Profoundly Altered
2C-E & Cannabis
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Profoundly Altered: An Experience with 2C-E & Cannabis (exp47209)". Oct 25, 2005.

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T+ 0:00
18 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
  T+ 1:46   hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 1 cup oral Kratom (tea)
The other day I had a breathtaking experience with 2C-E that I'd like to share. As with my other recent reports, this will begin with my real-time and unedited notes I took during the experience, and will then summarize in a more coherent fashion, written the next day.

12:01 midnight, the first minute of 10-15-05 - Ingested 18mg 2C-E in solution over 10 minutes. Leslie has not yet fallen asleep but I don't want to wait any longer, as I'm already going to be up all night as it is. This compound has been interesting me for quite a while. I made a new playlist with some of my new music and I plan to go outside for a while later, to look at the sky and so forth.

12:24 - First alerts. They feel very smooth compared to all of the other chemicals I've recently made my acquaintance with. I don't want to speak too soon, but I think this might be an easier come-up. That would be nice. Currently I have no nausea at all, a warm feeling in my stomach, and a nice little body buzz.

12:35 - In very good spirits, good humor, slightly sweaty palms, very sweaty soles of feet. Still no nausea, just a warm, almost alcohol-like sensation in the stomach. I've been watching crap-TV that my girlfriend likes to watch, you know, fashion-related, mass media bullshit. Then she switched to the news and I got a laugh out of a very serious situation. There was a report on about this emergency flu medicine that currently only comes in powder form, for inhalation. Ha! Flu medicine you have to snort lines of! That's great. Social interaction is above normal, but only due to mood lift.

12:45 - I feel remarkably similar to being drunk without the mental cloudiness. So far this drug is really agreeing with me, though I expected it to be harder than some of the others. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I believe my girlfriend is finally asleep. I'll leave her alone for a little while and read online.

12:55 - I feel a wave coming over me. I can recognize by now that I will begin to hallucinate soon. Strangely, however, I still feel completely fine and extraordinarily calm. By the end of the first hour (now) I expected to be laying down, wishing this part would pass, but instead I'm rather enjoying it. My stomach is beginning to twist up a bit, with gas I suspect, but it's not painful.

1:06 - I'm beginning to physically sway with the waves coming over me. Or perhaps it's just my visual field. I still feel quite comfortable. Reading up on some of these experiences, I feel like I'm really absorbing them well. The letters on the screen are almost sparkling; they seem somehow brighter, more vibrant. Actually, in looking around, everything just seems... intense. In a quite different way than with any of the other 2C-phenethylamines. In the back of my mind I'm hearing all these synthesizer-sounding sounds, just out of hearing. I think music will be key in a little while.

1:11 - The last 5 minutes went by insanely fast. I've started to see gold shapes in my peripheral vision. By gold, I mean shimmering, shining gold, like the metal.

1:16 - I find the visual effects we be characterized by brightness, with flashing motes of light springing everywhere and brightly colored bands of shining light dividing my visual field into sections. It's quite dazzling and slightly disorienting. Hard to describe my mental state right now - I'm sure it will get easier. The suggestion of motion in my peripheral vision is extremely strong. I feel like I'm being tuned in to a familiar pattern of rising and falling. It's that unexplainable flow, heartbeat of the universe. But it feels like a completely different angle than the one that mushrooms show it to you from.

Everything looks and feels very surreal right now! Like I'm experiencing everything through a fog of intensity.

Miraculously, I still feel pretty good physically. Not exactly top-notch anymore, but WAY better than I have with the other 2C-phenethylamines.

1:26 - Long, sparkling tracers. I've never had effects from a psychedelic like this before. Everything is coming to me as if through a psychedelic haze of sparkles, in every sense, not just vision. Still reading online, and I just turned on Dark Side of the Moon.

I have the strong desire to just let myself flow with this one. What that means, I'm not even sure.

