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Dot, Dot, Dot.
Citation:   Katriss. "Dot, Dot, Dot.: An Experience with Heroin (exp49533)". Erowid.org. Jan 5, 2010. erowid.org/exp/49533

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  1 hit smoked Heroin
  1 hit smoked Heroin
There was a big wave of heroin that year in Jerusalem. One gram cost 100 shekels, which is roughly 18.5 ero, or 22 US dollars. Good stuff too. The amount of violence surrounding the new wave was suprisingly small. From what I saw in chicago, the power lies in the hands of the dealers. So if I get suckerred by a dealer, there isn't much I can do about it. In Jerusalem, when a dealer cheats a buyer, he better stay off the streets or he'll get ripped to peaces. And the temptation to cheat is high when in comes to drugs.

But this time, there was no violence. So I felt rather comfortable, a 17 years old kid at that time, to go ahead and get me some 'black' (israely slang for heroin). So I went ahead with my more experienced and well connected friend, and we got us some gear. This was my fifth or sixth time doing heroin. On our way home we stopped at some central bus station and went in the bathrooms to do a line. It was good! Goddamn it was strong. I knew I was in for quite a night.

On the way home we met our friend, who saw how stoned (or 'up side down' as we call it here) we are and asked to join in. We got home and put on some music. Heavy metal always goes nicely with heroin. I think it was biohazard or pantera. I was too fucked up to notice anyway. We made some coffee, turned off the heat so the room will be as cold as possible, and went ahead to smoke us some black! I don't know if the israely method of smoking heroin differs from the American one, but here's how we do it: firsly, we don't call it 'chasing the dragon'. We call it 'doing dots' or 'smoking dots'.

We take an aluminium foil and make a dent with a pen. The heroin is placed within the dent (a 'dot') and a lighter is lighted underneath. The smoke is inhaled with a metal pen case or any other small metal tube available. After a toke is taken, we immediately take a toke of tobacco, and then hold the smoke in our lung for 10 seconds of so. I was already nicely stoned when I placed the off-white potent goodness in the foil and smoked it.

Soft incense smoke filled my lungs, followed by a nice touch of good old American & Turkish blend of tobacco (camel cigarettes). I exhale, and a calm quite wave of heroin slowly washed my mind. The world was gone now, too distant to be worth caring for. There was only this room. This nicely chilled room, my cigarette, my friends, and the music. I took great pleasure in watching my friends doing their dots. We started talking about all kinds of hell. About different drug experienced that we've had, about fighting & boxing, about the wildest sex that we've had, about our favorite alcohol (absinthe for me). A tipical 'guys' talk.

The lashes of cutting wind and rain outside, coupled with the heavy music, the dark cold room, and the heroin, gave this whole night a feeling like we've just came out of frank millers sin city or something. A very secure feeling. There are no rules now. Iím too forged to worry about getting hurt by anything. the entire world got reduced to a fragile toy, and we were the euphoria-strucked kings that could break it whenever the hell we wanted. Heroin unplugs me from the rest of the world. A ghost in a morphine kingdom, free to pass through all the walls. I went ahead and smoked another dot.

Deep calm turned into crazy calm. The world was so far away, like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I fell back into my seat and just surrenderred. I can't feel the numbness. Probably had two X'es in my eyes. Time forgets me, and I realize I've only managed to take two tokes out of my cigarette before it burned down to the filter. So I try light another one, but getting the cigarettes out of my pocket proves to be way too difficult. After some time, my friends figured out what the hell I was trying to do, and fired me up a cigarette of their own. Ahhh.. smooth smoke fills my lungs, and my mind indulges on the nicotine rush. Nicotine and heroin are two very close friends.

My friends also kept smoking and snoring. The idea of shooting the gear came up every now and then. Weíve had pins and syringes, but we were too fucked up to shoot anyway. Iíve never shot up anything, but my friends did. They started telling me how it was like shooting up gear and methcathinone and all kinds of hell. This really got me into the 'drug mood', and I took another dot. Oh so plesant. Almost erotic.

Too bad this was the only toke I managed to pull out of this cigarette before the heroin completely took over me. I tried to bring the cigarette up to my mouth, but my hand wouldn't move. I tried to talk, but my lips stayed silent. My eyelids wouldn't move either. I just layed there, calmly pondering on what's happening to me. 'Have I OD'ed? I donno. Whatever.í Suddenly I noticed I wasn't breathing. The discomfort feeling I get from holding my breath was completely shut down by the heroin. This was rather amusing to me, I had to remind myself to breath every now and then.

Slowly the warm calm numbing cloud of the heroin liften away from me ever so gently. Outside, the sky slowly started to turn blue. We all went outside to have a cigarette and a cup of coffee in the fresh chilled morning air. Goodbye my heroin friend, itís been a pleasure. What a powerful thing you are.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 49533
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Jan 5, 2010Views: 33,467
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Heroin (27) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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