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Mystical Experiences
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Recommended On the Magickal Uses of Opioids Glozey Morphine 2013 Dec 28
Recommended Hallucinosexual Jonas 2C-B, Moclobemide, Hydergine, Vinpocetine & Codeine 2001 Mar 24
When I Met 'Them' WonderBoy Salvia divinorum, Opium & Cannabis 2007 Oct 12
A Therapeutic Vacation SD H.B Woodrose, Cannabis, Opium Poppy Seeds, Kratom, Coffee & Various Pharmaceuticals 2023 Oct 04
Plastic Enlightenment Drala Various & Meditation 2007 Jan 14
The River and The Mountains Peter Mescaline, Methamphetamine, Cannabis & Heroin 2001 Aug 18
So This Is What The Shaman Sees... DK DXM, Cannabis, Opium & Alcohol 2000 Nov 04
A Red Rock Blunt Session Hyp0stas1s Cannabis & Opium 2021 Jan 12
The Forgotten Dreamer... Knott 2C-I & Opium 2018 May 04

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