Somehow, everything around me just feels indescribably... intense. Not in a bad way, and not necessarily in a good. Just pure intensity. This is very unlike any feeling I've ever had before on anything. Very different from 2C-I and 2C-T-2.

1:41 - Preparing a vaporizer of cannabis. Everything is breathing. It's quite beautiful. 'The Great Gig In the Sky' is playing on Dark Side. This is a moment somehow. It just seems profound.

1:47 - Just took the hits. Now it is time to go enjoy my new music mix with closed eye.

1:53 - Extremely significant closed-eye imagery. This drug is very, very immersive. It feels almost unimaginably neutral, though. Just... neutral. Not good, not bad. Everything becomes neutral.

With my eyes closed I saw complex, fractal spirals which opened up, revealing a massive inside of some structure. I then had the impression that the music, or rather, aliens through the music were inspecting some parts of my brain. I could hear the sounds coming from it directly. Then they faded and I began to see undulating, squid-like patterns, creating large-scale fractals with liquid-like tendrils trailing behind.

2:11 - I seem to be getting strange alien imagery easily with this

2:19 - This is almost unimaginably intense.

Wow - interrupted by Leslie

2:43 - My face in the mirror looks as if it's constantly morphing from fat into shriveled. This drug has the peculiar aspect that it makes the whole world seem like it's behaving differently. Watching the TV, it made absolutely no sense. Sounds came to be fragmented, with metallic edges. Sight looked jerky and unnatural. The pope looked like a blue alien who was rasping ominous, alien messages. All white space I look at culminates into a tiny, multicolored fractal.

This trip completely engulfs me.

I can in no way act normally right now.

I can't possibly even begin to explain this. This trip is seeping into everything. I can see the infinity in everything.

This drug is impossibly deep. The potential is vast and endless. But I have NO IDEA how to harness its power.

I've never been under the influence of something before that so strongly altered each sense in this way. Shpongle's music I find to be really fitting to this mind state, though listening kind of creeps me out.

Everything appears to be in constant flux. As if I can see the passage of time printed on everything.

White space between these paragraphs is becoming fractal landscapes that I'm finding it hard not to drift into.


Remember: This one takes you along for the ride. It's truly immersive.

This is probably the most fucked up I've ever been in terms of sensory impairment. The ONLY thing that is reaching me unaltered in the music, and I think it's just because the sound waves have no distance to travel since they're in my ear. The sound waves from the TV became all garbled and made no sense, but they had to come from several feet away.

This experience is rich beyond words, rich with fractals within fractals within fractals, so rich that I'm right about all that, but I even now have no clue as to the richness.

Richness = depth.

Closed eyes or open, the imagery is the same. It's not just the visual spectrum anymore. All of reality is hallucinating. So much so that it's hard to communicate, even to you now on the keyboard.

3:13 - Time's just floating around in here somewhere too

Aside from the essential character of tryptamines, this is by far the most difficult to describe kind of feeling I've ever had! A bit frustrating how hard it is to communicate my thoughts on it. Actually, more like it's hard to actually formulate discrete opinions about it. Even my descriptions of it seem attached to its flow, as to be ever-changing. I feel like this one may become clearer as time goes on, like it may solidify into something tangible soon.

3:21 - Started some kratom for some point in the future.

I am beginning to understand. This drug coalesces slowly. Oh so slowly! It is not pushy.

I must mention, I feel as if I'm barely breathing, and that I barely have the need of it.

It began with a fun, lighthearted attitude. It came on letting me think it would be like 2C-I. But then it flows over me and encapsulates me in its flow. Now I realize the cosmic significance of it. I see it in all its impossible depth, though I can't even begin to explain it or fathom it. It's a strange duality, to simultaneously experience it and then to not be able to fathom the very thing you've realized. It forms a never-ending, closed loop. That somehow describes the feel of this trip to me. Everything is forming loops, or cycles. This is a feeling I've certainly had before, as I believe that all of creation is playing itself out in repeating cyclical flows.

One way to explain it is that it's like being in a dream, literally.

