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Very Highly Recommended The End of the Rabbit Hole - Beauty and Terror Xorkoth 2C-E, Cannabis, Choline, DMAE, Kratom & Piracetam 2005 Dec 23
Highly Recommended Dynamic Duo CosmicCharlie Kratom & Cannabis 2012 Jan 27
Highly Recommended Not Good for Benzo Withdrawals Nonna Kratom 2009 Aug 04
Highly Recommended Interesting Combination with Unique Features Xorkoth 2C-C, 2C-I, & Kratom 2006 Jan 23
Highly Recommended Profoundly Altered Xorkoth 2C-E & Cannabis 2005 Oct 25
Highly Recommended The Wicked Devil Tea J-to-the Kratom 2004 Aug 23
Highly Recommended Easy & Euphoric Psychopharm Kratom 2004 Aug 09
Highly Recommended Instant Hangover Tea Jesper Kratom 2004 Jan 19
Recommended Probing the Threshold Tommy B Kratom 2020 Jun 03
Recommended Surprisingly Euphoric Mila Kratom (powdered leaf) 2015 May 05
Recommended The Quit Smoking Usig Kratom Story SeroZero Tobacco & Kratom 2014 Sep 17
Recommended A Klondike Kratom Kristmas Fleming Kratom 2014 Feb 04
Recommended Powerful Relaxation, Profound Happiness Wallcrawler Kratom 2014 Feb 03
Recommended Quite An Adventure C-Rizzle Kratom (15x extract) 2008 Nov 09
Recommended Exceptional Results Ambiguous Kratom 2008 Jun 13
Recommended Left Me Feeling Indifferently Agean Moss Kratom 2005 Oct 21
Recommended Subversive Herb - A Follow-up Report Xorkoth Kratom 2005 Oct 14
Good Combination Summetz Kratom, Cloves, Blue Lotus & Cannabis 2023 Apr 11
Overall Really Interesting Lonesome Ghost Kratom 2021 Sep 28
Monster Dose Good Time Danny Boy Kratom (Yellow Maeng Da) 2018 Apr 18
Would Definitely Do Again Kimica Z Kratom (extract) 2018 Mar 22
Clear-headed Bliss with Subsequent Nostalgia Michael B Kratom 2018 Jan 22
A Peaceful Easy Feeling Moss Kratom 2017 Oct 20
Fed My Curiosity and Most Likely Won’t Try It Again MrMindplays Kratom (Bali) 2017 Aug 26
Nice Natural Anxiolytic Painkiller goose Kratom 2017 Jul 20
A Feeling of Profound Love and Engagement Blaise Kratom 2017 Jun 09
Great Anti-Anxiety Effect Jacaranda Kratom Extract 2017 Mar 02
A Little Disappointed clownbaby Kratom 2016 Jul 14
No Quite Enough Period Blood Kratom & Cannabis 2016 Jun 07
Too Much of a Good Thing Isa Kratom 2015 Nov 21
What's the Hype tikaani Kratom (Indonesian) 2015 Aug 07
Goldie Locks Principle - IBS Pain opiophile Kratom (ground leaf), Sertraline, Gabapentin & Clonazepam 2015 Mar 31
Intense Euphoria Cautious Psychonaut Kratom 2014 Feb 04
Beautiful Sunday Morning CrazyHorse Kratom & Lorazepam 2014 Jan 29
Suprising and Amazing Experience Painis Kratom 2014 Jan 18
Lightly Floating my3rdi AL-LAD, 4-AcO-DMT, Alcohol & Kratom 2013 Nov 19
Trip to the ER SobeDog Kratom & Hydromorphone 2012 Mar 18
Far Exceeded my Expectations FormerlyNormally Kava & Kratom 2012 Mar 10
My Last Year XI Kratom 2011 Nov 06
Searching for Subtle Pleasantness HomeworkAndMusic Kratom 2011 Nov 06
Excellent Self Healing Session WanderRA Kratom (15x extract) 2011 Jan 09
Attempting to Achieve Maximum Effect Agkdov Kratom (Thai Premium, powdered) 2010 Jul 14
Legal Peace Tea Meshugganer Kratom & Smoking Blend (K2) 2010 May 08
Beautiful Experience Black Parasol Kratom 2010 Feb 09
Excellent Results with Tea Opiophile9 Kratom & Gabapentin (Neurontin) 2009 Aug 31
New Favorite Blue Kratom (20x extract) 2008 Sep 17
