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Bad Heroin
Unknown (Sold as Heroin)
Citation:   Sinders. "Bad Heroin: An Experience with Unknown (Sold as Heroin) (exp21151)". Sep 16, 2007.

150 mg IV Unknown
  35 mg IV Unknown

I live Toronto, Canada. I have been a Heroin user since 1991 and on Methadone since 1993. In my early years of Methadone, the first 4 years I had long drug free periods one or two as long as 10 months. I've been using steadily since 1998 but still on Methadone. I'm 32 years old, I work hard, live a fairly quite life and do no other types of drugs. I have never tried a cigarette, weed or any designer drug. I do not drink at all, not even on New Years. I have not touched Cocaine since 1993. However, I love Heroin.

In early September of 2002 in Toronto a huge heroin drought hit. Heroin not only became unavailable but the price of Methadone doubled on the street. By early November an increase in patients at Methadone clinics was noticed. The odd bit of Heroin that could be found went from $180 cdn to $450 plus for a gram, and it was not good. I have always bought my Heroin from Vietnamese and got good dope 80 per cent of the time. By mid October ALL of Viets I knew had nothing, and the waiting game began. This was the first time in over 3 years that I had not used everyday, the Methadone and extra Methadone became a life saver.


After waiting almost 4 months I heard they had got something. My guy called me, in December and because stuff was scarce my friend and I grabbed 10 grams, we split it 5 each. I had been buying off my guy for almost 3 years and although he doesn't use, I was never worried about being ripped off. It had been awhile so I was in a hurry to do it. My friend and I each weighed out 3 points (3 tenths of a gram) mixed with 45 units of water IV.

He did his in one push of the plunger. Me I always go slow 5 or 10 units a minute just in case it is good-strong. Within a minute he called to me saying he is feeling 'speedy'. I had only done 10 units and I seemed fine but it didn't take long. Before I even did half of it, I felt wrong. I pulled the needle out and stumbled to the balcony, my friend was trying to catch his breath. Both of our hearts were racing and heads, yet our eyes were pinned! We knew something was very wrong this was not heroin and we felt bad. After 20 minutes on the balcony sitting on the ground we both had the shakes we went downstairs and walked in the air for over 1 and half hours. It took all night to feel 'normal' again. The next day acquaintances spoke of the same experiences. Someone who had tried to smoke it said it smelled like ecstasy burning, another thought it may have had caffeine in it. Two days later my friend left a drug sample and it came back 'negative' for all major drug groups. I, Myself did not have to leave a sample that month.


It was dry for that time no dope around, except for this really crappy white stuff from the Viets that when left too long in the heat or even while being heated up would 'freeze' if there was not a lot of water. It also only gave me a 20 min high if I was lucky enough to do it before it 'froze'. Now we are in February and this fiasco has gone on long enough. My guy calls for the third time promising to make it up to me. The next events almost killed me.

My friend from before and I go to see my guy. My friend decides after last time that he is not going to do any from this guy. I was seeing this guy for almost 3 years everyday with no problems before September's drought. I laughed at my friend and said what could he possibly give me? After all I am not the only one to see him. I bought a half (5 points) and weighed out one point and added 45 units of water. The stuff looked good, and melted with very little heat. My friend tells me to leave the door open. I laugh but comply. I inject 5 units, it seems to taste good in the back of my throat. I'm feeling hazy but that's normal. I figure finally something really good.

So I get a little confident, I inject a bit over 10 units (at least 2 minutes have gone by). I am starting to feel very hazy and figure I better stop, I pull the needle out. Just as I start to leave the washroom I know something is horribly wrong. I yell for my friend to get the balcony door open, thinking I need air. But the worst is to come. Suddenly my ears are ringing, I feel everything going black and then a rush starts going through my body, not an opiate rush. I cannot see anything. I am yelling for my friend. Just at that point I feel myself slipping down. I'm grabbing the wall and God I am fighting for my life. I do not want to die, not like this.

Somehow my friend gets me to the balcony and slowly my eye sight returns. I must have been outside in the snow getting air for 20 minutes. I scared my friend to death, He told me just before I started slipping down that my pupils got so big that the white was almost gone. I attribute that to sheer fear. Strangely within the hour my eyes became pinned. I have no idea what I did that day. Nothing points to it being an opiate. A later account from someone who smoked it was very similar, luckily they only did a tiny amount, match head size.

In my dreams I find someone to test what is left of what I got that day. I am keeping it with that hope. It has only been 4 days since this happened. I am terrified that this 'stuff' will flood the streets. Life is so fucking precious, I never thought with my 'careful' ways I would get bad herion.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21151
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2007Views: 61,391
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