This was a while back, but just a reminder to myself: remember how intense that TV was at first. People were speaking garbled nonsense in ten voices at once, and their faces were turning into blue aliens. One moment I could hear like the speakers were right by my ear, and the next, I couldn't hear anything. And I was watching Kind of the of Hill.

Now that I can look at it, that speaks of the cyclical nature of this trip. I can see them now, the wave patterns the sounds took to reach my ear. Now that I look back on what I just wrote though, that sounds silly.

I feel like the trip was not properly channeled this time. It will help for next time that I am prepared! For preparation is most certainly needed. I needed more time to commune with myself. Although, there is still plenty of time for that when sleep comes.

3:38 - Going downstairs to switch up the kratom to the second extraction. Good thing this is such a memorized exercise!

I feel like I haven't blinked for hours, though this can't be true

Reading the 2C-E experience reports while tripping on 2C-E is insane, and also symbolic of the nature of the trip.

It's good that I've gotten to know this chemical, and this head space. remember to remember what to do next time. A very complex teacher.


I'm struck by the insane, unrelenting calmness of this drug. Nothing can faze me, whether or not it should. I couldn't change my facial expression while talking, but also when I got some frightening imagery of The Ring type of thing, I was also calm.

I've never so strongly had the impression that EVERYTHING is cyclical.

4:25 - I went outside directly after drinking the kratom. The world looked to be a strange, alien landscape, only superficially similar to our own. The sky was purple and pink, and I saw stars of all colors. Everything was indescribably poignant.

After the kratom fully fits I'm sure I'll still be tripping hard. This intensity would be hard to mask. Anyway, I plan to sleep, then try to see if I can explain this in the morning. You know, get a little perspective after I sleep on it. I'll continue to write my thoughts until then, though.

Remember to say that it is orders of magnitude more intense than its 2C-phenethylamine cousins.

This drug feels mystical. It also feels like I should have given it more, or rather allowed it to teach me more. Unfortunately, Leslie waking up brought me to a state where I was trying to gather myself during the peak, rather than letting myself go. Next time, solitude will be an absolute requirement, so that I may meditate at my leisure. I feel like this drug has some serious plans for me, but I just didn't properly facilitate them.

This one is For Real. And with that, I'll close this and no longer attempt to communicate until tomorrow.

10:29am - Next morning. Significant afterglow/aftereffects. Slight visual crawling effect. Remembrance of effects of nearly impossible magnitude. Falling asleep was pure insanity. I would close my eyes, and I could feel my thoughts absolutely racing at breathtaking speed, formless, wordless thoughts dealing with sightless hallucinations of circular and cyclical motion. I'd open them after a seemingly long while, because it felt too 'intense', somehow, to be having my eyes closed for long, and I'd find that only seconds had passed. Also, every 2-3 minutes, I'd arrive at the same 'place' in my thoughts, experiencing a surge of deja vu and the intense need to urinate. This happened literally about twenty times from 5:00 to 6:15 or so, then once more at 7:30. Each time I went to the bathroom, my face would continue to morph seamlessly. As I looked at my face, my perspective would shift drastically, becoming fluid. One moment it would seem as if my nose was extremely, disproportionately large, then without actually changing size, it would seem small and my face would be withered. Very strange. The body buzz at this point is unreal.

Where 2C-I is strong and 2C-T-2 is ethereal and all in the head, 2C-E is absolutely engrossing, so intense that normal sensory experience is impossible. It felt as if every moment contained the entirely of the experience, the impossible complexity of EVERYTHING. Within a single point of vision, it was possible to see deeply into that point, revealing endless layers of fractal complexity. The immersion into a full psychedelic universe was complete and shockingly efficient. At most points, it didn't matter whether my eyes were open or closed. Either way, I was seeing some strange and foreign world. I should mention that the closed-eye landscapes, especially with music but almost as strong without, were of unsurpassed clarity.

