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Pain Management
Morphine, Tramadol (with Acetaminophen)
Citation:   the other one . "Pain Management: An Experience with Morphine, Tramadol (with Acetaminophen) (exp73264)". Jan 3, 2012.

112.5 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)
  975 mg oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)
  60 mg IV Morphine (pill / tablet)
    repeated oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)
On a friday night after dinner around 5:00 PM, for pain and stress management, I took three 37.5 mg. tramadol (Ultracet) 325 mg. acetametaphen with plenty of water. So in total: 112.5 mg. of tramadol and 975 mg. of acetametaphen. I rarely go over 1000 mg. of acetametaphen to watch my liver. My mood is somewhat good because it is the end of the work week, but I am tired and suffering from lower back pain. I wash my hands and then use hand sanitizer. I numb the IV area of my arm with maximum strength pain formula Neosporin (petroleum jelly type). At the dining room table, I work on a freshly machine washed plate and put two 30 mg. (60 mg. total) rapid release morphine sulphate pills in a large sterilized stainless steel spoon of filtered tap water (a little less than a tablespoon).

The pills are little white round ones that dissolve quickly. I use a water filter for the water. I stir the solution a little with the needle cover. I use a dual flame torch lighter to boil the solution. I boil it slightly for about 10 seconds. I sterilize my hands with hand sanitizer again. I then drop a little tightly rolled up ball of cotton (pulled from a large cotton ball) into the sterilized solution. This will filter out any unwanted binders from the pills when I draw the solution into the syringe. I then tie my arm at the bicep with my cotton robe belt. I then take the needle cover off and ever so gently stick the needle tip into the little saturated ball of cotton making sure the needle tip does not touch the metal spoon. I once learned that the slightest ding on the tip of the needle dulls it quickly and will cause a rough injection and a nasty bruise later on.

I could put a dry ball of cotton onto the tip of the needle, but risk poking myself and dulling the tip. I pull up the solution slowly into the 1 ml. syringe. The needle is at an angle with the spoon like the angle that I put it when I inject myself. I donít risk poking the spoon dead on. I then hold the syringe up to a strong light and I tap it a few times with my finger to push the air bubbles up to the top and then push in the plunger to get the air out.

I then pull up some more solution and tap the syringe again if I see air bubbles and then push the plunger up again to expel the air. I then swipe the IV area of my arm with an antiseptic lidocaine solution (Band-aid brand), numbing it further (I hate needles). I pump my fist a few times to get a good plump vein. Iím right handed and my right arm always works well. The vein gets so hard that I mistaken it for a tendon. But then I push it in with my finger and it gives and comes back when I relieve the pressure. I then dip the needle tip into some alcohol, swipe the arm really good with some alcohol this time, precisely find the exact spot, and slowly inject the plump, firm vein, with the 27 gauge needle. Itís a comfortable size. Iím going to use the smaller 28 or 29 gauges next time. They are even more comfortable. Iím also using a half-inch needle. I will also go up to a 2 ml. clearer syringe so I can see the air bubbles better. I put it in my arm at a 25-30 degree angle and have it pointed towards my body.

I put about a quarter inch in and then pull out the plunger a little with my left hand until I see blood- then I know I got the vein. I always get a hit the first time because my veins are big and visible. Lucky me. I slowly inject half of it and get the rush- a warm wave feeling all over and instant relaxation. It always hits my legs first and they go weak as well as my arms. I often find at this point, due to the weakness in my arms, that I push the needle all the way in unintentionally.

I then have to watch carefully because I usually bruise myself from jostling and having the needle in all the way. My theory is that I unconsciously overcompensate trying not to pull it out prematurely or have it fall out by mistake. The rush can be overwhelming sometimes and so I must be very careful at this point. Once I gain back some control, the rest is injected. I slowly pull out the needle and quickly dress a cotton ball dipped in a little alcohol and secure it with a band-aid. I usually bruise regardless, so I take internal arnica and apply topical arnica as well. Arnica can be purchased at a health food store and is specifically for bruising and muscle soreness. When I take the cotton ball off my arm about 30 minutes later, I apply a liberal amount of Neosporin with pain relief. Then a couple hours later I apply a liberal amount of external arnica directly on the area of injection. The internal arnica I take right away. Iím all good. I wouldnít recommend 60 mg. of IV morphine to light-weight people and/or people opiate intolerant.

That is a rather high dose. I can be very opiate tolerant sometimes and I weigh 195 lbs. and suffer from severe chronic low back pain. Iíve taken poppy seed tea, and enough to kill some people. That stuff can have a lot of morphine and other opiates in it as well, and the batches can vary widely in strength, which makes it dangerous if not monitored in preparation, and consumed correctly with great scrutiny. I do the tramadol/morphine routine about once or two times per month, depending on my pain level and I always watch the dosage with great scrutiny. Sometimes I can go for two to three months without serious pain meds and just rely on Bayer aspirin, Tylenol, or one pill of the 37.5 mg. tramadol/APAP every 4-6 hours. I watch the morphine dose very carefully if Iím off opiates for a while, as I become less tolerant to them. Two or three Pharma Kava capsules from Herb Pharm works well too for managing my pain and stress.

The 60 mg. of IV morphine in 1 ml. of H2O and the 112 mg. of tramadol both give a strong, pleasant euphoric feeling and virtually all pain gone for about 2 hours. The first moderately intense rush lasts about 10-12 minutes and my back pain dissolves completely. I feel a moderate pain-free bliss for about 6-8 hours and slight effects the next day for about 6 hours. The feeling is really great and a welcomed relief due to my ongoing nagging, and sometimes intense, lower back pain. The side effects for me are a dry mouth, and some constipation, but I hydrate a lot with filtered H2O and drink some apricot juice and/or a little prune juice. Too much prune juice can cause some serious blow-outs and clear you out, as well as everybody in the house! Opiates also make me a little hyper about 3-5 hours into it, and of course, drowsy and very sleepy later on. About 2-3 days later after taking the described dose only once, I get a little runny, so I take some lopramide hydrochloride- Imodium AD.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73264
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2012Views: 68,311
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