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General » » »   more   » » » [277]
Is This What People Call Fun tinyidiot Heroin
Curiously Present Look1 Poppies - Opium
Clean from Opium Tea Survivor Ibogaine
Chasing the Dragon Robby Heroin (Black Tar)
An Incredible Buzz? Sour Lemon Codeine
The Happiest Chemical High Ever Indigo Morphine & MDMA
Tar Tar Char Char Gnostika for Noddy Heroin (black tar)
Floating in a Warm Sea Phalaris Poppy Tea
Does Not Resemble Amphetamine Rev. MeO Adrafinil (Olmifon)
Opium in Laos Raul Opium

First Times » » »   more   » » » [177]
A Profound Inaugural Experience Anonymous Opium
For Better or for Worse burton Heroin
A Good Night, A Horrible Morn John_iv Opium
Effects ruined by SSRI Cecilia 4-Fluoroamphetamine, Codeine & Paroxetine
First Time Trial zophen 2C-TFM
My Night with the Morphine Orphan Observer Heroin (China White)
A Pleasant Relief Kaltoon Heroin
Tasting Paradise. Gryt Heroin, Alcohol & Cannabis
Floating Inside a Marshmallow Mutiny Promethazine & Codeine
Chasing the Dragon Mr. Frog Opium Poppy Tea

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [237]
World of Love Daniel Boone Gabapentin, Codeine, Oxycodone, Tobacco & Cannabis
Between Two Drugs ? Crack & Heroin
Pseudo-Speedball lazyvegan Poppy Tea, Cocaine, & Sildenafil (Viagra)
Hallucinosexual Jonas 2C-B, Moclobemide, Hydergine, Vinpocetine & Codeine
Head Is Heavy, Eyes VERY Heavy Bo Jangles Morphine & Pentazocine
How to Ruin Happiness... ewan_u Heroin & Crack
Vivid Dreams of Morphine Frogs Kade Rouxier Poppy Seed Tea & Amanita muscaria
Positive And Negative Sedation ProphecyPaul Heroin & Ketamine
Dripping Bliss Wsup Den Butalbital & Codeine
A Happy and Fluffy Afternoon Purple Grass Codeine & Cannabis

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [241]
What It Feels Like Mason Heroin
The Pleasures of Opium Thomas de Quincey Opium
Opiate Reviews and Overviews Morphitron Oxycodone, Morphine, Buprenorphine, Methadone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Codeine & Tramadol
The Truth About Dope Kdubya Heroin
Choose Smack and Life and a Career? Bee Heroin
Vivid and Sweet Fang Opium & Cannabis
The Summer of Poppies Papaver Man Opium & Cannabis
A Collection of Experiences Nightstalker Poppies, Alcohol & Cannabis
Drifting Mind's Eye Hallucinations Ginger Diphenhydramine & Codeine
No Time but Now Pharm Heroin

Preparation / Recipes » » »   more   » » » [95]
Lasted Long FlowGnome Poppies - Opium (seed tea)
Intravenous Tablet Injection Alley_Viper Morphine
Dreamy Tea Recipe panspermia P. somniferum Pods
Even Tea Can Be Fun apenguinwithdogears Poppy Seeds (Extract) & Kava Kava
Basic Morphine Prep and the Experience Drug Geek Morphine
Peace & Safety - Rectal Administration sackbut Codeine
Making Tea Anonymous Poppies - Opium
Hard at Work! Didgya Poppies - Opium
The Pleasures of Floating X-Man Poppies - Opium
Canuck Dreams Narcotic Dreamer Codeine

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [71]
Far Too Much Codeine Codeinated Codeine
Bad Bhang Recipe Blackie Lawless Cannabis & Opium
Suicidal Recovery somatose Methamphetamine, alprazolam, zolpidem, codeine & cannabis
Not as Tolerant as I Thought MongrelOctopus Codeine
All the Bad of Other Pills, None of the Good Don Morphine
Antagonising Pain phoenix Codeine, Naltrexone & Temazepam
My Heart Is On Fire Union J. Codeine, Caffeine & Cannabis
Adrenaline Shots Sgiria Codeine
Such a Perfect Day Sydd Heroin
Tea Gone Wrong Banana Fish Poppies - Opium

Bad Trips » » »   more   » » » [20]
Frightened and Confused Niki Dimenhydrinate & Codeine
Change for the Better Rattled Oxycodone & Cannabis
My Forbidden Love Bites Back Smithie Heroin
Paranoia, War, Drugs & Warping Golf Clubs scared of white vans Opium, Mushrooms & Vicodin
The Worst Pain I Had Ever Felt One38 Morphine
Codeine Cocktail A Bad Idea Doctor K Codeine, Diazepam, & Nitrites
Fighting for My Life Skunkburner69 5-MeO-DMT & Opium
The Untimely Death of Matt Himself Matt Himself Heroin & Naloxone (Narcan)
My Boy Toy Holly Heroin
Perfection Has Rejected Me Masterjt666 Morphine & Cannabis

Health Problems » » »   more   » » » [68]
The Untimely Death of Matt Himself Matt Himself Heroin & Naloxone (Narcan)
Sleep Apnea As An Effect HaSaam Codeine
And a Trip to the Hospital MalorixGalba Opium Poppy Leaf
Overdose Later Heart Stop Venusinfurs Heroin
An Allergic Reaction HuFlungPoo Poppy Seed Tea
Wait, I Was Gonna Split That... Al Heroin & Naloxone (Narcan)
Near Certain Death SirMoses Morphine
An Overdose on My Favorite Ed Codeine (with Acetaminophen)
OD On My Favourite Trouble Codeine
I Had a Mini-Stroke Bob_Loblaw Mephedrone, Heroin & Mirtazapine