Strange was the extremely high occurrence of alien imagery, especially dealing with having them looking down at me, almost like being abducted, and inspecting my brain. No fear was present for these, though, although a few of these aliens were pretty bizarre and frankly a little disturbing-looking. Hopefully I'll be able to remember how to roughly illustrate some of these hallucinations. I've never seen such depth or clarity to them before on any substance, not even close. Some slightly DiPT-like effects of sound, but only when heard from a distance, and much more minor than that tryptamine.

Also strange and a little unnerving was the frequent occurrence, especially later on in the night, of creepy, stop-motion camera-ish effects of the style of The Ring (the movie), with weird, contorted, vaguely human images of suffering and twisting.

One of the most interesting visual effects was the appearance of everything I looked at to move through cycles where I appeared to see it weathered by the ravages of time. It was quite profound and absolutely undeniable in intensity, and continued to happen even as I looked away. Also, flat surfaces became patterns of fractals, seen with undeniable clarity and precision. Things seen from a distance appeared to covered in a thick, almost goo. They were hard to make sense of.

I think I would have been capable of a Shulgin ++++ had I been able to lie down and absorb myself fully into the experience. But, at the same time, I'm not sure I was ready to go there. It was certainly a darker place than the other phenethylamines. This was much more akin to mushrooms, but I found the visual quality to be considerably darker than even those, and extremely much more complex. The emotional/complete sensory package was less 'clear' and 'profound' than with mushrooms, though. However, I daresay that this is the deepest-feeling mind state that I've been in, period, but also the hardest to understand. It feels like there are infinite numbers of deep, deep psychedelic tunnels that are just waiting to be accessed. It feels like there's no limit to how far in you can go. Mushrooms, for me, are emotionally more complete, but also very easily and naturally understood while under their influence. They aren't confusing at all if done right. 2C-E, on the other hand, was sort of like an evil genius; it was shockingly deep, but made no sense to those of us who have just met it. As it was, I was at a shockingly strong +3 until I finally fell asleep, from which there was no emerging for any reason. With 2C-T-2, I can open my eyes and feel mostly back to normal temporarily. Not so with 2C-E; it seemed like each moment built in intensity.

This makes the other phenethylamines look like children's toys. I've never been COMPLETELY twisted on mescaline, but I hear they are pretty similar but this alters your perception more and has a darker, more down-to-business tone to it, while both are fully psychedelic. To me, this experience was amazingly and frustratingly hard to categorize and integrate, and it begs further, but very careful, research. It blows my previous mescaline trip out of the water in every way. I think this drug would be more fun to do with a friend who could handle it, to discuss with during its effects. As I had been mentioning last night, there was almost no physical discomfort whatsoever at any point in the trip, and the body buzz felt actually extremely good. The effects were strong enough to be far beyond deniable, and provided enough content to keep me occupied for the rest of my life, if I'd been there that long. The whole thing was characterized by an unshakeable, almost eerie calmness. No sense of emotional rollercoaster and fluctuation like with mushrooms. The kratom did VERY little to bring me back to reality though it did make me feel nice and eventually made it possible to sleep, which was why I did it. There was no way I'd have been able to sleep until past now otherwise - the racing thoughts were simply too much.

Once more from the begining...
I began the night by hanging out and watching TV with Leslie (my girlfriend), who wasn't feeling well and who I expected to go to bed by 11:30 at the latest. However, when midnight rolled around, I figured it was time regardless, so I ingested the 18mg 2C-E, which was in retrospect an extremely intense dose, but one that I would like to repeat, even though it was a bit of work. I went upstairs to begin this report, and while I was up there, she blessedly fell asleep. As I mentioned above, the trip came on extremely smoothly, though I didn't expect it to. Considering the intense initial body load that the other 2C compounds and even the DiPT had, I was expecting to feel quite ill until about 2:00 in the morning.

