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There's a Wonderful Ambience to Everything
Poppies - Opium
Citation:   Hamsa. "There's a Wonderful Ambience to Everything: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (exp98195)". Oct 20, 2022.

8 pods oral Poppies - Opium (fresh)
Hello Poppy

I've tried making Opium tea a few times with little success. While I usually consider myself unfortunate for being born in and still living in a region of Africa, my location does make growing poppies extremely easy.

I'd stocked up on weed for a whole month and had little inclination to dabble with Opium again as a result, especially with my previous failed attempts. However, I'd now run out of dope and was having really terrible stomach pains all day (possibly *~*~lady time*~*~ related, apologies if TMI) and decided to pop 8 small fresh pods off of my plants and whir them up in the blender with some lime cordial. I didn't have access to lime juice or grapefruit juice and I'm not sure how much of a difference it made. I licked the broken remains of the stems before placing them in the blender, delighting at the sudden energetic buzz I received from the milky latex. I had been tired and groggy all day but this was an instant pick-me-up. The result of my blending was a delightfully vibrant green foamy liquid. I added some loose fruit tea to my pot; mostly composed of apple and pomegranate with assorted spices. The concoction was still a tad sour (at least not bitter) with this addition, so I added a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Once simmered I was left with a rich scarlet liquid that was absolutely delicious; my fruit tea infusion had wiped away any hint of bitterness I could have been faced with. I strained it but left the seeds in. It was so good that I had trouble drinking it slowly. In fact, I completely failed to drink half first then the next half after 45 minutes, as I had read to do on so many forums. I already knew that I had unusually high tolerance to Opiates, as discovered during a stint in hospital some years ago when Morphine shots did little to nothing for me.

After twenty minutes, I went to sit on the couch with my 5 month old puppy. Nothing out of the ordinary, but as I ran my hands through his long, honey gold fur I became awash with blissful contentment. Nothing could have shifted my perfect calm.
Nothing could have shifted my perfect calm.
I had given the pup some homeopathic tablets earlier as fireworks were being set off in the area and I didn't know how he'd handle it. I had a strangely intense motherly fondness for him as we were curled up together, respectively doped up. Our usual dynamic is that of militarian beast and trainer, but in that moment I felt a far deeper bond; one I had been struggling to make with him due to my own tight shift.

It's been 45 minutes since I drank the tea and I'm feeling heavier and heavier. There is a wonderful ambience to everything, and my only regret is that I am not experiencing this in the sultry warmth of some fluffy cushioned harem pen with a hookah. My stomach pains are considerably lessened, and only a slight twinge instead of crippling.

55 minutes. While the effects are pleasant, they are not intense. No nausea, thank goodness. I'm lethargic and mirthful but have little else to report, save for my foot falling asleep. Pain still present, but not bringing my life to a halt.

75 minutes. I believe I've reached a plateau as I don't feel much different than I did some twenty minutes ago. I believe if I do this again I will have Marijuana handy when I do, as I hear it intensifies effects. I also believe I should have allowed the blend to steep for at least half an hour; I only left it on the stove for fifteen minutes this time.

Due to the addictive nature of Opiates, I don't believe I'll be having tea with any regularity. Its been soothing and pleasant and I'm grateful to have had a good experience with it, but I have the respect and sensibility to use this drug with cautious moderation, as should we all.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98195
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 20, 2022Views: 1,400
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