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This was one of the first narcotics I ever experienced. Oxy has over the years gained notoriety as an extremely potent and 'dangerous' opiate. This reputation is a little over the top. The media has completely demonized it throughout the late 90s and 2000s due in part to abuse of the 'OxyContin' brand extended release tablets. Oxy really is not the strongest thing out there. It's actually on the mild/moderate end of the potency scale for opioids, though it is intended for severe pain. The feeling I get from oxy is very stimulating: a slight hint of 'speedy' but not over the top like amphetamines. I feel happy and energetic, and sometimes clean my house for hours and re-arrange furniture. All other typical effects are also present - itching, tingle of the spine and limbs, warmth in my mid section, pinned pupils, euphoria and excitement. The inner joy that I get from oxy is quite intense: the feeling that my entire life can and will play out how I want, the feeling I am capable of anything, the feeling of confidence, empathy for other human beings and the ability to socialize with ease and come out of my shell in a very slick way. I also feel very sharp, smart, and quick. In moderate doses, oxy promotes productivity, mental clarity, and complete relief from my crippling depression and anxieties of everyday life.


Being the prototypical opiate that it is - the 'gold standard' - pretty much sets the subjective description of what any other opiate should basically feel like, physically and emotionally. There is much more histamine release with the morphine buzz, meaning a lot more itching; which to me is a good thing because it feels so damn good to scratch. The euphoria is pretty mild; unless injected - when injected, the euphoria is just about like heroin and sedation is strong. Mainly when injected rather than swallowed or snorted, the rush comes with an intense pins and needles sensation, like the feeling of thousands of tiny needles lightly poking every single inch of my skin. The pins and needles sensation is often quite overwhelming and itches so damn much but it's part of what makes morphine 'morphine'. One night with a friend, after both doing continuous 100 milligram shots all night we lied down and both drifted off into the beautiful half-sleep, nodding state that junkies know and love; I half-consciously mumbled gibberish to my friend while he giggled with his eyes closed. It was a night I'll remember forever.

One last note - I should again emphasize the fact that morphine is much less effective when taken orally or nasally. Orally; the bioavailability is low - as low as 10 percent. Meaning that when it first passes through the liver; very little is metabolized and only a portion of it reaches the brain. I see this as a waste. Most people think they can avoid this by snorting their morphine; again, BAD IDEA. Morphine does not have a strong ability to absorb through the mucus membranes in the nostrils, though it depends on which form it is you are using. The hydrochloride based salt is much more effective snorted, but is much much less common than the more widely used sulfate based salt. Morphine sulfate is quite useless when snorted. For those not fond of needles, rectal administration is your best bet. Dissolve the morphine in warm water; and shoot it up your ass with a bulb syringe. Lie down on your side for several minutes to give the drug the chance to absorb well into the vessels of the gastrointestinal tract. Rectal administration of morphine (and many other opiates) causes quite a rush; many compare it to the rush that comes from intramuscular injection. It takes effect quite quickly, 15-20 minutes tops for me.


Also known by 'Bupe' or the brand names 'Suboxone' and 'Subutex'. The latter two are the high dose formulations intended for the treatment of opioid dependence and addiction. Bupe is a semi-synthetic thebaine derivative. Thebaine is one of the natural alkaloids in opium straight from the poppy and is used as a precursor in the manufacture of many narcotics. The fact that it is derived from thebaine most likely explains the stimulating speedy effect of buprenorphine. I am prescribed Suboxone and take it daily. I am very familiar with it. It has an incredibly long half life; longer than methadone so the effects last quite a while. Euphoria lasts for several hours, but you can feel the drug itself for 24-36 hours. Dosing more than once daily is not by any means necessary. Due to it's 'partial' binding of the mu opioid receptors, it's effects are often more subtle and less pronounced than a full agonist such as morphine or methadone. None the less Bupe gives me a very pleasant glow and I have to thank it for helping save my ass from a heavily destructive daily habit that would have perhaps killed or broken me sooner or later.

The itch is often present which I like. I should also mention that it has quite a speedy/stimulating effect present much like that of oxy, or even Tramadol or Tapentadol. It does keep me sharp and motivated; often inspired. I write a lot when I take my dose and I love to daydream on it. At certain times, I get quite sedated and tend to nod in and out of consciousness. The warmth is present at all time; though after taking this every day for a year like me, the effects seem quite subtle, but still present and positive. I'm always warm regardless of the temperature and I never get cold any more. It's almost like a warm soft blanket has been draped over me and my entire world, softening the 'edge' off of everything; both physically and psychologically. Tolerance to Bupe does NOT (or at least hardly) increase when you are on a daily steady dose. This is one of it's benefits as an addiction treatment tool as well as it's unique antidepressant effect on many users. I love Bupe.

Every friend who I've let try it has always become extremely happy, sedated, and sometimes nauseous the first time they have taken my subs; for those without a large tolerance, only a small part of a tablet is necessarry for a good effect. It dissolves under the tongue and has very poor bioavailability when taken orally (swallowed) so be sure to let it dissolve under the tongue without swallowing your saliva until it has finished. Brittney actually got high just from kissing me one time. Haha.


Fully synthetic, long half life, used for pain and opioid replacement therapy (maintenance). Unlike Suboxone, you can not receive methadone maintained casually from a doctor's office. Instead, you must visit registered clinics which are not present in our area. Therefore, most of the methadone up here is in 5 or 10 mg tablet form prescribed for chronic pain instead of liquid or wafers used in the clinics.