Instead, it came on very smoothly. I actually felt inebriated and quite warm and fuzzy inside the whole time, not at all unpleasant. This helped to put me in a good mood, which eventually turned into contentment rather than joy at around T+1:30. This was to characterize the rest of the trip, until the end parts of it where I was creeping myself out. At about one hour, I was beginning to feel drunk-like, except smoother. My movements were flowing and my mind was fuzzy but not stupefied like with alcohol. Then at about an hour and a half, it really hit. I felt it wash over me as a massive wave. At first it felt like I had a massive, euphoric body buzz, stronger than any I've felt with anything except MDMA, with a cloudy haze in my mind, where I began to feel removed from everything around me and my own thoughts. During this time, I was reading Erowid experience reports, and I was very drawn into them, enjoying them thoroughly.

I smoked a few hits at about two hours, and from then on, all chaos broke loose. I suddenly found myself with the same sort of calmness and removal from my surroundings, but now the hallucinations started in full. I have NEVER hallucinated this strongly or completely before, with each sense. Simultaneously, my body felt like it was in different positions than it actually was, my taste was seeming to activate subconscious thoughts, my hearing was garbling sounds but making the music sound breathtaking, and my sight... oh my god, I couldn't even make out what distant objects were. My cat sitting on the windowsill looked like she was rippling and morphing, with growing and shrinking and color-changing hair, and meanwhile she was moving choppily, as if in stop-motion animation when she actually physically moved. The walls converged into a myriad of multicolored fractals before my eyes, not moving or changing when I looked away and completely solid and real-looking. Also, there was an extremely strong suggestion of objects in motion in my peripheral vision, and golden sparkles and rays of light were shooting all over my visual field, and were actually quite distracting. I simply cannot stress how intense the full sensory hallucinations were, and the primarily affected sense was sight. Amazing.

Then I decided to close my eyes and meditate to the music for a little while. Immediately upon closing them, I began seeing blue, green, white, red, and orange colored fractals quickly expanding as if rising continually above a fractal place at a rapid rate. I was listening to some extremely trippy Shpongle song (they all are!). After a few minutes (or seconds, time dilation was very prominent with closed eyes), the fractals seemed to open up, or rather I fell down back onto the plane and got ever closer, slipping through cracks between them that appeared as I got close enough. I emerged into this dark, creepy-looking futuristic room of vast size, whose proportions were morphing around me. There were strange creatures like floating mechanical eyes looking at me. All of a sudden the music took on this quality where it sounded like these buzzing and probing sounds were coming from the back of my skull, and I could feel a sound coming from it that felt like a siphon. A suddenly saw purple and red, flowing aliens in a ring above me looking down and waving their tentacles at me. Very stereotypical abduction type of imagery. Actually that's creepy because I've had this experience where we were seeing insane lights in the sky, and we stopped for a second to look at the moon, because it was super clear for some reason, and then it somehow took us twice as long to get home, from a 30 minute trip to a 60 minute one. Almost like I lost a period of time. Anyway, that's conjecture but makes me think. That experience happened two years ago, in normal sober reality. At this point, I opened my eyes because it was getting too intense. The alien and disfigurement imagery were a fairly central visual theme for me this trip. They weren't frightening though, really, except for the one I just told you about. I re-closed them after a few minutes and had many more visions to different songs that I can only explain by saying that I was seeing scenes where objects would turn into fractals of complexity that contained entire other worlds within, each new world being the start of the next vision. Fractals were everywhere with this amazingly visual drug. I previously raved about 2C-T-2's closed and open eye visual capabilities, but 2C-E absolutely blows it out of the water in both areas, by a longshot, in both visual richness and vision clearness and 'realness'.

A big aspect of the trip was the concept that kept occurring to me of infinity as a singularity, or perhaps that infinity exists within each infinitely small point. Now that I think about it more later on, this coincides with the theory that I've developed partly from my first mushroom experience, which is that each atom in fact is an entire, almost infinitely smaller universe, and each atom within that one is likewise a whole smaller universe, and so on. It also goes in the other direction; our whole vast universe is in actuality no more than a single atom, or perhaps some subatomic particle, within some universe of exponentially larger scale.

