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Smoking in a Lightbulb Vaporiser
Citation:   Psych0naut. "Smoking in a Lightbulb Vaporiser: An Experience with Heroin (exp67167)". Nov 30, 2007.

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T+ 0:00
2 hits smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 0:02 1 hit smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 0:04 1 hit smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 0:06 1 hit smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 0:08 1 hit smoked Heroin (freebase)
It has been 4 or so months ago since I last did any heroin, which was my first time as well. Now I've got a new connection, which supplies me with top notch stuff, very pure no. 3 heroin, which is the freebase, meant for smoking. A great idea popped into my mind. Normally I smoke it on foil, but a lot of smoke get's lost, and a bit of heroin get's burned and destroyed, so it's not very economical. Suddenly the idea of vaporising it in my cannabis vaporiser, which is basically a lightbulb type vaporiser, popped up. I put a few small lumps of heroin in my vaporiser and gave my idea a trial test, here is my experience.

T 21:37 I take 2 tokes in a time span of 1 minute. Before I even exhale, I already start to feel the heroin coming up. Because I smokes it in my vaporiser instead of on foil, it vaporises much slower, because of the thick glass that has to heat up. The big advantage though, is that I'm losing zero percent heroin, nothing get's burned or escapes into the air.

T 21:39 I take a monster toke, inhaling as much smoke as possible, and hold it in for a while. Just a few seconds after I blow out, something very strong grows in my body, the heroin is hitting hard. It's like getting run over by a freighttrain of nothingness

T 21:41 I take a second monster toke, and again, just when I exhale I feel another flood of endorphines in my brain. The rush is already starting to come on, though it isn't very intense yet, it's very pleasant indeed.

T 21:43 I take a third monsterous toke, and yet again, I feel a new wave of even more endorphines being released in my brain, increasing the rush, and adding to the euphoria, sedation and the body glow.

T 21:45 I take a fourth and final humongous hit, the wave of endorphines rushing through my brain has now transformed into a tsunami of endorphines. I'm glowing up like a lightbulb, a very pleasant sensation. My body is numb like it's been injected with lidocaine. I feel total relaxation, and feel comfortably numb.

T 21:47 The beast that is heroin is still rapidly growing in strength, but getting close to the peak. I feel incredibly stoned, but the stonedness is lacking any negative effects of a cannabis high. No paranoia, and much more euphoria. No care in the world. My whole body is numb, and I'm dissociated from the world, not like with DXM or ketamine, but like with all other strong opioids, though heroin beats them all in comparisson. This is the drug that makes you lose every worry in the world, as long as you're just under it's influence. It gives a good insight into why addicts to it can loose everything they have, just to be under it's influence. It's powerfull and not to be underestimated.

T 21:55 I'm completely numb, no other opioid comes close to the body numbing effects of heroin. The body glow is now peaking, and the small initial rush is just over it's peak. For the oncoming hour I will be enjoying a very nice body high. Total relaxation has settled in, and I'm content with just being here, I don't care about more right now.

T 22:00 The rush is practically over, but I'm now left with a cannabis high times ten. I'm obliterated, completely numb. My pupils are tiny, it's clearly visibly I took an opioid. Unfortunenately I'm also feeling some nausea. My body is still glowing like the sun, not too extreme like I'm almost burning, but just like I'm sitting next to a radiator, or laying in bed under some soft, warm blankets. This has a very high comfort level.

T 22:05 Still so damn stoned, and from a really tiny bit, just a few crumbs of heroin. This is clearly very, very potent shit. The best thing is I still have half of the intended dose left in my vaporiser, because it's so efficient, I only need half of what I usually would smoke. An excellent tip, always smoke heroin out of a bulb vaporiser!

T 22:10 I just layed down on my bed for a few minutes, which gave me a good impression of what heaven must be like, so to speak. Even if I had to lay on a concrete floor, it would probaply have felt like velvet. Now I can understand why junkies don't care about having to sleep in the gutter, as long as they have their fix, they have no worries.

T 22:15 I'm nodding out. I lean with my head on the palm of my hand. I close my eyes and it's a different world, almost a bit like ketamine. Unfortunenately I'm still feeling pretty nauseous. That's one of the sacrefices one has to make for using H. Along with possible addiction and other nasties.

T 22:20 Time dilation is enormous, it almost seems like time has frozen, a minute feels like an hour. Typing this first sentence took 3 minutes, can you imagine. I'm happy I'm at home, cause having to walk or cycle back to home is impossible right now, I'm way to tired and uncoordinated.

T 22:30 I'm still completely numb, both physically and mentally. I know the lather is a reason why it is very addictive, but I'm pretty down to earth regarding this, I'm in a emotional stable period, otherwise I wouldn't have taken it. I'm a bit crosseyed as well, my vision is a bit blurry.

T 22:40 I'm already starting to come down, though I'm still pretty numb, and I still feel a bit of a warm glow inside my body. The nausea is also subsiding, which I'm very glad with. I'm still feeling very relaxed, and my lifted mood will stick with me into the next day, I know from experience.

T 22:50 The nausea has disappeared, leaving me with a very pleasant afterglow of some last endorphines flowing around. I know from previous experiences it will be another hour or so before I'm completely at baseline, in the mean time, I'll still be feeling some residual effects, and a very nice moodlift.

T 23:05 I'm still feeling some residual body glow and a little bit of numbness, but my mind is completely clear again. Even though it will take another hour or more before I'm fully at baseline, all the main effects have almost completely subsided, so I'm making an end on this experience. Goodnight.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67167
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 30, 2007Views: 53,553
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Heroin (27) : Alone (16), Personal Preparation (45), Glowing Experiences (4)

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