Sertraline, Codeine & Cannabis
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100 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:15 100 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 21:00 150 mg oral Codeine (pill / tablet)
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I was 18. I had a girlfriend and friends with experience who were trying to keep mdma away from me as much as possible because they could see that I liked it a lot and was doing it sometimes once a week 5 weeks in a row or so. At the time it really started to take a toll on my body eating so many ecstasy pills with anything inside them really, and nonstop dancing in the clubs.

I am just experiencing these repercussions now. When I wasn't raving and taking ecstasy, I would only be looking forward to the next time I'm going to drop another pill and go rave and enjoy my life. The days without mdma for me back then weren't days at all, they were hell. This in my addiction riddled mind meant to replace it with something else.

Well without further ado let's begin. My prior use: Cannabis, Ecstasy, LSD, Xanax, Ambien, random pills for muscle pain or back pain, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, nitrous oxide, alcohol, cigarettes, chewing tobacco.

Sertraline: 200mg 1st day
Codeine: 150mg 2nd day, dosing 15mg pills throughout the whole day
Weed: Smoked throughout both days
Setting: Country:Slovakia, first day- school then home in my room; second day- dentist’s office then later on my room

To start the day I went to school. This girl from a grade below me was taking sertraline. I bought it off the girl in the school, just went into her class and bought 2x100mg sertraline pills. She did warn me that this is not a recreational drug and that I should be careful. I decide to pop the first pill in my class as soon as I bought it, 12:30ish. As soon as I ingest it I start to feel different in the form of a restlessness and nervousness and not wanting-ness to be inside a school. I was so nervous, I thought that the pill wasn't going to kick right in. So 15 minutes after ingesting the first one I stupendously ingest the second one, 12:45ish.

After ingesting the second pill I really am starting to feel something. And that feeling is more nervousness and restlessness and I start to feel claustrophobic. I tell my teacher I'm not feeling right and I asked her if my mom could come pick me up. As I am in my mom's car, some hour later after ingestion, I start to get some nausea and I felt pretty odd mentally.

As I got home I immediately loaded up my bong and got super high. This time the high was very different. I remember being surprised at the intensity of how much I was brain fucked from the weed. I was just messing around on my computer trying to keep myself distracted from how fucked up I was. After a while this may be like 2-2,5 hours after ingestion I start to get very twitchy and jittery. My right calf would seize up and twitch uncontrollably when I relaxed my leg. As I was doing bong hits, my girlfriend came in to my room and greeted me.

After one second of looking at me she realized there is something wrong. She immediately asks surprised what I took. To which I answered nothing. After me blatantly lying to her we get into an argument and she really drags me out and I feel horrible, I cry for some time and then tell her I'm sorry for lying and that I took sertraline, this antidepressant from this girl. After the argument, which was like 3 hours after ingestion till the end of the day, I felt confused, dazed, slightly afraid, dumb, embarrassed,and twitchy. Not much else happened that day. We got high, we talked, we watched something, I played some video games, we went to sleep.

The 2nd day I had to wake up early to go to a dentist to get my tooth done. I arrive at the dentists office around 8AM and the procedure takes about 45 minutes which leaves my tooth and mouth in uncomfortable pain. On the way I realized we have a whole box of codeine in the meds drawer. I get home and I eat some pills with codeine. I think the pills were 15mg each and I didn't eat a small amount.

I was dosing throughout the whole day but when I checked the box the next day it was empty, so I ate a whole box and the box contained 150mg of codeine. I was mixing an ssri which stays in the body up to a month with an average dosage of opiates and copious amounts of cannabis. After the opiates I start to feel mellow and chilled. After messing on the computer and chilling with my girlfriend she goes to sleep in my bed and I did two massive gravity bongs in a row.

After this thinking I'm chilled out I go lay in bed, but the opposite is the truth. I started to look around myself and everything looked really dark and distorted. I felt wide awake and was feeling uneasy and somehow I felt strung up. This sensation turned into that one of having an electrical storm in my brain. I was looking on my wardrobe wall off my bed when I suddenly noticed that from the dark from the exact point I was looking at there was a 2 dimensional pixelated scary monster like from a resident evil game or something. The quality of the picture was very pixelated like 8 bit or something and it legit looked like pixels on a two dimensional plane that was sliding towards me, and after the first scary figure a second one behind it, then the third one, the the fourth one. Each one different with different sounds of death to come with them. These monsters looked like pixelated ghosts with dresses and veils.

This surprisingly didn't scare me, but fascinated me because I have never had hallucinations like this in my life. They felt very ominous and deadly. My reaction upon seeing like 8 ghosts in a row jumping at me from the dark was “Fuck this I'm gonna go take a piss see if anything changes.” As I start peeing I feel something lifting off my whole body and I feel ecstatic. I notice a white dot in the middle of my vision, another appears next to it. After that white dot another appears next to it. My whole vision gets enveloped in these white dots and the last thing I can remember is me scared shitless, turning away from the toilet to run towards the door to get help because this didn't feel at all normal.

After my eyes got raped by millions of white dots, I stopped existing. I didn't even know I ever existed and didn't care about anything really. I was really zen. I saw red and saw pulsating of a light and felt like my body was floating through some part of space that had an electrical storm going on.
I didn't even know I ever existed and didn't care about anything really. I was really zen. I saw red and saw pulsating of a light and felt like my body was floating through some part of space that had an electrical storm going on.
I'm violently jerked back into my body. First, I feel the movement of my limbs and muscles and it feels like they are tensing up and relaxing over and over again very violently.

The next thing I realize is I can see and what I see in front of me is my arm on a doorknob me slumped on the door clutching the doorknob in my hand very tightly, and violently slamming the door open and closed, open and closed, and open and closed. This continues for maybe like 7 or 8 cycles until I realize what's happening and take control of my body. I couldn't process what had happened. I had no clue how I got 3 meters from my toilet to the door while being in space electrical limbo. After checking to have a look at myself in the mirror. I didn't look any different other than looking like a train just run me over. I noticed a tiny cut on my chin and forehead.

After feeling like my body was totally submerged in electricity, I thought the next best thing I could do is go to sleep and act like nothing happened. I got into my room to see my girlfriend sleeping. Seeing her made me think that maybe I didn't have such a long seizure because if I would be nonstop slamming the door for like 3 minutes I think someone would have noticed by that time. I laid in bed and after a short while closed my eyes. But after a short round of blackness, I was greeted by a very intense lightning bolt in my head and my whole vision got like struck by this very intense white light. In my eyes it looked like a lightning bolt. I expected it to come back full force, but it didn't. It just jerked me out of my sleep. I tried to fall asleep again, this time finally with success.

This experience scared me straight. It is now 2 years later and I enjoy life very much. Haven't taken mdma in like three months now.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114901
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 9, 2023Views: 19
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