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters » » »   more   » » » [30]
I Almost Killed Myself lolliebedlam Poppy Seed Tea
Came Very Close to Having My Heart Explode 'tanya' Heroin & Cocaine
Seeing the Other Side Johnny420 Heroin & Cannabis
Dope F(r)iend Marsupial Heroin
When They Found Me My Lips Were Blue P Heroin
The Most Peaceful Way to Die gnarlynicholas Heroin
Everything Bagel's Astonishing Power (Effect on UA) Samanthe Poppies - Opium (seeds)
It Can Potentially Kill alpha107 Poppies - Opium
Almost Lost My Life Anonymous Heroin
Bad Heroin Sinders Unknown (Sold as Heroin)

Addiction & Habituation » » »   more   » » » [234]
Drug-Induced Limbo sunny Heroin
All Roads Lead to the Same Dead End Nate Heroin & Oxycodone
My Friend Harry Will Heroin
Like My Closest Friend Andrew Codeine (with Aspirin)
My Continuing Process of Resisting Changspa Poppies - Opium
Can't Wait Till This Is Over Keith Heroin, Oxycodone, Dilaudid & Morphine
Continually Fighting This Battle Gino D Heroin & Oxycodone
Wish I Still Hated It JunkyMax Heroin & Oxycodone
Finally Free Entropy Heroin, Opioids (Oxycodone, Methadone, Suboxone) & Kratom
Another Day as a Junky 100MillionYearTrip Heroin

Glowing Experiences » » »   more   » » » [79]
Not Life-Changing, but Cuddly Nox Opium
A Devotion Seven Heroin
Good Day Sunshine R Promethazine, Codeine & Cannabis
Free, Warm, Content, and Relaxed Lane Heroin
Dot, Dot, Dot. Katriss Heroin
Three Friends And I Four Minute Warning Morphine, Alcohol & Cannabis
The Best Legal High Pleasantly Surprised Poppies - Opium (tea)
It was Really Nice Narcannot Morphine
Smoking in a Lightbulb Vaporiser Psych0naut Heroin
Tablet Older Than Me, Better Than Expected Shad Morphine

Mystical Experiences   [7]
On the Magickal Uses of Opioids Glozey Morphine
When I Met 'Them' WonderBoy Salvia divinorum, Opium & Cannabis
Plastic Enlightenment Drala Various & Meditation
So This Is What The Shaman Sees... DK DXM, Cannabis, Opium & Alcohol
The Forgotten Dreamer... Knott 2C-I & Opium
Hallucinosexual Jonas 2C-B, Moclobemide, Hydergine, Vinpocetine & Codeine
The River and The Mountains Peter Mescaline, Methamphetamine, Cannabis & Heroin

Health Benefits » » »   more   » » » [22]
Instead of OTC Painkillers, For Back Pain Seeformiles Poppies - Opium
Mushrooms and Opiate Withdrawl Dan Mushrooms & Codeine
Good Painkiller, Good Buzz Martian Codeine (Tylenol#4)
For Back Pain Weebl Opium Poppy Tea
Use in Autistic Spectrum Disorder Limpet Chicken Morphine & Tobacco
My Addiction TarMonkey Opiates (Various), Heroin & Alprazolam
A Pleasant Relief Kaltoon Heroin
Pain Management the other one Morphine, Tramadol (with Acetaminophen)
Cleanest Euphoria Sumcity Morphine, Diazepam (Valium) & Fentanyl
God's Own Medicine Harbonic_Older Morphine & Meperidine (Demerol)

Families   [5]
Saved Me From Total Breakdown Handle Dihydrocodeine, Heroin & Cannabis
To What Lengths I Would Go LSDose Opiates
What I Thought I Wanted dopefiend Alcohol, Cannabis, Pain Killers, Cocaine, & Heroin
The Needle of Death Bj Heroin
Losing the Battle userfr1endly21 Heroin & Alcohol

Medical Use » » »   more   » » » [50]
The Opposite of Nodding Anaxis Imperator Morphine
Help With Opium Withdrawal Tritogeneia Opium Poppy Pod
The Road To Mexico npal Ibogaine for Heroin Addiction
I Felt So Normal Thea Morphine & Clonazepam
Meetings With the Raindrop People Lobster Morphine
Cleanest Euphoria Sumcity Morphine, Diazepam (Valium) & Fentanyl
For Opiate Wthdrawals Danyv Quetiapine (Seroquel)
Aided/Broke Me Shrooman Morhpine
The Upside Of Surgery Tattered and Torn Midazolam, Fentanyl, Morphine & Oxycodone (with Acetaminophen)
God's Own Medicine Harbonic_Older Morphine & Meperidine (Demerol)

What Was in That?   [9]
Vintage Opium or Incense? Rev. MeO Unknown
Kind of Underwhelming psychonaut Cocaine, Heroin & Unknown (sold as MDMA)
Sniffing H I Thought Was C Moreau Heroin
Faded vincent Alprazolam & Morphine
Bad Heroin Sinders Unknown (Sold as Heroin)
Nearly Lethal Mix (Know Your Friends) Poindexter Cannabis (edible), Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen
Were They Perhaps Old? Morphium Poppies - Opium
Fighting for My Life Skunkburner69 5-MeO-DMT & Opium
A Little Scary Chris Cannabis & Opium

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