, drove and tried to keep me sane. About 7 p.m. we all ate the boomers, and headed to the lake. B told me to chew the stems first and save the caps for last. I took small bites of the stems and chewed them thoroughly. Then I ate two of the caps the in the same fashion. On the last cap however, B instructed me to suck on the largest cap inside my cheek for about 10 minutes. I'm not sure if this is a better way to ingest them, but it's worth a try if you'd like to see.

My friend D and I arrived first. We found a good place to sit, overlooking the water with a nice view of the sunset as well. About 20 or 30 minutes after I ingested them, I started to notice a few different things about my body and vision. I was pretty relaxed and sat down on a picnic table bench. The first thing that caught my eye was a bush about 2 feet in front of me. I was astonished at how green it was! It was as if I had had a blindfold on my whole life, and it had just been removed to show me how colors were meant to be seen.

I noticed a few berries on the bush, and they were the most vivid red color! I became very captivated in these wonderous pigments, and glanced around to see what else I could notice. Just as I was starting to shift my eyes D's phone rang. It was A, B and C and they had just arrived at the lake. I started to talk with A and tried to describe to him where we were, but he started laughing hysterically, and I could hear B and C cracking up in the background. This of course made me start laughing too, even though nothing was funny. It was just a feeling we all had, laughter was contagious.

I talked to A for what seemed like eternity but it must have really been about 5 minutes. I kept trying to tell him we were: by a playground with yellow slides. He said they couldn't see a playground anywhere. So I tried to explain in more depth about our surroundings. A few minutes later he exclaimed 'Oh there it is!' and laughed again. He said they had been right by the playground the whole time, but it was behind them and they didn't notice. Then he looked around and said he saw me, so I told him to come over and join us.

I went back to the bench and sat down. I had heard about closed eye visuals so I tried it, but didn't notice anything extraordinary. When I opened my eyes, I saw the three of them (A, B and C) walking toward me, all laughing and smiling. I had the most profound feeling of warmth and happiness at that point just watching them, it seemed as though they were perfect, divine. Once they came and sat down by us, we started talking but we found it hard to get out a sentence without bursting into laughter. At one point I asked 'What are we laughing about?' B responded, 'Nothing man that's what's so great about shrooms.' Or something to that extent.

He put his head down for a second, and I told him to lift it up again. He did it very quickly and it surprised me, so I started giggiling again. When B lifted his head up it was as if I was watching a 3-D movie. His head seemed to pop out at me, and behind was the light blue sky that served as the background. A told them then it was my first trip, B and C seemed very shocked, and said things such as, 'Wow!', and 'You're going to love it.' Their words comforted me, and again I felt extreme bliss.

When I use these words such as bliss, perfect, divine they are nothing in comparison to what the feeling was. It was an unexplainable sensation, one that as a human I cannot voice. Fellow shroomers may know what I am referring to, but until one has experienced it, you shouldn't even try to imagine.

Then we decided to go and sit on the cliffs, which were about 10-15 feet above the water. We kept on laughing for about 10 to 15 minutes just enjoying the cool breeze across our faces. I remember A said 'AH! There's an ant on me!' at one point. I glanced down and saw a few ants scurrying around rapidly, and I exclaimed 'Ants! I love ants! Ants are cool.' I probably could have died right there happy, it seemed nothing was wrong, everything was connected and as it should be, like a glimpse of heaven.

I felt an extreme bond to the world around me as if I was a link in the chain. The ants are just a representation of how happy I was with every creature and every being or entity that existed, everything had a purpose at that point. I had no worries, life was perfect for a brief moment. I then looked across the lake at a large building, and focused on it for a few minutes, it seemed I was zooming in on it, getting closer each second. I glanced back at my friends and said 'Oh I'm still sitting here? I thought I was walking towards that building over there.' They all laughed and said they were thirsty, so I went and got some water bottles out of my car I had brought and
distributed them. I also got my jacket becuase I was a bit cold from the wind's chill.