Powerful Retread Kratom (15x extract) 2008 Sep 04
My New Love AnonymousK Kratom 2008 Jun 10
Moderation and Manual Labor Maturin Kratom 2008 Jun 02
A First and Complete Look Greenfox Kratom (15x extract) 2007 Jun 16
A Warm Opiate Feeling Psych0naut Kratom 2007 Feb 22
A 'Legal High' That Actually Did Something maynbrain Kratom 2006 Dec 24
Kratom Preparation and Combinations MIM Kratom 2005 Oct 20
Intense, Blissful Euphoria, Done Right The Apothecary Kratom 2004 Nov 17
Very Pleasant, Much Like Opium rev. cosmo Kratom & Cannabis 2004 Mar 24
Dream Fragments Incarnadine Kratom 2004 Mar 18
An Interesting Little Quid Slime Kratom 2004 Jan 14
Marked Clarity Nitram Kratom 2004 Jan 05
Follow Recommended Doses aquapan Kratom 2003 Dec 27
Second Trial Reville Kratom 2002 Oct 27
All in All, Pleasant Nightwatchman Kratom 2022 Dec 22
At the Source Fleming Kratom (fresh) 2022 Jan 14
Mediocre Considering Price Anonymous Kratom 2021 Sep 06
Dabbling in Legal Highs J Kratom 2021 May 24
Great Feelings, Splitting Headache ByteSwap Kratom 2020 May 21
Using It as a Replacement for My Beloved Opiates Constricted Pupil Kratom 2020 Apr 27
4 Months After Initial Use LoveTheWinter Kratom (Maeng Da Red) 2019 Dec 26
The Limit Wraistlingill Kratom (15X Extract) 2019 Sep 06
Why Did I So Unexpectedly Like the Pills? Kratom Dave Kratom (25x extract) 2018 Dec 07
Ambiguously Uncomfortably High TryptamineTyrant Kratom & Cannabis 2018 Sep 09
Just at the Threshold WJG Kratom 2018 Aug 22
Vaporizing Makes Me Lethargic, Droopy-Eyed, and Pleasant The Grim Reefer Kratom 2018 Aug 21
Scary Effects on Heart Rate ! Neuromancer Kratom 2018 Aug 08
Just Chillin Raycus Kratom 2018 Aug 08
Running Down a Dream TheProgFrog Kratom 2018 Jun 15
My Mind Felt Like It Had a Cloud Over It groovefeeling Kava & Kratom 2018 Jun 04
The Plant of Energy and Happiness Mr. Guapo Kratom (Green Maeng Da) 2018 Apr 17
More Potent Than You Think ThePoobaman Kratom 2018 Apr 17
Comfortably Numb kc Kratom 2018 Mar 26
Tea Time in a Chute C. K. Kratom 2018 Mar 24
For well-being and productivity. cautiousfun Kratom 2018 Feb 26
I'm Not as Afraid of Depression as I Used to Be Weiss Kratom 2018 Feb 25
Even the Sight of My Ex Didn't Bother Me chrislotus Kratom 2018 Feb 25
Relaxing and Pleasurable Dr.Gingko Kratom, Sceletium tortuosum & Cannabis 2018 Jan 07
The Joy of Everything With Modest Anxiety Experiencer Kratom ('Old School Thai') 2017 Sep 24
Very, Very Relaxed DeputyDepression Kratom 2017 Apr 26
I Decided to Take It Slow Lolli Kratom 2017 Feb 18
The Mud Of Life Gooch Kratom 2016 Aug 22
Pleasant Relaxation Stickers Kratom (Thai) 2016 Mar 05
Rectally via Murphy Drip Bob Kratom 2015 Oct 06
Legally Excellent ExisT Kratom 2014 Feb 03
A Rewarding Experience Dark Matter Kratom 2014 Feb 03
Blissful Numb Euphoria Limpet Chicken Kratom & Cannabis 2014 Feb 03
Eating and Vaping subject Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Buzz in Afghanistan Nortyy Kratom (20x extract) 2010 Jan 23
Legitimate Alternative Engrgamer Kratom Powder 2009 Aug 28
Cotton Music and a Swollen Face P Kratom 2009 Jun 18
Finally Got It Right General Cornwallace Kratom (Thai) 2008 Nov 07
Climbing the High Seedman Kratom & Tobacco 2008 Sep 16
Stepping Up Dose of Resin Tea Andythecelt Kratom (extract) 2007 Nov 01

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