From everything I understand, the visuals I was experiencing are second only to DMT, and somewhat reminiscent of DPT with the creepy, twisted, distorted effects. This drug is dark, very dark, but it somehow buffers you from the fear of this. Or at least I have come to be able to deal with The Fear enough by now. Also, I was almost constantly thinking about the concept of infinity contained within each thing, with much desire to express myself about it but unable to put it into words. This drug is positive trippy, like it's saturated with trippiness. And this is amplified by the fact that it just FEELS unfathomably intense, like I was about to transcend this existence or something unexplainable like that. I felt insignificant and in awe of its encompassing power and majesty. I can't believe this is a research chemical that is not produced naturally by nature.

I recognized a common theme in psychedelic use, which is the presence of cycles within everyday reality. This manifested in visual representations. For example, in looking at my face, it would cycle, over and over, from looking very young to old and withered. More significant than the actual visual representation, however, was my extreme mental awareness of these cyclical patterns in absolutely EVERYTHING I thought about. This effect to me is reminiscent of mushrooms.

Also, the trip had an interesting effect of twisting my sentences and thoughts up so that I followed them on this long, twisting tangent that would eventually end up just restating the beginning in meaning. Hard to explain, but visually I represented it as a mobius strip, at the time.

At this point, I am completely fucked; there is no way I can communicate or perform socially at any level. My girlfriend chooses this time to come upstairs from sleeping downstairs, and stay up, wanting to talk to me for a little while. With pupils dilated and communication abilities out the window, this prospect freaked me out a little, considering she couldn't know! So, devious me, I pretended not to realize that she was staying up, even though she had the light on and was obviously waiting for me in the bedroom. She came in and said, 'Hello...!', so I pretended I hadn't noticed and went to the bedroom, while meanwhile she went to the bathroom.

Well, she somehow took a half an hour in there, and I spent my time finding a good position to pretend to have fallen asleep when she got back in. See, I figured if I was being woken up by her suddenly, I could pass off my weirdness as being tired and disoriented. I laid there and practiced making my breathing sound like I was asleep.

During this time, I was watching TV idly. This was a truly bizarre experience! The channel it was on had a strange, blue-faced alien on it, moving about choppily, as if in a bad horror film about zombies. It was rasping angry nonsense at me, and it would come in waves as if not all the sounds were able to reach my ears undistorted enough to even recognize. I later found out that this channel was actually showing the pope giving a speech! I then changed the channel to Kind of the Hill. This was also bizarre, because the colors of their skin kept changing and the words sounded all garbled most of the time. Watching TV was an extremely weird experience.

After a while of this, she came back in the room. At this point, she successfully thought she had just woken me up, and I had a brief, strange chat with her before miraculously she went to sleep. Once the light was out, it was much easier, as I was afraid for her to see my extremely dilated pupils. Whew, crisis averted! Nevertheless, I found myself wishing very much that she would open her mind to this kind of thing, so I could share this part of myself with her.

After a while, she went back to sleep, and I came back to the computer to record my observations. I began to be able to express myself a little bit better, as I believe I was passing the peak and reaching the plateau. I kept noticing that everything appears in constant flux as a result of the strong hallucinations. By this I mean that I could see the passage of time on everything, including myself. Things gained an ancient, mysterious quality. As I sat typing, the white space on Notepad between the letters I was typing was turning into swirling fractal landscapes, and it was very difficult not to get lost in them and lose my train of thought. Never before has any drug actually clearly shown me fractals; most of the time it is either my brain's interpretation, or it is in closed-eye visuals. But 2C-E provided endless open-eye fractals of shocking depth and complexity, more real to me than all the other things I saw that were morphing and bending with unreality. I began listening to Shpongle's music, and I noticed that this kind of music fits the mood and feel of this drug almost exactly. It is such immersive music... when I closed my eyes, it formed an instant soundscape around me and was frightening in its intensity. Within seconds, I felt as if I was in a dark, creepy jungle, with growling beasts closing in from behind me as I ran. So you see, Shpongle fits the mood of this drug, but it also amplifies the creepy effects in can have. However, at no point was this scarier than it was exhilarating. I continued to listen to music for a while, and then I drank my kratom as I needed to sleep sometime and I went outside. When I went downstairs to drink it, I looked into the dark living room, and although I didn't actually see anything, I had mental visions of Samara from the movie The Ring rising up from the couch and coming towards me impossibly fast in stop motion animation. This was the first time during the night that I was truly afraid, and I drank it REAL fast and got the hell outside!

