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Candied Thoughts
Cannabis & Morphine
by Thea
Citation:   Thea. "Candied Thoughts: An Experience with Cannabis & Morphine (exp116552)". Aug 14, 2022.

120 mg oral Morphine
    smoked Cannabis
As a pain patient with several conditions causing nerve pain, bone pain, joint pain, etc., I often find my first treatment attempt unsuccessful. If the morphine doesn't work, it's time to bring out the cannabis. (I'm so lucky to live where everything I get is legal.)

The cannabis/opiate mix is quite interesting. Marijuana at any dose is psychedelic for me. Because I'm totally blind from birth, the closed-eyes I get are not visual, but tactile.
Marijuana at any dose is psychedelic for me. Because I'm totally blind from birth, the closed-eyes I get are not visual, but tactile.
I often feel my hands going over a shape, as if it's floating in front of them. Then while the shape stays the same, the surface texture changes. (A sighted friend said that would be like colors changing for them.)

Example: A sleek ball of fur rolls into my arms, maybe grows hands and pets the tar out of my forehead. Then the ball changes into leather, stone, or whatever beach balls are made out of. LOL While marijuana does feel euphoric (my fave kinds are Pink Kush and Ayahuasca Purple), THC is more psychedelic for me than LSD.

Morphine brings a euphoric/anxiolytic feel to the table. Put them together, and my thoughts become candied. The endorphin-increasing morphine creates the warm fuzzies, while marijuana amplifies my imagination. If I were to just smoke a jay and feel one of those shapes in my hands, chances are the shape will turn from velvet to fur to silk and finally to sleek, smooth glass. On cannabis, I'm not too social because my mind presents me with a whole world full of buildings to walk through, or float through, touching everything as I pass (or sometimes the structure grows within me), so my thoughts go so fast and change so quickly, I can't do linear. Period. I can't do linear. Even music. I end up listening to birds and bell sounds or atonal soft.

Add the opiate and I feel my body changing, and I feel dainty and small, and very pretty, with sleek, long hair. And I can socialize a bit more.

The morphine by itself just makes me social, talkative and soft and sweet. The marijuana by itself acts like a full-blown psychedelic, with amplified imagination and creativity, and not able to socialize or keep a linear thought.

Morphine plus marijuana makes my expanded mind a sweeter place to be, with no anxiety or negative mood swings, just vivid "trips" where things feel smoother and softer.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116552
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 57
Published: Aug 14, 2022Views: 1,322
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