Sleep Apnea As An Effect
Citation:   HaSaam. "Sleep Apnea As An Effect: An Experience with Codeine (exp56954)". Jan 25, 2018.

220 mg oral Codeine
I write this submission to serve as a warning to others who intend to dabble with codeine at recreational levels. I suspect my experience may also apply to various other opiates, but in my limited experiences I have only ever encountered it with codeine.

I have always enjoyed the feeling of a little codeine in my bloodstream, but only recently recently did I come across the cold-water extraction technique. Prior to this, the most I had ever had was around 60mg, which is a pretty safe dosage. Having discovered how to extract the codeine from tablets containing both acetaminophen (500mg) and codeine (10mg), I have recently been ingesting anywhere between 100mg to 220mg in one go. I do codeine on average once a fortnight and when the setting is right, it feels absolutely heavenly - like a cosy fireplace for the soul.
I do codeine on average once a fortnight and when the setting is right, it feels absolutely heavenly - like a cosy fireplace for the soul.

Anyway, the particular incident I would like to right about occurred one evening after I'd taken about 220mg of codeine. I then sat down to watch Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (watching DVDs is one of my favourite ways to enjoy a codeine high), but was disappointed when one and a half hours later, I still wasn't feeling much. I put it down to the fact that I had taken it on a full stomach, and I then went to sleep.

About one hour later, I woke up gasping for air and well-and-truly in the delayed peak of my codeine high. Dismissing this little unusual episode, I went back to sleep, and sure enough, woke up gasping yet again time after time...

Basically, the moderate level of codeine that I'd taken was causing sleep apnea (a condition where people periodically stop breathing for short amounts of time during their sleep). I assume that this was caused by the respiratory depression effects of codeine and I assure you that it was pretty damn scary as I'd never had this before. It's worth mentioning also that I'm a very physically fit person, so I don't fit the profile a regular sleep apnea sufferer.

Since then, I've continued to enjoy codeine from time to time, just not before bedtime, and usually on a relatively empty stomach so the effects aren't delayed. I'm not at all prone to nausea or itchiness, so generally my experiences are very enjoyable. So enjoyable that I don't know if I'll ever want to stop...

Anyway, I hope this info is of use to somebody. Please be safe, don't take stupid risks and enjoy in moderation.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56954
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 25, 2018Views: 5,335
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