I went outside directly after drinking the kratom. The world looked to be a strange, alien landscape, only superficially similar to our own. The sky was purple and pink, and I saw stars of all colors. Everything was indescribably poignant. I didn't stay out for long, because I felt kind of self-conscious since some people were already getting up for work and I was walking circles in the middle of the parking lot, looking at the sky and trees with wide eyes. But it was incredibly beautiful, and I'd love to take 2C-E outside sometime when I was with one other person, away from civilization.

After I came back inside, the kratom hit me. It really didn't bring me down much at all, unlike with the other 2C-phenethylamines I've tried, where it basically brought me into the afterglow state within an hour. It's main effect was to make me stop freaking myself out so much, un-dilate my pupils (since it constricts them like opiates do), and make my body feel tired. I stayed up for a little while longer, writing comments that you can see above in the actual trip log. Basically, I thought about how I'd done this drug at an inopportune time where I couldn't remain alone, which interrupted my introspective work. I felt like, and still feel like, I channeled the energy of the trip incorrectly, and I think I could have made more sense of it if I'd have been alone, with time to meditate.

At this point, I tried to go to sleep. To my dismay, and somewhat to my enjoyment, the instant I closed my eyes I immediately began seeing bright visuals just like before, with my mind racing a million miles a minutes. Actually, it was very much like a relatively low dose of acid I had once, where I couldn't sleep for a long time even though I felt tired. I would close my eyes and try to sleep for what literally seemed like an hour, and I'd open my eyes and only two minutes had gone by. Also, curiously, every time I got to where I felt I had to open my eyes, my visions reached this one point where I felt like I was having deja vu, and I'd suddenly realize I had to pee really bad. This was strange, as I opened my eyes every 2-5 minutes, and I literally peed 21 times. I counted. Then I finally slept for an hour, and woke up at 7:30, having to pee again. After that, I finally slept until about 10, and then woke up for good.

The next day, today, I felt considerable aftereffects, in the form of a pleasant body buzz and 'cloud in my head' type of feeling. This persisted most of the day, and faded out gradually, without real notice. At no point was it unpleasant. I went for a bike ride during this time, and enjoyed myself greatly.

All in all, 2C-E is the most intense experience I've ever had from a purely 'classical psychedelic' sense. It felt like getting taken far, far away into outer space, in the middle of a psychedelic nebula of colors, outdoing even the powerful psilocybin mushrooms in sheer intensity, all with a great calmness of spirit. I've had several more important spiritual experiences, however, but I feel that I can't accurately judge that aspect yet as I haven't had much time to really explore the drug. I feel like the potential for discovery and spiritual revelation is just as deep as with any of the other 'true' psychedelics.

Having tried 2C-E, 2C-I, and 2C-T-2, I can say that I still love 2C-T-2 dearly, and it's much more immediately useful as an easy-to-integrate self-help tool. 2C-I is, as far as I'm concerned, obsolete in the face of 2C-E. It feels like 2C-I is trying to get to some kind of place like 2C-E is, but it fails horribly in comparison. Also, 2C-I has a very unpleasant body load for a while and I found 18mg of 2C-E to have virtually none. That in mind, 2C-E was definitely 'darker' than 2C-I and far darker than 2C-T-2, but I feel that it has the most potential reward as perhaps any phenethylamine, even mescaline.

So that's my initial assessment of 2C-E. Good luck on your own journeys, whatever those may be!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47209
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 25, 2005Views: 88,630
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