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Climbing the High
Kratom & Tobacco
Citation:   Seedman. "Climbing the High: An Experience with Kratom & Tobacco (exp44534)". Sep 16, 2008.

4.0 g oral Kratom (tea)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (plant material)
After doing the usual research and going through a reliable internet vendor, I received 12 grams of finely powdered 'Super' Kratom. I eyeballed the packet for a couple days, waiting for the appropriate moment, and eventually settled on last night since I don't work today, and neither does my girlfriend. We weren't looking for an 'opium-like high,' or a 'oxycontin-like high,' or a 'marijuana-like high' as the website I ordered it from claimed. We wanted to find out what a Kratom high is all about. If I wanted a 'marijuana-like high,' I would have gotten some herb and smoked that instead.

Preparation: I measured out 8 grams of the powder (about four teaspoons) and dumped it into a pot with three cups of water and about an eighth of a cup of lemon juice. I brought the entire mixture to a boil and the simmered for twenty minutes. I then dumped out the liquid, filtering out the powder, and repeated this process twice. While cooking it smelled just like green tea, and was a light-brownish color. On the last extraction I filtered out the powder and disposed of it, and combined all three liquids. I then boiled down the liquid to a manageable dose, about two and a half cups. I have a feeling my preparation took too long, and was more of a headache than it had to be. In retrospect, I don't think there's any magic to making Kratom tea, and will do less work next time.

Dosing: I poured the tea into two cups respectively, one for myself and one for my girlfriend, she weighs approx. 125 lbs. I took one sip and realized that I needed sugar. We both did. So we added about two tbs. sugar each, and drank more. She hated the taste, and claimed that it tasted like bile. I didn't find it so bad, but I'm a bit more tolerant than she, probably due to my Calea tea habit. She also added two persimmon tea bags, and wolfed it down. I took smaller sips and got mine down too.

The effects were immediate. After each sip I could feel myself getting higher and higher, but never undesireably high. We made our way to the couch and put some music on, and were both feeling notably pensive, in a positive way. We talked for a long time, and went outside occasionally to smoke tobacco, which pushed both of us gently higher each time. After a second cigarette, however, I was hit with a very strong wave of nausea, so much that I had to go to the toilet and sit next to it for a while. I was so sure I was heading towards puking that I even took my contact lenses out and had a glass of water ready.

To my surprise, the nausea faded almost completely after about five minutes, sans hurling. I then felt that I was higher than before; I think the nausea was a signal that I was going to go up a notch. It was great. We went about our business back on the couch, talking a bit here and there, but also just laying down and munching on crackers (Not the 'munchies,' just hungry). It really was incredibly comfortable. I would drift off for a minute, then come right back. We both felt wonderful. As the night waxed and waned, we went to bed and fell asleep without any problems at all, and some rich dreams.

In summary, I wish Kratom was cheaper, but I would be tempted to do it too often, perhaps. I will certainly be taking more sometime fairly soon, as will my girlfriend most likely. I feel like I could handle six grams of Super Kratom, but with my close-call of puking, I will probably stick to four or five.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44534
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2008Views: 17,222
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