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Legal Peace Tea
Kratom & Smoking Blend (K2)
Citation:   Meshugganer. "Legal Peace Tea: An Experience with Kratom & Smoking Blend (K2) (exp84947)". May 8, 2010.

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10 g oral Kratom (tea)
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Some things about me before I start. I am a 19 year old male, about 170lbs and 5'11'. I have experimented with a few psychoactives, but the only one I will admit to abusing is Marijuana. I have also experimented with LSA, LSD, DMT, Psylocibin, Morning Glory, Salvia and a myriad of painkillers and other pills such as Adderall. I very much enjoy the effects of opiates so when I read about Kratom I knew I had to try it.

Over the recent weeks, I have quickly developed a strong interest in legal psychoactives (besides alcohol and tobacco). My recent discovery of K2 (JWH018) was extremely exciting for me, because it is cheap, effective and most importantly legal. I am a very paranoid person about law enforcement, especially when under the influence. I would compare the effects of K2 to those of a quality sativa bud. With strong mental effects and only a slight feeling of heaviness in the limbs. However, the mindfuck does not last longer than an hour, usually around 35-45 minutes before the slow come down.

But enough about synthetic cannabinoids, on to the herb at hand. I have purchased 10g of Purple Sticky Kratom Leaf at a local head shop. This will be my third experience with Kratom, my second with the leaf (my first experience was with the 15x extract). The second time I made Kratom tea, a buddy and I shared a 10g leaf batch of tea. Today I will be drinking the entire 10g worth of tea, with hopes of discovering the true potential of this psychoactive.

I brought 500mL of water to a boil on the stove. Once it reached the boiling point I turned off the burner and added the entire 10g bag of the leaf. I stirred it up for around five minutes then left it to steep for another five, then stirred, etc. I repeated the process to try to ensure the maximum potency of the tea, although since I am taking such a large amount I do not see this being an issue. Note that the lid of the pot was on when the tea was not being stirred.

After letting the tea steep for approximately 15 minutes, I poured the diarrhea-like substance through a coffee filter into my massive mug. After two previous experiences, I almost enjoy smelling the bitter stench of the Kratom. I am anticipating and hoping for a strong opiate-like experience, but hoping to avoid the nausea that normally comes with it and from what I've read can happen with large doses of Kratom.

At the time of consumption it has been six hours since I ate a few slices of pizza which was my only meal today. No other psychoactives have been used today. I have been smoking my normal amount of cigarettes. In the past week I have consumed Kratom tea once and smoked marijuana and/or K2 daily. I plan to only smoke K2 if I feel it is necessary to enhance the effects of the Kratom. If my body and mind are stimulated enough by the Kratom I will stick to my tobacco pipe.

My mental state before ingestion is very positive. I had a good, quick shift at work today and I am very excited for my Kratom experience. I have been looking forward to this for four days so I am overjoyed that the time for Kratom is here. I have the environment set up just how I like it on opiates - black lights and lava lamps on, over head lights off, incense burning, tobacco and K2 pipes both packed and ready. I am set to relax.

I will be alone for this experience, in order to focus more clearly on the effects of the Kratom and record them as accurately as possible. I considered drinking the tea with a friend, but I thought that being alone would allow me to produce discriptions with more substance than 'Dude I am so fucked up', which was my friend's mantra the last time we drank the tea together.

Be advised that this Kratom Leaf is not 'Premium' or 'Extra Strength' or what have you. I understand this leaf to be the least potent available, since it is not marked otherwise. This is why I am using 10g to make my tea, instead of a smaller dose.


6:00pm Taking my first sip of the tea, it is still bitter despite my addition of three sugar cubes. I will do my best to finish the tea in a timely manner.

6:06pm I feel a warm, tingling sensation spreading through my body (probably just from the warmth of the tea) and my stomach is doing a good amount of gurgling.

6:16pm Finished the tea and a sense of bodily relaxation is slowly coming on - my muscles seem to prefer being limp to having to function. Thought process is slowing down and my ability to focus is fading a bit. No more stomach gurgling or any nausea.

6:23pm Definitely having noticeable feelings of relaxation now. Let me point out that I feel relaxed, not lethargic. I feel very able to accomplish any task in front of me. A feeling I would liken to being on Adderall. And while I feel the ability to accomplish things, I am very content to sit in my brown chair and just exist. This is why I enjoy Kratom. It stimulates my mind like a mild amphetamine and gives me the kind of body high normally associated with opiates.

6:27pm Slightly elevated heart rate, increasingly powerful feelings of relaxation and calm. I feel at peace, content with life. This is a feeling I rarely have. I struggle with depression and anxiety and this feeling is certainly not from placebo effects.

6:37pm Noticing an increased sensitivity to light. I just went to check my pupils in the mirror and they are only slightly enlarged, if at all.

6:56pm I popped in Frank Zappa's 'Baby Snakes', figuring it would be an entertaining viewing experience in this state. The constantly changing claymation is certainly engrossing and the music is as well. My state of relaxation has reached a plateau, a high one, and now I am having more and more feelings of euphoria. Sudden waves of joy to be living and experiencing the present and feeling very positive about the future.

7:17pm I have decided it's time to smoke a small bowl of K2 and have a conversation with my guitar.

7:40pm Making music is the best way to express myself when under the influence, I believe. The K2 has helped my state, but not by much. Its effects were hardly noticeable in comparison to the immense calm and euphoria I was already experiencing from the Kratom. My body feels intensely good. Feeling definite analgesia. I am slightly itchy around the face and eyes, but other than that I feel outstanding. It is very opiate-like but almost psychedelic from the euphoria. The mental stimulation is so strong that I found myself trotting through my house to use the bathroom and return to my computer. I was almost skipping from the delight I am feeling.

8:36pm After another bowl of K2 I feel as though I am floating through my quiet existence. After gently playing my guitar for a long while, I have returned to my chair to focus on the positive aura that I feel around me. I feel as though I am radiating contentment. Glowing with positivity. While the physical act of typing seems very easy at this point, the process to get my ideas to my fingers takes a while. It's not that I lose focus and drift to thinking of something else, but instead I simply pause to think harder about what to say. I can't resist this mental pattern, but why would I want to?

9:25pm My feelings of euphoria and analgesia have not subsided in the least. I am still content existing in this state of peace. I am still feeling far from lethargic, plenty of physical energy. No nausea.

After that last entry, I became uninterested in writing down what was happening, as I often do when recording a psychoactive experience. I felt as though I was beginning to repeat myself or that the things I was thinking about writing were irrelevant. The smoking of two or three more small bowls of K2 certainly aided my decision to stop writing.

I was more than happy with my Kratom experience. I achieved the opiate-like body high and a calm but intense mental stimulation that is very difficult to describe. I experienced no nausea or negative side effects, and this morning I have not hangover as I read some others experienced. I do feel mentally 'spaced out' for lack of a better description, but physically I feel completely normal. I did not fully appreciate the effects of Kratom until I combined it with cannabis during my second experience and then with K2 (JWH018) on the night that I just described. Kratom seems to extend the high of marijuana and K2. It makes the come up from smoking very smooth and surprisingly slow and the peak seems to last longer. The come down from marijuana or K2 while still under the influence of Kratom is also slow, smooth and hard to notice due to the strong effect of the Kratom tea.

I snacked on a few chips and a cookie at about 10:30pm. This did not affect the intensity or longevity of the Kratom's effects.

Kratom tea is an opiate-like experience which also stimulates the mind in a very unique way.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84947
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 8, 2010Views: 27,136
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