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Use in Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Morphine & Tobacco
Citation:   Limpet Chicken. "Use in Autistic Spectrum Disorder: An Experience with Morphine & Tobacco (exp47832)". Sep 4, 2007.

  smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  10 mg oral Morphine (liquid)
  20 mg rectal Morphine (liquid)
  10 mg sublingual Morphine (liquid)
  10 mg   Morphine (liquid)
Let me start off with set and setting, I am 19, male, weigh 9st, and am very sensitive to many opioids, I can nod for a day and a half quite easily off 120mg dihydrocodeine and have an afterglow for 2 days, but at the same time, I can handle quite large doses safely of many sedative drugs.

My mindset, Originally in pain, I have a chronic knee disorder which comes in flareups, Osgood Schlatter's disease, and at the moment, I was having such a flareup, I also strained my wrist a little playing guitar through playing some very fast and intricate fingerwork and heavy ass base rythms practising for writing a new song, so that was fairly sore.

The setting, was my room, at first alone, and then my beloved girlfriend Bubble (hey I know you will read this at some point *kisses and huggles *) came round around a couple of hours after the first dose.

It so happened, to my delight, that I recieved a bottle of 10mg/ml oral morphine syrup in the mail today, very nice tasting stuff, I am unsure of the brand, but it is definately 10mg/ml, clear syrup with a slight (to me) bananaish taste to it, as I was hurting at the time, I happily opened the package, was a bit overenthusiastic, and got covered in lint from inside the envelope.

I tasted a little first, just 1ml, under my tongue for 15 minutes and swished around my mouth before swallowing, mmmm mm delicious!

Then I decided to take my actual painkilling dose, so I went to drop a turd to clear my pipes out, so it wouldn't be sucked up by anything nasty hiding up there

Then, I filled a syringe with 20ml [Erowid Note: A dose of 20ml is inconsistent with the author's total reported dose of 50mg as well as a dangerously high dose in a sensitive individual, so we believe this is a typo and should say either 2ml or 20mg.] of the syrup, diluted with water, and sent it up north, sat back, listened to some music, and smoked a pipe of menthol fag dimps to pass the time.

I began to feel the morph kick in at around 15 minutes, I began to feel warm and my body and head heavy, but my limbs remained just warm and floaty, so I decided to go practise on my guitar, feeling pretty euphoric, I played really well under the influence, and played really heavy death metal/alternative metal (mudvayne style) stuff really damn fast for the best part of 3 hours, my wrist felt a bit sore afterwards, so that, I took as my que, out came the morphine, down went my trousers

I took around 5mg then, and pretty soon after, began nodding out, itching pleasantly, lit up another menthol cig, mmm, on top of the typical heavy but warm embrace of Morpheus, feeling the cool menthol enter my lungs boosted the euphoria up to a whole other level, at this point, I was nodding hard, and could barely keep my eyes open, I kicked back and listened to music, with euphoria softly washing over me in waves, my legs and arms heavy by my sides, I played a cracked copy of Ufo:Aftermath, an attempted homage to the classic X-COM series, that I downloaded the other day for a while, pretty fun blowing aliens away, got bored of that, and talked on MSN to Bubble for a while, and decided to come round, although I saw an old druggie mate of mine, Mickey, he is nearly 16, but I saw him, went to talk for a while, as we don't get to hang around as much as we used to, thanks to his bitch mother taking his phone, and showing the videos of us building up joints, smoking a bong, a pipe, and acting stoned out of our trees, and sending them to the police, the fucking narking scum

I told him what I had, and he asked if I would sort him a hit, I said I would sort him one for no cost, as he is a good mate of mine, and we always shared our herb if one of us was out, he said he would come round, but after a half hour, a no show (he only lives minutes walk from my den of iniquity) so I figured I would sort him one out when I next saw him around.

Then I went around to my gurrl's place, no longer nodding, but feeling lively and full of energy, although my pulse was slightly lowered and my pupils pinpoint sized.

There was a noticeable spring in my step, and the walk that normally takes 15 minutes on foot, took 4, at this time, I was feeling nicely euphoric, and jumped into Bubble's arms with a smile on my face, kissed and cuddled her at the door, then came inside, ended up trying to fix her computer for her as he mother, who has all the computer aptitude of a dyslexic pigmy goat

Didn't manage in the end, so we wen't to mine, by which time I had to redose, as I was still feeling great, but the pain was starting to rear its ugly head.

Took 1ml sublingually, and byebye pain, hello warm blanket of mu-opioid receptor agonism, I have a condition called Asperger's syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder marked by impaired social interactions, although it is very mild in me, but I do often feel edgy around other people and with many people, human contact makes me irritable after a while, due to the stress of interaction, even Bubble, although I adore her more than all the world itself, and trust her as no other, I would put my life in her hands and feel secure doing it, but simple human contact often makes me feel restless and uneasy regardless of the person, the morphine wiped that out entirely, and I was talkative, more affectionate than usual, and I enjoy her company anyway, but tonight, laying in her arms on my bed, just holding each other close, talking, and cuddling felt so good, so great to be able to be holding her, without any of my usual stupid inhibitions and personal communicative/ social interaction getting in the way of our quality time

We were laying in each others arms, running our hands gently down each others back, and ooohhhh! it feels soooooo good, when the person you love and care for most in the world has long nails, and scratches your every last opiate induced itch for you lovingly, I couldn't help but close my eyes and purr as I drifted into a relaxed state of happiness in her arms

At around 10.45 it was time to walk her to her house, as she was tired and had to be back home, so I walked her home, hand in hand, until we got to her place, when I wrapped my arms around my beloved, gave her a loving squeeze, and a kiss on the nose before bidding her sleep well.

On getting back home, I needed a 10mg redose, again, I started to nod, talking to people online, and smoking fags, this is what I like about opioids, no excessive stimulation, some opioids are gently stimulating and motivating, but non of that revolting amphetamine CNS stimulation and jittering, just calm happy ability to go about ones activities.

I like morphine, I like it a lot, although I don't find the euphoria a fucking intense as I do with high doses of codeine, at least, not in lower doses of morphine, although if I take 200-250mg up the arse I will nod fucking hard, for a good 6 hours, at the moment I have a 200ml bottle of this mu-receptor tickling treat, with more available for next to nothing, so I know that I am going to have to excersise an will of steel not to become a smackhead (no offense to smackheads, I am friends with a whole bunch, I just don't want to BE one )

I am thinking, taking it for my knee flareups, and any painful injuries that may occur as and when needed, and a strict limit on usage for purely hedonistic purposes, which will be limited to maybe once a week at the very maximum, although I actually plan to use it once every two weeks tops, and to relax on comedowns from other things.

Anyone have any tips on a very good schedule to keep to other than my own ideas, just for input from successful chippers and opioid users? I don't have a very addictive personality, and I have a very strong will, enough to maintain self control over usage, I just do not wish for psychological desire or any degree of physical tolerance to manifest itself.

Hope you all enjoyed my long-winded report by a completely non-tolerant, but to some degree experienced opioid user


Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47832
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2007Views: 14,021
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