Another girl came up around then, and talked with C for a few moments. The two girls started to walk off towards another 'mini' cliff that wasn't as high above the lake. So the rest of us followed them and sat down again. As we were walking towards the new spot I looked down and noticed the unbelievable color of the rocks below me. I could distinguish fiery colors of red, and seperate shades of brown. With each step I saw a new piece of the puzzle, and I repeatedly stopped, and blurted 'Woah!!'

D came up to me and helped me get over to the spot without stalling so much. Once we had settled down and sat on the cliff, A and B got out some cigarettes and lit up, but I didn't really feel like it I was just enjoying the scenery. I looked down at the waves crashing into the sand, and it seemed that they were destroying the shore, just swallowing it up and taking it back into the dark pits of the lake. I suppose the tide was coming in, and on the trip the effect was enhanced. Then I looked down at the ground below us again and noticed tiny rocks and pebbles in the dirt. I concentrated on them hoping to percieve a good visual. In no time, the pebbles started merging and moving, it seemed as if giant worms were crawling around, I was mesmerized. I thought if I stared too long I'd get scared though so I turned my head away to face A and B.

They were still smiling and talking a bit, but I had lost most of my speaking ability, and I couldn't voice my thoughts well. I kept trying to remember what I was doing and where I was, it seemed as though my mind was slipping away. And I consistently reassured myself aloud that I was tripping, by muttering 'Oh yeah, I remember!' During the time my mind was 'not within my body' I couldn't think clearly. I kept believing that I was supposed to do something or go somewhere, some task I was to accomplish, but I didn't know what it was.

The only thing I could think about rationally was the time, so I repeatedly asked D what time it was, becuase I kept forgetting. I think he said 8:30 about 5 or 6 times, but he never got angry. He understood my state so well, and remained calm the entire time, never raising his temper. At this point I got another strange feeling within my hair. I could feel the wind blowing it steadily across my face (it's relatively long). But it felt as if it was in little clumps, and was about to fall of. I tried to pull at it, and thought most of it had slipped off into my fingers, but it was only imagination or the drugs.

My visual perception began to shift. It seemed objects or persons that were close were far away, and vice versa. At one point, I thought A was sitting 5 feet away from me, and I leaned towards him a few inches to find him pushing me off of his shoulder. Whenever I glanced back at D it seemed as if he was sitting at least 10 feet away from us, while in reality he was probably right next to me.

I remember watching a boat pass by and there was a pole blocking my view. I could see the boat moving towards the pole, and once it got behind it, the boat disappeared! I had to move my entire head to see it go past the pole and keep moving, as if I had to manually change frames in a movie. Then, I got up repeatedly thinking I had to go somewhere, and realized I didn't so I sat back down.

At 9 D told me the park was closing and we needed to leave, we were supposed to meet another group of kids at that time too. I had gotten semi-directions before the trip, because I wasn't sure how well I could handle thinking on my own during my journey. I was supposed to call and meet them at a place because they couldn't describe exactly where it was. So at that point we walked toward the car. I got in and sat down, the sun was just about down, maybe 10 more minutes and it would have been completely dark.

D got out to tell the others we were leaving, and I got a bit frightened being alone. But he came back soon after and I felt better again. Inside the car it was quiet I didn't notice the distinct sounds of nature as I had earlier, it felt weird for me to have no sound, so I turned on The Beatles. I never noticed the music as much as I thought I would, it just felt weird to sit in silence.

D told me to call the other group of kids and I picked up the phone to talk. This was where it got weird. I could hear someone talking, but I didn't understand them at all, like they were speaking a different language. He must have told me directions but I didn't discern the words he was saying. Finally I asked 'Who is this?'. He said 'It's J man, have you heard anything I said?'. I felt very confused at this point and just dropped the phone. I told D I couldn't get directions. I was too messed up, and he couldn't speak English well, so we had to do something else. He said we'd drive around for a bit before we went somewhere, and I agreed.

