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The Wicked Devil Tea
Citation:   J-to-the. "The Wicked Devil Tea: An Experience with Kratom (exp36154)". Aug 23, 2004.

0.5 oz oral Kratom (tea)
Narrator: 19 year old male, 6'1' 195 lbs., average physical condition, no psychoactives consumed in past week, non tobacco smoker, no caffeine, no herbal supplements, no OTC or prescription medication. Last ate 4 hours ago.
M: 19 year old male, 6'0' 235 lbs., average physical condition, only cannabis used in last week, non tobacco smoker, no herbal supplements, no OTC or prescription medication. Last ate 9 hours ago.

Setting: 1 bedroom apartment free of distractions except the occasional loud motorcycle from the bar across the street. Present to share experience.

Preparation: 1 oz. dried crushed Kratom leaves. Leaves placed into pan, squirted with ~1/2 cup lemon juice. 2 cups water added. Solution brought to boil, left to boil for 20 minutes. Liquid poured through metal screen into another container. 2 more cups of water added to leaves and boiled again for 20 minutes, liquid decanted into container again. Final 2 cups of water added, boiled, and decanted. Leaves discarded.

Note: 1st decanted liquid was a dark brown color, 2nd was much lighter, and 3rd was nearly clear.

Liquid in container placed in now empty original pan and boiled again till down to managable amount of liquid (about 7 ounces). Liquid was divided evenly in 2 cups, 5 tablespoons of sugar was added to each cup and then placed in the refrigerator.

Experience: The liquid was drank, and it was probably one of the foulest drinks I have experienced (though not nearly as bitter as my calea tea experience). But I choked it down and awaited the things to come.

T+ 0:15: I begin to feel a pressure on my face and body similar to what I feel during the onset of a cannabis high. My body temperature seems elevated, but I have no thermometer to confirm this. M says that he is beginning to feel 'one' with the chair and that he doesn't feel like thinking.

T+ 0:20: We both note that we feel slightly dizzy, slight nausea, I am beginning to sweat. I find myself almost unable to do simple math (determining how many minutes have passed).

T+ 0:25: I am feeling more nausea, so I get up to drink some orange juice to see if it will help. It doesn't, I vomit. Afterwards I feel instantly better. I am still sweating.

T+ 0:30: M's dizziness increases, he is unable to read, and says he feels like he just got off a merry-go-round.

T+ 0:35: My nausea returns and I step outside for some fresh air, it does not help, I vomit again. M lays down to help his dizziness. He says that if he tries to focus his eyes on one thing or try to think about one thing he feels sick. He says he feels some euphoria and somewhat separated from his body. I can definitely still feel an overall numbness and body heaviness even after vomiting.

T+ 0:45: My hands are shaking, but not constantly, I still feel nausea, I am still sweating. Typing is difficult. If I lay back and close my eyes I feel much better. M comments that he weighs a ton. He says he enjoys the feeling as long as he keeps his eyes closed.

T+ 0:55: I feel as though I could go to sleep with ease, but I do not attempt to.

T+ 1:00: Most of my nausea has subsided. I still feel very relaxed but I can tell that all effects are decreasing in strength (I am assuming from losing the tea when I vomited). M is experiencing closed-eye visuals, consisting of patterns similar to indian rugs, one inside another, spinning in opposite directions; also saw mask of female clown mask that would explode into small balls of energy and then reform into the mask, and repeat; also saw a sheet of red velvet that got redder and redder in lines going across like reading text, the redder it got the more nauseas he felt, he willed himself to make it turn white line by line, when it was all white he felt better. We were listening to Radiohead's The Bends.

T+ 1:10: Godsmack came on the stereo after Radiohead and it was too hardcore for M to handle. He got up to change the music, became nauseated again and vomited. His closed eye visuals are becoming less dynamic and becoming more similar to thoughts. I change the music to Victor Wooten's Yin & Yang CD, it is much more soothing.

T+ 1:25: I experience a sudden wave of nausea and vomit. M seems to be in better shape. He says he feels like he just woke up with a hangover.

T+ 1:40: I am almost completely back to baseline but with the very slightest headache possible. M's positive effects have subsided and only some negatives remain. His nausea has subsided enough to play Vice City momentarily, but it comes back within minutes. He notes that he is experiencing bad gas.

T+ 1:50: M is feeling worse than he did 10 minutes ago, he lays back down (he was sitting up).

T+ 2:00: M eats some doritos to try to feel better. They work and he is definitely close to baseline.

I will conclude my experience report there. I am definitely baseline and M will be there soon.

Conclusion: Overall I would say that this was a mostly negative experience. The euphoria and positive body feelings were quite enjoyable but the dizziness and nausea just totally ruined it. I would try a lower dose to try to avoid the negative aspects, but the positives were not that strong and I think a lower dose wouldn't yield a positive enough experience to be worth the trouble. If there was a sure-fire way to prepare Kratom to retain only the positive aspects and not the negative, it would be a great substance. Until this is discovered, I think my experimentation with Kratom is over. It is not a substance that inhances creativity or any kind of mind-stimulating goodness that I enjoy.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2004Views: 239,609
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