Methadone has always been my favorite opioid. The effects last a long time, but usually not quite as long as buprenorphine. For most people it lasts from 12 to 24 hours. Methadone tends to be very sedating and very warm. The itch is usually quite intense and it pinpoints the pupils (miosis) perhaps even more than other opioids. There is a lot of euphoria and inner peace I get from methadone as well as an intense as hell numbing of every sense, both physical and emotional. I like to walk for hours on methadone and my feet never get sore and never bother me. Methadone relieves pain for me unlike anything I've ever tried and also works very well for pain of a neuropathic origin. It has some other effects such as NMDA antagonist action which give it a unique characteristic feeling that not all opiates have. Nausea is typically quite intense with methadone; and I tend to nod very hard several hours into the dose if I've taken over 80 milligrams.


Also known as 'Hydro'. It is one of the most commonly used and prescribed opiates. It is the main active ingredient in 'Vicodin', 'Norco', and 'Lortab'. Hydro is an analog of codeine but about six times more potent. With a high tolerance; it will not do a whole lot but in high doses I enjoy it from time to time. About 100 milligrams (20 Vicodin or 10 Norcos) will do the trick for me but I do not advise that high of a dose for those who do not frequently use opiates as there is a risk of overdose. Not to mention taking handfuls of Vicodin, Norco, or Lortab is very stupid because of the fact that it contains acetaminophen (APAP). The liver has a difficult time processing APAP and large doses over 4 grams in a day can damage the liver and kidneys and kill you. Stay away from anything with acetaminophen unless you first do a cold water extraction to separate the good stuff from the bad. The hydro feeling is pretty classic. Very similar to morphine and codeine. Itch, miosis, and either sedation or stimulation; depending on dose. Those with a low to moderate tolerance can quite easily nod out on hydro. It's a quite short/moderate acting opiate and lasts 4-6 hours. Remember to be careful of the APAP! Taking too much of it is fucking stupid and can kill you.


Fent is a fully synthetic opioid synthesized from piperidine. Fent is one of the most potent opioids used in medicine and is a primary 'mu opioid' receptor agonist. The mu opioid receptor is responsible for most of the pleasurable subjective effects of opioids. Fent is approximately 80 to 100 times the potency of morphine and is measured in micrograms rather than milligrams. On the street, it mainly comes in the pharmaceutical form of skin patches, the same concept as a nicotine patch. They are obviously meant to be worn but fent can be dissolved and injected, swallowed, or smoked. EXTREME CARE MUST BE TAKEN. Fentanyl is extremely easy to overdose on and will EASILY kill you if you don't know what you are doing. Unless you have a large tolerance, stay the fuck away!!! I mean it. I used to swallow the patches whole; but I DO NOT recommend this at all. Only a portion of a patch swallowed or smoked can kill most people. 1 patch has the potential to lay out up to a dozen non-tolerant individuals. Orally when swallowed, much of the fent is destroyed during first pass metabolism but the strength is so great that strong effects occur regardless of this low bioavailability. Fentanyl has a very synthetic feel to it. It's effects are indistinguishable from those of high quality heroin. Nodding and sedation is expected, as well as itching. You will likely turn ghostly white on most any dose; and it is often very nauseating and over powering. Again, if you do not have a very large tolerance, DO NOT use this drug. You will very likely end up dead. Also, If you are not extraordinarily experienced with opioids and their effects, do not use this drug. Generally speaking, DO NOT use fentanyl.


Codeine, like morphine, being the prototypical opiate that it is, comes naturally from the poppy like morphine though most pharmaceutical codeine is synthesized from morphine via methylation. Codeine is also known as methylmorphine. It is approximately 1/8 to 1/10 the potency of morphine. Once in the body, a large percentage of codeine is demethylated by liver enzymes and metabolized into morphine, thus producing morphine-like effects: histamine release and attendant itching, pinpoint pupils (miosis) sedation and euphoria. The buzz is quite mild but often more 'warm' and itchy than some stronger opiates. Codeine is more enjoyable for those with low tolerance. My personal tolerance is high but with high doses around 400 milligrams, I find codeine quite enjoyable. Codeine has a ceiling effect at around this 400 milligram dose, meaning doses beyond the ceiling will result in no further effects. Codeine is excellent for those with low to moderate tolerance. Effects last 4 to 6 hours.


Tram or 'Ultram' (brand name) is a fully synthetic analgesic (pain reliever) with mild opioid action, as well as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibition. Stucturally, it is unlike other opioids, and partly because of this it is not a controlled substance. It is fairly easy to obtain a prescription from most physicians. Tramadol has unique stimulant and antidepressant effects due to it's action on serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake. These SSRI and SNRI actions give tramadol the potential to lower the seizure threshold in doses of 400 or more milligrams. Be careful. You can and will have a seizure if you take too much at once and this is why it's not a good idea for those with a high tolerance to use tramadol. The effects I get from tramadol are very speed-like along with an opiate-like mood lift. Others with lower tolerance will likely have very strong and pleasurable effects. Certain people tend to love tramadol. Overall, it has similar overall 'fun' potential to Codeine or Hydro (Vicodin). Many people use tramadol as a daily antidepressant. Caution: withdrawal tends to be quite severe and tends to mimic typical opiate withdrawal along with additional symptoms such as body shocks, anguish, and seizures due to the serotonin/norepinephrine actions.

The only justification for me rightfully using opiates and opioids in the first place is that I know what I am doing just as much if not more than many doctors. I am not cocky; I speak only the truth. I know I am not invincible as many people feel they are. Stupid people have no place using these drugs in the first place and if they do, and end up killing or harming themselves, it's just an example of social Darwinism at it's finest.

Have fun but be careful. Do your research. Be smart.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82037
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Age at time of experience: 22
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