As we left and started going down the road I got hot and took off my jacket and shoes, I threw them on the floor below me. My mind wasn't thinking rationally, and I told D that I was pretty messed up and it was up to him to get me through this. I started to feel as if my body was merging with everything, my feet were wrapped around my jacket, and it felt like I was digging my toes into wet mud. My back began to melt into the seat. My hair and face, everything was wearing away, or merging with each other, it was quite frightening.

Then I remembered Castaneda had this same experience when he described mushrooms in his book. He told he had the feeling of merging into a wall, and felt as if his face was melting off. That gave my mind a brief relief, but it didn't last long. D looked at me sudddenly and said my pupils were bewildering. I looked in the mirror, and all I saw was black, there wasn't a hint of an iris in my eye. That's how I knew I was really in for it. My eyes also have a tendency to get extremely red when I smoke, even after one hit, and I do it quite often. So I wasn't surprised that my pupils were enormous, just fascinated.

We drove for about an 15 or 30 minutes, but it seemed much longer to me. I was freaking out a bit, and kept asking D if I was having a bad trip, and if I looked okay. Again I must have asked him 10 times, and he remained cool and collected, every time reassuring me I was fine, that soothed me a bit, and I was very glad to have D watching over me.

Soon D got a phone call, it was E and he told us they were tripping too, and we should go over to his place. D and I arrived about 9:30 I'm guessing. There was about 10 people there, I knew them but couldn't distinguish them in the darkness. I sat down and a girl came up to me, and said she was tripping too, she talked to me for a while. But I remained silent, and just listened. Then I went inside his house a got on the couch, I still remained quiet, and had the same merging feeling with the cushions, though it wasn't as bad as in the car.

At this point I started to have those thoughts like 'How far am I going?', 'Should I really be doing this?' and so on. It discomforted me a little. There were a few kids rolling at E's house too; they had some red glow sticks and started twirling them around, as I suppose people do when raving. I noticed trails in the red glow sticks, but was not enthralled by them. I felt very confused from the point I got in the car, until I left E's house. I questioned my sanity and reality frequently, and thought I was going to have to be put in a nut house.

We left about 10 and I was losing some of the effects, so I thought I was coming down. I wanted to go to my house and watch the end of '2001 : A Space Odessy' (the really trippy part). But D was unsure if I could act normally with my parents still awake, I convinced him, and surprisingly I acted perfectly sober in front of my mom and dad. I was amazed with my ability to talk clearly, as I couldn't have done 30 minutes earlier.

When I sat down to watch the movie I noticed things repeating over and over, I think the DVD was messed up and kept going back, which wasn't very good for the experience. Also D was looking at porn on my computer, and it seemed, he was doing the exact same thing over and over. We sat for about an hour I kept wandering around, looking to make sure I had everything put away. My perception was also distorted as it had been the whole night. But I profoundly noticed it when my dog came in and sniffed my face, his head seemed gigantic in proportion to his body. Then a friend named R called D, and said we should go with him to the gas station where some other kids were hanging around.

When he came I felt again as though I couldn't speak, and everything seemed to move too fast for me to keep up. I talked very slowly and had to try hard to pronounce words. It felt like my lips wieghed 100 pounds. We got up there and saw no one we knew, so R said we should go to a park and smoke. I agreed, I thought it'd help ease the come down. So we went and smoked a bowl.

While I was smoking I noticed the vivid colors fade away, and it seemed as though I was going back to the dull real world reality. I told D that our eyes sucked, and I wished I could always see colors as bright as the mushrooms allowed my eyes to perceive. Then D and I went back to my house. It was 12 or 12:30 and I was almost completly done with my trip. I felt tired and relaxed due to the dro. I passed out in my bed, and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, and glad to have survived the ordeal.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 2, 2007Views: 14,635
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