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Too Much of a Good Thing
by Isa
Citation:   Isa. "Too Much of a Good Thing: An Experience with Kratom (exp71596)". Nov 21, 2015.

12 g oral Kratom (dried)
Subject 1: Isa (me), 27/f, 5'3', 110 pounds
Dose: 8g 'premium' powder + 4g 'super' powder, mixed into applesauce
Previous kratom experience: used it 5-6 times before, 2-8g doses, mild to positive experiences

Subject 2: D, 28/m, 6'0', 185 pounds
Dose: 9g 'super' powder + 3g 'premium' powder, stirred into V8 juice
Previous kratom experience: tried it once before, 6g on a full stomach, felt almost no effects

700pm: D (my husband) and I each took 12 grams, in two doses 30 minutes apart. Neither of us had eaten anything since early afternoon.

730pm: Starting to feel nicely relaxed.

800pm: Peak effects felt. We felt happy and sedated, lying on the floor, listening to music, touching, talking lazily about nothing in particular. The body load was very nice, a pleasant weakness. Walking around was difficult and made me dizzy, but just lying down was dreamy and euphoric. This lasted awhile, then D began to feel queasy, which got progressively worse.

930pm: D vomited. He thought he felt better afterwards, and decided to eat something. I still felt good at this point, and wasn't hungry, but decided to eat something anyway, since I hadn't eaten for awhile.

10pm: We cooked some burgers. I was only able to eat half of mine, so D ate the rest. Half an hour later he vomited it all up again. He felt a little better after puking, but was still pretty sick - nausea, headache, shakes, etc. I was still feeling good effects from the kratom, but nausea was slowly creeping up on me too. Standing up and focusing my eyes became very difficult. It occurred to me that maybe we had taken too much. I was also itching, but was able to ignore it.

1045pm: Trying to watch TV, I found that sitting up and keeping my eyes open was becoming impossible. D was at the computer and felt the same thing.

11pm: We went and lay in bed, where we both drifted into a dreamlike state, which consisted of brief, extremely vivid dream fragments. I was aware of being half awake, and attempted to follow some thoughts, but found it easier and more pleasant to just let my mind wander and experience the intense visual and auditory effects of the dream fragments. This was the most interesting part of the whole experience.

12am: I was awakened by severe nausea, trembling, and dizziness. My heart was pounding at 100 bpm, and I could barely move because of the shakes and dizziness. I was thirsty, but drinking water made the nausea worse. D held me in bed and tried to make me feel better. He felt much better by now, didn't feel strong effects from the kratom anymore, and was able to eat again. My symptoms lasted almost two more hours. By 2am I felt better. We were tired then and fell asleep. We slept well and slept late the next morning. We both experienced brief periods of nausea during the next day, and felt somewhat drained the whole day, but otherwise we were fine.

D doesn't want to take kratom again. He thinks the positive effects are not worth the nausea and vomiting. I will probably take it again at some point, but won't take as much. 7-8 grams seems to be a good dose for me. 12g was too much.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71596
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 21, 2015Views: 17,824
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Kratom (203) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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