My Mind Felt Like It Had a Cloud Over It
Kava & Kratom
Citation:   groovefeeling. "My Mind Felt Like It Had a Cloud Over It: An Experience with Kava & Kratom (exp95420)". Jun 4, 2018.

  oral Kava (liquid)
    oral Kratom (liquid)
    oral Kava (liquid)
  2 Tbsp oral Kratom (tea)
    oral Tea (liquid)
Kava and Kratom adventure

I have been drinking kava the traditional way regularly for two months now. I drink kava several times a week as a substitute for alcohol and illegal drugs. I find drinking kava to relieve anxiety, relieve stress, induce relaxation, and induce a mild but pleasant euphoria. Kava also seems to increase my desire to bond socially with other people. I have found kava to have a reverse tolerance so I now only have to drink a small amount of kava to feel the full effects. Because it is a diuretic I make sure I drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. So far I have not experienced any negative effects from drinking kava.

Several kava bars in my area also serve kratom so my friend and I decided to try kratom. My friend is also a male around my age and a slightly heavier build than I.

The first kava bar served kratom by putting some kratom powder in a kava drinks (half a coconut shell full). I did not ask exactly how many grams of kratom were in the drink. My friend and I each had one drink with the kratom powder mixed with the kava.

Though I donít mind the earthy bitter taste of kava, I found the kratom to have an extremely bitter taste that nauseated me to drink. My friend did not seem to mind the taste as much as I did. I slowly sipped the drink for around 60-80 minutes until finishing it. I felt relaxed, slightly nauseous from the taste, but more euphoric than I generally feel from kava alone. My friend reported the same but claimed he did not feel any nausea.

My friend and I then walked for about fifteen minutes to another kava bar down the street. I noticed I felt light headed and mildly intoxicated at this point.

The second kava bar served the kratom separate from the kava like a hot tea. My friend and I each had one kratom tea and one half coconut shell full of kava. We added lots of honey to the kratom tea which significantly improved the taste for me. I enjoyed consuming it much better this way. The bar tender claimed that they put the kratom leaf in a crock pot with water and then strained out the leaf. He also said one serving equals about two tablespoons of kratom powdered leaf.

As I drank the second kratom beverage over a period of about 45-60 minutes, I felt more intoxicated, light headed, euphoric, and nauseas. It reminded me of a combination of alcohol and opiate effects together. I could not even finish the second kratom beverage because the nausea became more intense so we went home.

I feel asleep fairly easily. When I woke up the next day I felt nauseas, had a bad headache, and was light headed. It reminded me of an alcohol hangover. My mind felt like it had a cloud over it and I found it difficult focus. My friend claimed to not feel any adverse effects the next day.

After I went for a walk outside and had breakfast with some chai tea I felt better but the cloudy mind lingered most of the day after the experience.

Overall I would say that the intoxication and euphoria brought on by the kratom was fun and interesting but the negative effects of nausea, light headedness, and hangover symptoms neutralized if not outweighed the positive effects of the kratom.

I may try kratom again but in a very small quantity. However Iím in no hurry to do so.

I think Iíll just stick with kava for now.

Peace & Liberty folks.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95420
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jun 4, 2018Views: 2,510
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