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A Red Rock Blunt Session
Cannabis & Opium
Citation:   Hyp0stas1s. "A Red Rock Blunt Session: An Experience with Cannabis & Opium (exp12108)". Erowid.org. Jan 12, 2021. erowid.org/exp/12108

3 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  3 g smoked Opium (tar / resin)
  3 leaves smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
Well it all started at school one day, a few friends and I decided we where gonna smoke some weed the next day, so I was like ok.(I smoke everyday anyway, so why not) Later that day when I got home I realized I was broke and couldn't get any weed, but I didn't just want to smoke there stuff without pitching any in, but then I remember my friend owed me 5 bucks, so I asked if if he could just give me a nickel and he said ok. It was pretty good weed. It was shwagg but it was still decent, just a few seeds.

Anyway after school me and a few friends (I think like 7-8 people where there actually) cruised up to one of there houses but then we remember we didn't have any blunt sticks so me and 'N' went to the store to get some. When we got back everybody was on the back porch passing around 2 bowls. So I was like ya ready to get lifted, and I had about 2 grams, my friend 'A' had like 15 grams, 'N' had like a gram, and everybody else each had like a few bowls to through in.

So we where breaking our shit up and smoking the 2 bowls when this dude 'A' said he had about a gram or two of opium, so the first blunt we rolled up was like 4 grams of weed and 1 1/2 grams of opium, but before we got to smoking we rolled another blunt which was about the same amount of weed without any opium. So when we finished we went inside and sparked them up, I had only smoked opium like 10-20 times before this so I wasn't all that experienced so when I hit the blunt with the opium real hard it hit me quick, all of a sudden I was the only one in the room (so it seemed).

I hit it real hard like 3-4 times when I looked over and my friend 'A' was sitting there, so I passed it to him and I looked back and nobody was there again, then it seemed like I was in a different place. I couldn't quite figure out where I was (just like when having a dream); but, I was just in some other place, nothing was really happening that was out of the ordinary then I felt a tap on my shoulder and my friend was like hit this and it was the straight weed blunt. So I hit it like 5 times and passed it on waiting again for the opium blunt. Then somebody was like damn your quiet, and that kinda triggered me to start talking (way too much).

I just went on for hours it seemed, but it was actually only like a minute cuz then the opium blunt came back to me, so I hit it like 3 times. On the 4th hit decided to hit it as hard as I could and hold it in as hard as I could. Then I passed it on, and held it in for like 30 seconds, and I noticed I was no longer anywhere, there wasn't any objects, a floor, a ceiling, but I was comfortable with how I was and how my environment was. Then I kinda squinted my eyes and noticed there was a room with some people sitting in it, so I just sort of floated closer to it until I was looking right down on it, I looked at the people and I noticed they where puffing on some herb and chit chatting. Then I looked a little closer and I was sitting there, with my eyes open, just sitting there. I wasn't surprised or anything. I just sat there and watched myself.

Then I (not the one that was watching my physical self) got the blunt passed to me and I was hitting it, and I passed it along. Then I wondered if the people in the room could see me, so I drifted to the center of the room and was like whats up? But nobody noticed me. So I drifted towards myself and said something of the sort like 'hey wake up dude' but nothing happened. So I decided I wanted to go back to my body but didn't know how.
So I drifted towards myself and said something of the sort like 'hey wake up dude' but nothing happened. So I decided I wanted to go back to my body but didn't know how.
I thought maybe if I sit on my lap I would just drift into myself, but before I could move I was back to myself.

I noticed 'A' was getting up, so I was like what's wrong dude? He said he didn't feel that good and I was like ok. Then we just finished off the blunts and somebody said where the fuck did 'A' go? 'C' said that he was in the bathroom, so me and a couple people walked over to the bathroom and was like whats wrong dude. He was like I'm puking, and we started laughing and shit cuz we only smoked 2 blunts and he was already puking. Then 'C' reminded us he had a stomach flew and we went and sat down.

I mentioned that the opium effected me and 'C' said we could have the opium she had. I was like you don't gotta do that. She was like no I want you guys to have it. I was like at least smoke it with us. But she said she was already fucked up. So 'A' was like I'll provide the weed and we can roll up another blunt. So we crushed up the opium which was about 2 grams and threw it on the blunt and sparked it up. We smoked the whole blunt and I didn't have any weird side effects. Somebody mentioned we should leave cuz 'A' was puking.

So they dropped me off and I went in my room and turned on some music and laid down, and it felt like the second I laid down I was in some other place. I didn't know where but I did know that I was the only person there. It seemed like I was outside in the middle of the street but then I noticed linoleum tiles. I came back to reality and was standing in front of the fridge. I grabbed a soda and went back to my room. In a matter of seconds I was in reality. I looked over for my soda but it was no where to be found. So I thought to myself was I just having another episode or did that really happen, then in a matter of seconds I was in my living room watching tv drinking my soda.

I was like damn fuck it, I'm gonna be slipping in and out of reality and I'm going to accept it, but as soon as I said that I looked over and I was in the room with my friends. I was like you guys wouldn't believe what the fuck just happened. They where like what happened? I told them and I looked over and I started to float in the air and I saw emptiness again and saw another room. This time it was my room, but I wasn't laying on my bed like I thought I should have been, so I drifted over to my bed and laid down. I looked over and my soda was sitting there. I stood up, drank the rest of it, and went into the bathroom to see if I existed or not.

I splashed some water in my face and went back into my room and went over to my bed and fell asleep. That was the only time opium effected me like that. Even after that nothing even similar like that happened. But I do know this, for the next couple days all I could think about was when I kept slipping in and out of reality. I tried to figure out when I was in reality and when I wasn't. I even made a chart of when I thought I was in reality and when I thought I wasn't. I just cant figure out when I was in the world and when I was out of it.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12108
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 12, 2021Views: 1,680
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OBE (332), Cannabis (1), Opium (63) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3), General (1)

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